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Pangu9 Apple TV Jailbreak

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Team Pangu released jailbreak tool for Apple TV 4 device model. At this time, it is working tvOS 9.0 through tvOS 9.0.1 versions and only compatible with Mac operation system.
Few days back Apple released tvOS 9.2 and however, you cannot use Pangu tool for 9.2 at this time.

Pangu Requirements for Apple TV jailbreak

At this time Pangu Apple TV jailbreak tool only compatible with Mac computer.

Apple TV4 - tvOS 9.0 - 9.0.1 should run

C-type USB cable

Xcode application should be install to your Mac

You should have Apple development membership account. If you do not have Apple account, you should create before install - Get it from here

Jailbreak Guide

Download above Pangu Apple TV zip file and extract.
apple tv download link
Now connect your Apple TV to Mac by using USB cable
Now you register with UDID number and use following path to get UDID
Now you should login Apple developer account and should register your Apple TV by giving above UDID. Use this path to do it
Open Xcode > Windows > device and choose connected Apple TV.  Now you will see special characters as the image shown. Please copy it.
device and choose connected Apple TV
register your Apple TV

Create new Apple ID for Apple TV at this time.
New Apple ID for Apple TV
In the next step, you should create mobile provisioning file. Use this path do it quickly -
create mobile provisioning file
Now click on tvOS App development panel and click next button and pick your developer certificate.
Apple tv OS App development panel
On selected devices page choose you’re TV and click continue button
Now download provisioning profile and you must save it to Apple TV jailbreak folder. After saved you must rename folder name as embedded.mobileprovision
download provisioning profile
Now you are ready to install Apple TV 4 IPA file. Use following path do it launch Xcode > Window > select device from menu > click + with your TV.
At this time, Pangu jailbreak app will install to your Apple TV 4
you are ready to install Apple TV 4
Now click Pangu jailbreak app and after few minutes, you will have jailbroken Apple TV
jailbroken Apple TV
Why should jailbreak Apple TV4?
Apple TV is the digital media center and gives application likes Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes. However, Apple provides some limited functions with Apple TV.  However, after jailbroken you will be able to do more with Apple TV such as

Customization – Add slide shows, weather menu, ability to adjust screen saver settings, hide menus.

Web browsing

Very easy access to new applications.

Get a different kind of media file from iPhone, iPad and iPod devices by using AirPlay.

Remote HD – use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to control Apple TV (As a remote control).

Gives access to XBMC, HBO, Nito TV, Pandora and many more third party TV channels.