iOS 14 Jailbreak [Just released]

iOS 14 Jailbreak

You can get all iOS 14 related information through this page.

01. All Jailbreak solutions for iOS 14 beta

Zeon was the 1st iOS 14 Jailbreak solution. You can install tweaks, themes and apps for your iPhone / iPad. iOS 14++ also another Jailbreak solution for iOS 14.

Read more about Zeon

Read more about iOS 14++

02. Download iOS 14 beta

Now it is possible to download & install iOS 14 beta very easily using the official Apple website. 

Download iOS 14 beta

03. Install all new iOS 14 features right now

You can install iOS 14 features using jailbreak tweaks. No need to upgrade the iPhone or iPad version to iOS 14.

Install iOS 14 features


01. All Jailbreak solutions for iOS 14 beta

We have revealed all the information of iOS 14 jailbreak solutions as follows. Following iOS 14 Jailbreak solution available to download right now.


Zeon is an iOS 14 jailbreak repo extractor. Just install Zeon for the iOS 14 devices. Then you can install thousands of jailbreak apps and tweaks throughout the Zeon repos / sources.

zeon repo extractor banner image
How to Install Zeon

Step 01Download Zeon from above button. 

Step 02 – Then it will download to the device settings 

Step 03 – Go with Settings > Profile download > Enter the Device passcode.

Step 04 – Install Process will complete within a few seconds.

Step 05 – Go to iOS 14 Home screen. There will be available Zeon repo extractor. 

Step 06 – Open the Zeon app. Now you can install any number of repositories from Zeon.


Step 07 – Tap the Get Repo tab. Copy any repo, which you want to install.

copy zeon repos

Step 08 – Tap the Repo Extractor tab. Paste the copied repo url there. Click ok to extract the repo. Then install the extracted repo to your iOS 14 device.

extract zeon repo
Zeon Features

Zeon comes with many new features. Once you installed Zeon on your device, you can download iOS themes, Jailbreak apps, tweaks and many more.

  • Jailbreak Repo extractor

Now Zeon offers Jailbreak Repo extractor separately. Zeon Repo extractor has 1000+ repositories / Sources. Repos has been listed under many categories. Here are the best Zeon iOS 14 jailbreak Repos to download themes, tweaks, emulators, games, music and movies.




  • Zeon iOS 14 Themes / Customization

Following themes and customization apps exclusively available with zeon to customize your iOS 14 device.

iNifty – iNifty themes are the best iOS 14 themes. You can customize your iPhone interface with extraordinary iNifty Themes.

Most popular iNifty themes

Dark Moon

RedAttract 3D

Ando iOS

UnPivot for iOS

Ace N iOS

Stock Quetto HD

Read more about iNifty themes

  • Flemino – You can run other OSes and simulators on the iOS 14 devices with Flemino.


Mac lion

  • Dream Store  – Dream store is another incredible theme store to customize your iOS interface.  It is an alternative for Cydia DreamBoard.

  • iFaceSkins – This collection of Facebook skins and icons. This will customize your facebook interface.
  • Metaw – Metaw is a wallpaper collection for iOS 14. It will modify your iOS 14 device home screen.
  • GoogiOS

Googios is the theme collection for Google search on iOS 14 devices.

  • Zeon Tweaks

Once you install the Zeon app, you can install a separate zeon twerk app. It has a large collection of shortcut apps which works through Apple’s shortcut feature.

Zeon device Compatibility

Zeon is compatible with all iOS 14 compatible devices. 

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st gen), iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPod touch (7th gen), 

iPad Pro (4th gen), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen), iPad Pro (3rd gen),iPad Pro (1st gen), iPad Pro (2nd gen), iPad Pro (1st gen), iPad (7th gen), iPad (6th gen)

iPad (5th gen), iPad mini (5th gen), iPad mini 4, iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad Air 2

iOS 14++

You can experience iOS 14 without installing before everyone else through the iOS 14++ app. 

Virtual jailbreak is the unique feature of this app. You can virtually jailbreak mirror iOS 14 with zeon JB and install Cydia on it. You can not get this uncommon experience anywhere else.

How to install iOS 14 ++

Step 01 – Download Zeon using the above button. 

Step 02 – Open the downloaded Zeon app. 

Step 03 – Tap the on the iOS 14++> Install > Allow. It will be downloaded to your device settings.

Step 04 – Then Go to device Settings > Tap downloaded Profile > Install > Enter Device Passcode > Install >Done.

Step 05 – Now you can see the iOS 14++ app on your device homescreen.

Best Features of iOS 14 ++
  • Virtual jailbreak

Virtual jailbreak is one of the best features of iOS 14++. Once you installed the iOS 14++ app you can virtually jailbreak it to install Cydia. Follow the simple guide below.

How to Jailbreak iOS 14 Virtually

Step 01 – Open the iOS 14++ app from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 02 – Swipe to the third page. Tap on the ZeonJB icon.

Step 03 – Then tap on “Start now” > “Jailbreak now”

Step 04 – It will take you to the Cydia Configuration screen.

Step 05 – After a few seconds, Cydia will appear on iOS 14 app.

  • Wallpaper and Theme

iOS 14++ app allows you to experience, how looks like Wallpapers and Theme Settings on iOS 14. 

Open iOS 14 ++ app. Then go to Settings. Open the Wallpapers and Themes tab. It has two types of settings such as New Wallpapers and New Themes. You can get some idea about iOS 14 Wallpapers and Themes appears with this. You can change wallpapers and settings on iOS 14++ as follows.

  • Choose a new wallpaper



  • Choose a new theme

Background Icon Themes

Default Icons

Dark Icons

Animated Icons

Background Themes


Dark Theme

Green Theme

Colored Theme

NavBar Theme 

Color themes 

Custom Color

  • Sign in Dual iCloud Account

Dual iCloud account is the popular concept among the iOS users, which cannot experience yet. So far Apple has not introduced this feature. So,  iOS 14++ app has given the chance to experience how dual iCloud accounts work. Open the iOS 14 ++ app and go to the settings tab. There will be an available dual iCloud account feature.

02 . Download iOS 14 Beta

You can download iOS 14 developer beta for your iDevice from the Apple website. Follow the below step guide to install iOS 14 developer beta for your iPhone or iPad.

Step 01 – Click here to Sign in to Apple Developer using your Apple ID and the password. 

Step 02 – Select download, then Install Profile under iOS 14 beta or iPadOS beta.

Step 03 – Go to Settings on your iOS device and tap Profile Downloaded > Tap Install > Enter your passcode > Install (two more time) > Done.

Step 04 – Finally go to General > Software update, you can see the iOS 14 available, tap download and Install.

03. Install all new iOS 14 features right now

Apple has introduced so many awesome features with the iOS 14 beta release. But we still believe iOS 13 jailbreak is more worthwhile than installing iOS 14. You could get almost every of these features with Jailbreaking. 

Some argue that Apple has copied these features from the Android Operating system. But Jailbreak developers have developed all of these features as Jailbreak tweaks. ( even with more functions.) So, these features can be considered as tweaks borrowed from the jailbreak community.

Install 14 features using Jailbreak
  • XenHTML – This is the most popular widget Jailbreak app for iPhone and iPads. You can install a custom widget for your Jailbroken device using this Jailbreak tweak. It works better than the iOS 14 widget feature. 

It is available on many XenHTML widgets as follows.

  • SB EW74 – This is a very basic function including widget. Time, date and the weather icon can be changed with this.
  • HS13 – This is very functional widgets. It has over 50 + customization options including dark mode. all the information can be obtained by tapping the time/date position.

  • Soda HS 13 – This is another awesome widget. weather condition, battery life, date/ time, music player, and a album artwork image can be shown via this widget.

  • BetterWidgets – BetterWidgets is a free jailbreak tweak for iPhone and iPad users. It offers customization options for current iOS widgets. if you have jailbroken iDevice this is the best tweak to run on it. Functional and Aesthetic customization options are offering BetterWidgets to customize iOS today Widget. 

It can be customized widget buttons with changing the shape and transparent, text color, background of the widgets, wallpaper of the widget page. This tweak is compatible with all the jailbroken versions of iOS 11 + , iOS 12 + and iOS 13 +.

  • Arko – This widget gives android looks to your iPhone widget. It can get the Android looks date/time, weather icon, Location, temperature to your jailbroken iDevice.
  • Konban – Konban is a free jailbreak tweak. It helps you to replace the application interface as your choice to the Home screen’s Today view. after installing Konban tweak, it adds a preference pane to the settings with few options, which you can configure.
  • SettingsWidgets – This free jailbreak tweak brings few, but very useful widgets to the user interface of the settings app. Battery Information, usage of Storage, WiFi states can watch easily through the widget homescreen once installed SettingsWidgets.

So far you cannot install above jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14 until jailbreak it. There is not available any Semi untethered or untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 14 as mentioned earlier. So, we have to wait to experience more than iOS 14 through Widgets Jailbreak tweaks. 

Also above Jailbreak apps can be considered as alternatives for Widget Sizes , Widget Stacks, Widget Smart Stack.

iOS 14 App Library

This is another cool feature that iOS 14 beta has been provided. It organizes all the Home screen apps automatically to navigate the view. Using the following Jailbreak app/tweaks, it can get the same ( or better ) iOS 14 App Library experiences. 

  • Folded – Folded is a jailbreak tweak supported for iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13 jailbroken devices. It comes with ‘Folders, your way’. Folded helps you to change the home screen folders layout, frame, icons, Appearance, titles and many more options. Most important things are that every toggle has an ON or OFF button to switch on or switch off options any time you want. 
  • MaskMuter – It can remove the latent mask or image of the app or folder, when you open it. This jailbreak tweak is supported for iOS 12 and not confirmed iOS 13 support yet. 
  • FolderIcons –  FolderIcons is a little bit old tweak. It should work with previous iOS versions. The developer of FolderIcons not confirm this tweak works with the latest jailbreakable iOS version . However, this tweak allows you to customize Home Screen folders such as changing icons, removes background, removes shadow and removes badges for Home screen folders. 
  • FolderEnhancer – You can’t put widgets in folders with iOS 14. FolderEnhancer comes again to change the iPhone folders better than ever.

 iOS 14 Siri update

Siri has been renewed in iOS 14 in many ways. All the information you need to know, can get a new compact layout now. iOS 14 Siri interface has been updated. Now it has a chance these changes can get from the jailbreak tweaks for jailbroken iOS 13.5 devices. 

  • Ares (Dynastic) – This change to the Siri Interface looks like iOS 14 with more tons of customization options. Ares is a great jailbreak tweak to change interface to card style, banner style.
  • SmallSiri – This is another jailbreak tweak to change Siri interface. Normal full page siri interface converted to the banner looks like this. 
  • Astolfo Siri – Another valuable jailbreak tweak to change the Siri Interface looks like iOS 14 for your jailbroken iOS devices.
Youtube downloader / Youtube ad blocker

There are some Jailbreak tweaks for Youtube downloaders as well as Youtube ad blocker.

Universal Video Downloader was a popular Cydia tweak for Jailbroken devices. Also there were YourTube 2, Cercube and many more Youtube downloaders. These tweaks are active as Youtube ad blocker too. 

In addition, social downloader jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Elias is working with iOS 12 & iOS 13. This app works with iOS 10 to iOS 13.4. Also, you can download videos not only from youtube but also all the social platforms.

However, some of these jailbreak tweaks are not working with the latest iOS 14 version or early iOS 13 versions..

As a solution there are non-jailbroken tweaks that work with latest versions up to iOS 14. YouTube++ is a non jailbroken tweak to adding features to youtube. This is an alternative for Youtube downloader / Youtube ad blocker. Also, it has a lot of features such as Play video /audio in the background, Set video playback speed, Auto-replay videos and Disable age restrictions & many more.

There were many useful jailbreak tweaks for earley iOS versions. Unfortunately, these tweaks are not working with iOS 14 or other latest versions. Here are a few famous tweaks that are not working Jailbreak tweaks.




Speed Intensifier




iOS 14 Jailbreak approaches

Pangu -The most popular Pangu jailbreak team has demonstrated iOS 14 at Mosec 2020. Min(Spark) Zheng (@SparkZheng) has published one of the images via his official twitter account to prove the iOS 14 jailbreak demo with Pangu.

Most probably, the Pangu team will not publish Pangu jailbreak for iOS 14 to the public just like previous jailbreak attempt. Last time Pangu proved the iOS 12 jailbreak possibility with Pangu by jailbreak iPhone XS running iOS 12. However, they didn’t publicize it.

Yalu – Luca todesco, also known as qwertyoruiop was the developer of the most popular Yalu jailbreak which is available for iOS 10 -10.2 Jailbreak. qwerty jailbreak methods are a great asset to the Jailbreak community and many jailbreak tools developed using his exploits/method. He reported many vulnerabilities to create potential jailbreak for manu iOS versions.

Checkra1n – qwertyoruiop is the one of the main developers for the most popular checkm8 hardware exploit based Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 13-13.5. This exploit can not patch via software update and exists on A5-A11 chip powered devices. This will definitely be compatible with iOS 14 Jailbreak on A5 -A11 devices too.

Along with Checkra1n came many alternatives, such as Ra1nUSB, Ra1nstorm, Pira1n, Bootra1n.

Unc0ver – Pwn20wnd is the developer of Unc0ver Jailbreak. It was initially released for iOS 11 Jailbreak. Since then, it has upgraded up to iOS 13.5. Currently Apple has patched Unc0ver Jailbreak releasing iOS 13.5.1. He is working on a new unc0ver tool upgrade and most probably he will release the first iOS 14 Jailbreak tool.

Osiris Jailbreak – This is incomplete jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2. A famous Jailbreak developer GeoSn0w developed this using the tfp0 exploit. It Always, he comes up once new iOS releases. So, it might update osiris or another new tool for iOS 14 too.

Fudu Jailbreak – This is the first open source jailbreak tool based on the checkm8 exploit developed by LinusHenze. However, this was only available for developers. Hence Checkm8 is an unpatchable hardware exploit, Fugu can be developed for iOS 14. 

iOS 14 Jailbreak Exploit

Jailbreak exploit is a vulnerability that exists on iOS versions or devices. These vulnerabilities  used to be exploited to get potential Jailbreak. So, Finding a Jailbreak exploit is the 1st step of Jailbreaking. Still No one could release a Jailbreak exploit for iOS 14 

tfp0, voucher_swap, oob_timestamp, sockpuppet, checkm8 exploit are few of most popular exploits so far. Also, IOSurface Kernel Exploit which is released for H3lix by thimstar was used to develop many Jailbreak.

Most probably, Google’s Project Zero member Ian beer will release Zero day exploit for iOS 14. Also, Brandon Azad is another Popular exploit developer.  We can assume Ian beer or Brandon Azad may release the next Jailbreak exploit for iOS 14.

Jailbreak methods

Repo extractors – Currently Zeon is the 1st iOS 14 Jailbreak repo extractor. It will allow you to install Jailbreak apps/ tweaks on iOS 14. This is an easy Online Jailbreak method. 

IPA based Jailbreak –  This is Cydia Impactor + Computer based Jailbreak method. You need to side load the Jailbreak IPA to your iOS device with the support of a computer using Cydia Impactor. Most of semi-untethered, semi-tethered and untethered Jailbreak are IPA based Jailbreak. Now Cydia impactor works with paid certificates only, so you need an Apple developer account. 

Unc0ver was an IPA based semi-untethered Jailbreak method. You need to sideload Uncover using Mac or Windows 10 Computer. There is no Unc0ver Online method hence Apple blocked Plist. They have introduced the Altstore method as an alternative to cydia impactor. Most Probably unc0ver will be the first iOS 14 Jailbreak. 

Semi-tethered JailbreakCheckra1n Jailbreak is hardware based Semi-tethered Jailbreak. This exploit can not be fixed without hardware modification. It exists on A5-A11 devices as permanent. So. Checkra1n iOS 14 jailbreak official will be available soon on these devices. 

GUI Jailbreak tools (Untethered) – Most probably GUI Jailbreak tool will not be released for iOS 14 running iPhones/iPad. Untethered jailbreak is the most successful Jailbreak method for iPhone models and old iOS versions. This is permanent jailbreak. Seas0npas, p0sixspwn, evasi0n, Absinthe, TaiG, Pangu 8 and PP Jailbreakare some older untethered jailbreaks.Unfortunately Nobody will release untethered Jailbreak for iOS 14 because Apple new security features. 

Tethered Jailbreak –  tethered Jailbreak is a temporary Jailbreak method. You will lose the jailbreak every time after reboot. Last tethered Jailbreak was Redsnow Jailbreak.

Semi-untethered Jailbreak for iOS 14

Unc0ver and CheckRa1n are semi-untethered Jailbreak. None of these tools are still doesn’t compatible with iOS 14 Jailbreak.

Unc0ver v6.0.0 (next version)

Unc0ver 5.0.0 was released for iOS 13.5 Jailbreak. Now the unc0ver team is working to release Uncover (next version – 6.0.0) for the latest iOS 14 version. Unc0ver iOS 14 will be compatible with all device models. Read more about Unc0ver for iOS 14.

Checkra1n 0.10.3 beta (next version)

Checkra1n 0.10.2 beta was released up to iOS 13.5 Jailbreak on A5-A11 devices. According to exploit based on CheckRa1n it can not fix through software update. Therefore the Checkra1n team will release a 0.10.3 beta version adding iOS 14 Jailbreak support. However, Checkra1n will not be compatible with iPhone X onwards. That is it’s not compatible with iPhone XS models or iPhone 11 models.

Checkra1n 14 beta Jailbreak – Currently Checkra1n team proved Checkra1n 14 beta Jailbreak possibility. Checkra1n co-developer Dany Lisiansky also hinted about Chekra1n iOS 14 before this. He published a screenshot of iOS 14’s new App Library interface, with checkra1n loader app and Cydia as soon as the first iOS 14 beta release.

On the other hand, this is not a surprise because Checkm8 can not be fixed through software update. It exists on all A5-A11 devices forever. So, if there any new iOS version compatible with these devices it should be compatible with Checkra1n.

However, Checkra1n will not be compatible with iPhone X onwards. So, it is not compatible with iPhone XS models or iPhone 11 models.

Odyssey Jailbreak

Odyssey is an upcoming Jailbreak. Now it is almost ready for iOS 13 – iOS 13.5 all device models including iPhone X, iPhone XS/ XS Max/XR, iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. This is a Chimera Jailbreak replacement tool developed by the Cool star and the Team. Their first release was expected to release for iOS 13 – iOS 13.5. We can expect Odyssey Jailbreak next release for iOS 13.5.1 to iOS 14 Jailbreak.

Most users think that Jailbreak policy and legal status will change with iOS 14 releasing. Apple tried, but couldn’t change the legal status for iOS 14; it remains the same. 

Jailbreaking is completely legal in the US. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 

applicable for DRM mechanisms such as Jailbreaking. The US Library of Congress exempted jailbreaking iPhones from the DMCA in 2012 as well as jailbreaking iPads was made legal in 2015. Basically, it is perfectly legal in other countries too. So, there have been no changes since then and iOS 14 Jailbreak legal status remains the same. However, any crimes you commit on the device remain illegal. 

But iOS 14 Jailbreak void your Apple’s warranty.  But restoring to iOS 14 your iPhone, iPad again, you can claim your warranty. However Installing iOS 14 repo extractor will not affect your Apple warranty.

Why should Jailbreak iOS 14?

Apple has added some impressive features throughout the new iOS 14 release. But when it comes to device customization it has some limitations with Apple app store apps. So, we need to install third party apps on iOS 14. For that you should jailbreak iOS 14. 

Once you Jailbreak you can install new themes to customize your device your own way. Also, you can install hack games such as Pubg, Free in app purchase, spy app, install 3rd party app managers such as Cydia, zJailbreak, Panda helper, Anemone.  

However, some apps may not work because of Jailbreak detection. Also, some of them are not upgraded to run on the latest iOS 14 version.

iPhone 12 Jailbreak

Apple announced iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max. We can assume that iOS 14.1 will be the default iOS version. iPhone 12 models use an Apple-designed 5-nanometer A14 chip manufactured by TSMC. Also, the A12 chip security will be very high. So, Jailbreak will be much harder than ever. Most probably Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor working with this iPhone 12 lineup.

A14 Jailbreak

5-nanometer process A14 chips that are smaller, faster, and more battery efficient due to improved thermal management. This A14 chip will focus on speeding up artificial intelligence and AR tasks. It comes with most advanced high security features. 

A14 Jailbreaking will be very harder than A12 and A13 Jailbreak.

iOS 14 Jailbreak Challenge

iOS 14 comes with advanced security features. Apple always wanted to prevent Jailbreak on Apple devices. Accordingly, iOS 14 Jailbreak (software based) will be very hard. Apple put all effort into releasing iOS 14 with minimum vulnerabilities as usual.

Already users have reported to Reddit that they are getting jailbreak detection pop-ups while 3rd party app installation on iOS 14 as follows.

On the other hand iOS 14 online Jailbreak is another big challenge.

Online Jailbreak challenge

Currently Zeon is an online Jailbreak solution for iOS 14.  

Semi-untethered  tools such as unc0ver most probably Windows, Mac or Linux based Jailbreak. 

Apple is always blocking Jailbreak Plist  (IPA’s that can be downloaded online.) So, online iOS 14 Semi-untethered tools will not be released or if anybody releases iOS 14 online Unc0ver or any other IPA, Apple may block it within a few days.

Checkra1n is also computer based Jailbreak and they are not attending for Online Jailbreak. Even official Windows support is also pending for previous iOS versions too.

More repo extractors

Hexxa Plus – Hexxa plus was the most popular jailbreak repo extractor for iOS 13 versions. It was the upgraded version which is available for iOS 12 – iOS 12.4.8 Jailbreak. It worked perfectly on all iOS 13 versions and the best solution for the iOS 13.5.1 Jailbreak. Now it is working with new iOS 14 too. A few apps are freeze with the new iOS 14 and Hexxa team will fix it soon. 

Bregxi  – Bregxi also a famous repo extractor which has been available since iOS 12.3 Jailbreak. Now it is compatible with iOS 14 too. But, many of Bregxi sources have not upgraded for the iOS 14. 

ZiyuZiyu was introduced in earley iOS 12 versions. It also helps you to install Jailbreak apps using repo extracting methods. Unfortunately, it has not performed well since iOS 13.3. So, it might not work with iOS 14.

zJailbreak – zJailbreak is a popular third-party app store for iOS 14. Over 5 million active zjailbreak users around the world. zJailbreak offers many third party apps, Jailbreak tweaks, Emulators, games

Cydia for iOS 14

Cydia is the default App manager for Jailbroken devices. Latest Cydia Update version 1.1.33.

But, still no full functional Cydia for iOS 14 devices. Currently, Cydia is available up to iOS 13.6 with CheckRa1n. iOS 14 also should be compatible with this. In addition Unc0ver will update for iOS 14 & iOS 13.6 to get Cydia. 
However, Cydia for iOS 14 comes with the Cydia Lite version and can be downloaded from the Zeon repo extractor for iOS 14 running all device models.

Install Cydia for iOS 14 using Zeon. 

  • Open  Zeon app. Tap on Repo extractor.
  • Go to get repos and copy the 
  • Then paste on the Repo extractor tab.
  • Now it will offer a Cydia download page. Just tap the download link it will install to your device settings.

Cydia alternative for iOS 14

Installer 5

Installer 5 is package manager for iOS 14 Jailbroken devices. It is a Cydia alternative for iOS 14. Installer is popular as the fastest, lightweight Package manager. Installer 5.0 beta released at the beginning of the year 2020 and now 5.1 beta available on following Repo.


Sileo is a modern Package manager for iOS 14. It was introduced with the earley iOS 11 Jailbreak with Electra. Then it came with Chimera as default App Manager. This was developed by Electra Team. Now Sileo v1.8 updated version is now available for all devices. Electra team has planned to release Odyssey Jailbreak with Sileo. So, Odyssey next version will be compatible with iOS 14 as well as iOS 13.6 to get Sileo.


Zebra is Cydia alternative package manager for iOS devices. This is formerly known as AUPM. Zebra is a completely open sourced project. It was planned to release with Checkra1n Jailbreak earlier. 

Now Zebra 1.2 beta is available on the following repo.


AltStore is an alternative for iOS App Store as well as Cydia. It was a popular signing service for side-loading the unc0ver jailbreak for earley iOS 13 – iOS 13.5 as well. Now AltStore beta added iOS 14  support too. Also, they announced a new release of AltDaemon all Patrons. AltDaemon allows AltStore users to install and sign apps without a computer. AltDaemon for everyone coming soon withAltStore 1.4 update.


Tweakbox is another third party application for iOS devices. It acts as a Cydia alternative too. You can install Cydia tweaks / 3rd party apps on iOS 14 through Tweakbox. Also, they provides Online plist for full jailbreak too.

App valley

AppValley allows you to install unofficial apps and games on your iOS device.This is another Cydia alternative app store. No need for a jailbreak. This is compatible with iOS 14.

iOS 14 Jailbreaking vs Unlocking

There is a difference between jailbreaking and unlocking.

Jailbreak is the process of removing software restrictions defined by Apple. It allows you to customize your iOS 14 device installing 3rd party apps. 

Unlocking is the removing SIM restrictions of iOS 14 iPhones to be used with any wireless network. Locked iPhone are only work on the telecom network of that specific wireless carrier. There are 2 types of iPhone unlocks as software unlock and hardware unlock.

The main reason unlock iPhone is to get different service providers, also unlocked iPhone has a better resale value.

Updates to iOS 14 ( iOS 13.5.1 / iOS 13.6 users )

Usually, iOS users try to update their iOS version as soon as a new iOS version is released. So, once released the iOS 14, existing iOS 13.5.1 users hurry to update to iOS 14. But that is not recommended. 

It’s valid for iOS 13.6 users as well. If you are in iOS 13.6, recommend to stay in iOS 13.6, instead updating up to iOS 14. 

Specially you do not hurry to install such a major version any sooner. The main reason is this iOS 14 version is the first version for major iOS versions. Normally it comes with a lot of bugs. Even though they have tested several iOS 14 betas, it has many unresolved issues. 

When we go through the Apple major iOS releases history, it has reported critical errors in major versions and they roll out the minor version within two or three days from the main release. So, we can expect an iOS 14.0.1 minor version within one week of the main release. 

Also, Apple has increased its security features harder than ever to prevent jailbreak as usual. So it is better staying on iOS 13.5.1 if you are interested in Jailbreak. Unc0ver upgrade tool for iOS 13.5.1 & higher versions might release soon hence previous unc0ver version patched via iOS 13.5.1.

Already you are a iOS 13.6 user, it is recommended staying iOS 13.6, without updating iOS 14. Because, it will be easier to find exploits for iOS 13.6 than iOS 14. Most probably, it will have Unc0ver iOS 13.6 Jailbreak before having Unc0ver iOS 14 Jailbreak.

Is Jailbreak free?


Apple is ready to pay millions of dollars to whoever finds Jailbreak exploit for iOS 14. Therefore many Jailbreak developers are not interested in releasing new iOS 14 Jailbreak. Instead of releasing jailbreak they would rather report iOS 14 bugs to Apple.

However we should be grateful to Jailbreak developers as well as third party app developers around the world. They are hardworking with many sleepless nights to offer Jailbreak free to the Jailbreak community.

Fake iOS 14 Jailbreak tools

It has many fake Jailbreak tools for every iOS version from the beginning. No difference for the iOS 14 too. The main reason to create these fake jailbreaks is to earn money from the internet. CPA Jailbreak scams, Pay per Install (PPI) and Jailbreak membership scams are those methods. Here some fake iOS 14 Jailbreak methods. Stay away from them. 

Unc0ver iOS 14 online

Many websites pretend there is an Unc0ver iOS 14 online tool. But still There is no Unc0ver release for iOS 14. Even earlier iOS 13 – iOS 13.5 online plist was blocked by Apple. So, if someone offers Unc0ver iOS 14 online tool it is fake.

Checkrain Online Jailbreak for iOS 14 

Checkra1n definitely works with iOS 14 on A5-A11 devices. But there is no Checkrain Online Jailbreak for iOS 14 or any iOS versions. It is a computer based method. You can not complete without Computer. It has some alternative advanced methods such as Rai1n USB, Bootra1n for previous versions. But none of these are not completely online jailbreak solutions for Checkra1n. So, if there is Checkrain Online Jailbreak for iOS 14, it is fake.

Electra for iOS 14

There is no Electra iOS 14 Jailbreak. Some webpages/youtube videos pretend as they have Electra iOS 14 Jailbreak tool. But we are aware that there is no Electra since iOS 11.4.1 onwards. Electra team turned into Chimera jailbreak since iOS 12 and now they turned to Odyssey jailbreak. So, if someone claims for Electra iOS 14 Jailbreak, it is a scam.

iOS 14 Jailbreak News

  • Checkra1n developers revealed Checkra1n working on iOS 14

Sam Binger, one of the developers on the Checkra1n team confirmed Cydia working on iOS 14. He published a screenshot of Cydia running on  iPhone X running iOS 14.

  • World Wide Tweaks Conference (WWTC) held on 23rd June concurrent with WWDC 2020

In this session, Jailbreak developers take the stage to discuss Tweaks, future projects against the new iOS 14 release. It was live streamed on Twitch. Also, included live Discord for jailbreak fans. Now it is available on YouTube. Their keynote is based on the “Is jailbreaking dead?” Actually No, they are explaining the facts with facts & figures.

Here are some major tweaks included in their discussions.

Super Charge, Haske, Selenium, Chromatophore, Minotaur, Antara, Triton, DoomCC, 

Ash, Crane, Littera, Signal Reborn, Translucency Parallax, Aurore, SuccessionCLI, Shift, Viper etc