iOS 11 Features

Apple  released Seventh beta of  iOS 11 on 21 st August 2017. It has one week gap between sixth beta and the Seventh beta. iOS 11 beta 1 released on 5th June 2017 at WWDC.

Most Wanted Top 05 Features in iOS 11

It is pretty sure now all you want to install iOS 11. No need to worry if you are not
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1. Customizable Control Center. 
You can add many more toggles to the control center as your wish
3D touch for each toggle without Orientation Lock & Do not disturb Buttons
Two sliders for Volume and Brightness with 3D touch
All toggles in single page
All connectivity tool in one group - Bluetooth, Hotspot, Wi-Fi, Cellular data etc.
Slightly animated Orientation Lock & Do not disturb Buttons.
Customizable Control Center is the most requested feature for Apple users since a long time. Users struggling with the difficulties in existing Control Center and they use the 3rd party jailbreak apps such as CCplus, Onizuka, FlipControlCenter, CCWallCustomizer, Horseshoe, etc as solution.

Finally, Apple brought Customizable Control Center to the iOS 11. Completely redesigned the control center with more widgets, interface. We have listed Control Centre features as follows.
2.      Screen Recorder
Longstanding request of Screen Recorder finally brought to the iOS 11. Earlier Apple hasn’t this feature, and there is no any 3rd party app in their app stores get the feature. However, there are so many Cydia tweaks to record iOS screen on Jailbroken iOS 9 and 10. Display Recorder, AirShou, iRec,  Video & CCRecord are some of most popular Cydia tweaks. Even now you can get AirShou  non rooted jailbreak app without jailbraking your device or without upgrading  from zJailbreak.
What so ever, Apple add to the most amazing feature of the Screen recorder into their control center in iOS 11. This is very useful feature ever had to iOS.  Now you can record the whatever you want like video, discussion & much more. 
3.  One Handed Keyboard
One handed mode keyboard will help when it is difficult to type on large screen. Previously this option available with Cydia tweak like One-Handed, Handy key. Now you can experience the One-Handed Keyboard feature even better with iOS 11. This is very easy to typing with iPhone 6 plus,7 plus models. Also, they have added quick access keyboard to access to numbers, symbols, and punctuation for the iPad.
4. QR Code Scanner directly in camera App
Finally,  QR code scanner directly supports to the camera app. Now users don’t want to bother to download 3rd party apps to get in code when needed. Simply focus your cameras towards the QR code, and you can follow a URL via the popup menu. There are famous QR code Jailbreak tweaks such as QR Mode and 3rd party apps like Mixer Box, Quick Scan, Simple Scan, etc.
5. No labels in Dock bar icon 
Icon labels have removed in home screen dock bar. Before bringing this feature to the iOS 11, users  completely customized home screen icon including dock bar through Cydia tweaks sort of Goodges, ReformX, HideLabels10. Somewhat Apple has added this feature to the update by permanently removing icon labels in dock bar.  You can feel the difference through Fresh & clean look of Home screen.
Watch the following iOS11 features video
You can get latest news relevant to new jailbreak tweaks through News. As well you can get News about the iOS releases/Jailbreak release and much more.
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You can install iOS 11 beta versions through Sylorix before everyone else. Normally Apple release betas for Apple developers prior to the public release. As well they have to register as Apple developer and need to pay USD 99 annually. You don’t need to register as an Apple developer to install beta anymore and you can try Sylorix as beta installer without any hassle.
Sylorix as beta installer
zJailbreak is the best solution for iOS 10.2.1 version. Also it can try Semi JB too. But Semi JB is not available latest functions. Both of these jailbreak never ask to enter the System root. Yalu 102 tool is not supported to jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 version for full functional Cydia.
Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1
Install iOS 11 demo version using X11 app to test how works iOS 11 & features of it. Now it is available to download and install X11 app free for limited time. The demo version will be installed as a iOS application without entering the system root.
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Apple introduced the new major features via iOS 11 beta 1. iOS 11 six beta is stable than the other iOS 11 betas. As well they were mainly focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements using all the beta releases. Here are the features and changes in iOS 11 beta 2 , beta 3, beta 4 , beta 5 , beta 6 and beta 7.
As usual, registered developers can download the beta through Apple developer center or over the air. We recommend you to download iOS 11 beta 7 through Sylorix, zJailbreak. It is the safe and reliable way to download the betas to regular iPhone users.  Even you can try iOS 11 without upgrading to iOS 11 through X11 app.
RedSn0w  iOS 11 Jailbreak
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Features and Changes in iOS 11 Beta 3

Air drop menu has changed.  Its interface has changed to black color and small size menu in the center.  Previously it appeared from the bottom, and it is the white color.
Night shift icon has been updated. When turn on the icon animated to Dark brown color to Dark yellow color and it was just light yellow color in beta 2 update. However, there is no any activation change.
There is no flash when Bluetooth is turning off while Airplane mode enabled. Before the update, it was flash when turning off.
Screen mirroring 3D menu has thin lines in beta 3 while it is thick lines there in beta 2.
Law power toggle turns into yellow color when activated, the previous version it was black.
Flashlight icon turns into blue color. Copy Icon has added to Calculator 3D touch menu. Former it was the only label.
3rd party app Ubber toggle in iCloud settings
Message toggle in iCloud settings.
Screen recorder 3D menu interface also changed. Microphone got closer to menu and name has changed to “Start Broadcast.” Earlier it named as “Start Recording.”
iCloud storage interface changed. Manage storage jump menu  renamed as iCloud storage. Previously when we click the manage storage goes to “iCloud storage.”  Here they have limited the extra click.

Features and Changes in iOS 11 Beta 2

Siri Has the moderate voice. Siri Has the moderate voice. Also, Siri setting menu has changed.  All things are in one section and it has clean look.
Do not Disturb setting menu has added new link in activate section to learn more.
Added more controls in Notes settings. Notes on Can select display option on Lock screen & control center from here.  Also, you need the passcode for your notes in the control Centre locks screen.
When you go to camera settings >preserve settings, in  “Photo filter”  name change as just “Filter.”
Display accommodation improvements.  When invert colors smart enable album art in Music app no longer inverted.
Do Not Disturb While Driving feature is now enable. It has Activate button and when Switch on it can send Auto replies.
Music App improvements. Search options available in music apps.
Control Centre added new tab "Access within Apps”. It can enable and disable control center swipe up within app (iOS 10 had this tab and removed from iOS 11 beta 1)
Changes in photo app. Edit button directly added to top right corner of the screen and need to swipe up to get the photo details. There was details button in top right corner and photo edit icon in bottom tray in iOS 11 beta 1.
App store Search Improvement. When we search for Sega games, first it shows Developer and games under developer.
Small interface changed in 3D touch of Notes app. Now it has small pen with circle in new sketch
Calculator icon has changed and Interface also change. iTunes icon has changed too.
One hand zooming in Maps more useful with the large screen users like iPhone plus models.  It is allowed double tap with using finger to Zoom in and Zoom Out.
Type to Siri. This feature can enable putting switch-on to  “Type to Siri”.
Settings ---> General ---> Accessibility----> Type to Siri
Offload app option in iPhone Storage.  You can save the storage through  offload apps with lot of data.  But your documents and data will remain with this option.
Live Photos are editable and new live photo effects added to the Camera App. You can experience the loop, Bounce & Long exposure effect to your live photos.
Lock Screen improvements. Slide to unlock is back with iOS 11 and just slide up to get notification in lock screen. Also, there are widget screen when swipe to right.
Animation changes throughout each interface. It has tiny effects everywhere such as Subpages, Apps opening, moving application around and exiting apps.

More Hidden Features not discovered via iOS 11 Beta 1

Screen shot animation. When you get the screen shot  that will nicely animated to the left bottom corner on the screen for a second.
Passcode Screen interface  also  changed.
Redesigned App Drawer on Messages. There are several apps in bottom tray in iMessages which is easier share contents over the conversations.  As well there are two new effects in iMessage as  “Send with Echo” and “Send with Spot Light”

New Features and Changes via iOS 11 beta 4

Screen recording icon animation with counts down to 1-3 and “Start recording” instead of “Start broadcast” Reminder App Icon has changed.
Contacts app icon has modified
Updater Time icon has changed..
Law power mode icon is nicely animating.
Notification swipe interactions and Open apps interface from lock screen notification
asked touch ID or passcode
Battery icon Color has changed to golden yellow color.
Edit options has underlined almost in every system app. Even other options also underlined.
Photo app has added Live Photo Editing and effects.
App switcher closes when empty as well as will not open.
Relocated Airdrop preferences to the General Settings.
New Home button tab added to the General settings and Can Choose clicks for home button.
New mute icon animation on iPad.

New Features and Changes via iOS 11 beta 5

iPhone repeatedly up and play a sound when fully charged.
Camera app icon has changed.  Up & Bottom two lines have removed from the camera icon.
Settings icon has changed. Gray color shading has turned to black color.
Screen recorder indicator bar has altered to red color instead of blue color.
Control center music app redesigned. It indicates nearby Air Pods, speakers, and Airplay devices.
Contacts app icon orientation has swapped.
Screen Mirroring 3D touch menu has changed. Bottom “Stop Mirroring” label removed.
Music app 3D touch menu iPhone icon back has circular, and airdrop icon back has the circle shape. Also Done button replaced as play/pause button.
Music app renamed as  “Music” instead of “iPhone Music.”
“Siri” renamed again as “Siri & Search” in Settings.
It has new tab to access Siri & Search in Safari Settings.
iTunes and App store settings “Auto Play Videos” has renamed “Video Auto play”
iTunes and App store settings have new Password settings tab.
Notes Settings “Markup as PDF “renamed as “Create PDF.”
Health app Yearly overview lines graph changed to bar Graph.

New Features and Changes via iOS 11 beta 6

Stock App icons have changed. These are App Store and Maps.
Notes app icon swap to backward.
Screen mirroring 3D touch menu updated with “Looking for Apple Tv” message.
Auto Brightness switch has removed from the Display and Brightness Settings.
Auto Brightness switch added to the Display accommodations settings.
Live photo edit settings have changed. It has added “PS Express” Tab.
Love Stickers added to the iMessage.
Fish live wallpapers have been removed.
Clock app icon numbers have bolded and shadow added to the around the tabs in Clock app when tapping.
Unlock Animation has changed.
3D Touch menu has changed for Photos/Safari/Settings.
Scrolling bug has fixed in Control Center landscape Scrolling.
Mail App Settings has added the new field as “Allow mail to Access.” There are Siri & Seach, Notification, and Cellular Data.
Photo App has added “Allow photo to Access” field for Siri & Search also.
New animation when connecting to the Air Pods.
Airdrop settings description has updated.

New Features and Changes via iOS 11 beta 7

Apple music icon replaced instead of phone icon on music app 3D touch menu.
Landscaped Lock screen time-shifted to the right side.
Quick lock and unlock animation lock has fixed.
Color can be changed for home kit lights in control center.
Password settings removed from restrictions.
When Airplane Mode On, WIFI switch automatically disconnected.
Volume limit indicator for Control Center Volume bar.
Updated photo splash screen for the portrait camera mode.
Ruler and colors added back to the Sketch in the notes app.
Notes Sketch tools filled with ash colors.