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iOS 8.3.1 Jailbreak

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Apple will release iOS 8.3.1 soon, according to rumors Apple may release iOS 8.4 at this July and iOS 9 at this September. All jailbreak developers are ready to jailbreak iOS 8.3.1, However anybody couldn't release the  fully jailbreak for iOS 8.3

There were some negligible bugs found on iOS 8.3. therefore apple may plan to release iOS 8.3.1
This can be big opportunity to jailbreak teams to find an exploit point to jailbreak iOS 8.3.1

However Semi Jailbreak supports for iOS 8.3, They have released the partial jailbreak version for iOS 8.4 beta 3 also, But still they haven't released it to public, Therefore we can expect that they will release the 1st jailbreak for iOS 8.3.1,

What is the main purpose upgrade iOS 8.3.1?

For the update process, there are lashings reasons and main one is users continually complaining against
8.3 errors. So these bugs brings lots of troubles when using the Device and IOS update is the main medicine to remove all trouble bugs

Errors of IOS 8.3 and Solutions from iOS 8.3.1

There are three types of bus and it is preventing to not doing perfect iOS work process.

Bug 1. Some Devices has experiencing Wi-Fi disconnecting in occasionally. So this is the main suffer of
iOS 8.3 version.

Bug 2. Garb images missing on camera roll and third party access camera roll showing up same image.

Bug 3. Incorrect data storage showing on iCloud and with this bug, users cannot take correct figures of
iCloud storage.

Solutions with iOS 8.3.1 -Apple will fix this all bugs on iOS 8.3.1 update, currently jailbreak is not supported for iOS 8.3. Therefore, there are no jailbreak tweaks to fix these bugs.

When will release it to regular iOS users?

We know as little while, Apple is going to move golden foundation and it is iOS 9 version. So it will be happen on next WWDC meeting. As per things are going, beta versions will not be available on IOS 9 version. So iOS 8.3.1 is the key factor for iOS 9 version and with IOS 8.3.1 version, Apple will take advantage for upcoming IOS 9 version. So before next WWDC meeting we would have to feel of iOS 8.3.1 release.

Update warning for iOS 8.3.1

As we know, still we are bothering on IOS jailbreak and could not able to run third party apps on iOS 8.1.3 to 8.3 versions. So those version users can update to 8.3.1 version directly. If you are below 8.1.3 version, please do not update to latest 8.3.1 version.

Jailbreak status on IOS 8.3.1 version

All jailbreak Developers are on hard work to search security holes of IOS versions. The TaiG / PP and Pangu8 are the leading competitor for jailbreak and one of them or all will found security hole and will release jailbreak.

iOS 8.3.1 Jailbreak tools

TaiG - TaiG is the main competitor and already released IOS 8.2 Beta2 and Beta1 jailbreak support version for
Windows. So with this encouragement TaiG would be first jailbreak releaser for IOS 8.3.1 version.

PP Jailbreak-  PP also released jailbreak version for IOS 8.2 Beta2 and Beta1 versions just like taiG. PP Jailbreak is can run in Mac operation version. So PP would be a first Mac supports jailbreak version for IOS 8.3.1 version.

Pangu8 - Our tool was success tool on iOS 8 to IOS 8.x jailbreak versions and however we were failed beyond 8.x version. But we cannot eliminate our Pangu8 team from iOS 8.3.1 jailbreak. Pangu8 is the only tool which is supports both Windows and Mac versions on onetime for IOS 8 and 8+ jailbreak.

All are IOS 8 to 8+ Device users are having such difficulties Device customization and Developers also having same issue. So IOS 8.3.1 jailbreak is the only medicine for these kind of difficulties.

Semi Jailbreak - This is only perfect method for who are using IOS 8.3 and 8.2 versions. Actually it is not fully untethered or tethered jailbreak mode however those users can install small amount of third party application without remove Apple root. Hopefully semi jailbreak Developers will apply it, once release 8.3.1 version. However we can expect that Semi JB team will improve quality of their tools

Xian JB - They can also release the Jailbreak for iOS 8.3.1 version only for iPhone 4. but They have already released tethered jailbreak for iOS 8.2 beta 1.

i0nic Jailbreak
- There are no any news about iOS 8.3.1 i0n1c jailbreak, he is only working for iOS 8.4 jailbreak.

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