iOS 12 beta

Run iOS 12 beta Demonstration

You can run iOS 12 beta version online for the very 1st time through this web page. Pangu 8 team has exclusively developed the iOS 12 beta demo to feel the beta experience of iOS 12, before Apple releases it to the public.
iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S
Run iOS 12 beta demo on your iPhone
Step 01 - Visit this page from your Safari browser.
Step 02 - Tap this           icon, tap the "Add to homescreen" icon.
Step 03 - Now tap the "Add" link on above right-hand corner.
Step 04 - Now you can find the iOS 12 icon on your homescreen.
Step 05 - Open it to experience the iOS 12 beta demo.
Device Compatibility
iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S.
How to install Apricot iOS
Step 01 - Install zJailbreak or Xabsi App Store from the following links.

iOS 12 beta New Features

Dual iCloud login - Very 1st time Apple will introduce Dual iCloud login with iOS 12 beta.
Guest mode - iOS 12 beta will bring the guest mode to access your iPhone or iPad to more than one user without accessing all your data.
Smart Wifi - This feature will allow you automatically turn on or turn off wifi connection depending on the current location.
tap icon homescreen
iOS 12 Add
iOS 12 icon on your homescreen
iOS 12 beta demo
Dark mode - It will make your device Black background in apps throughout the iOS and more usable and more comfortable in the dark.
FaceTime group calls - The new feature will allow multiple users to join a single call and will support up to five participants.
FaceTime group calls
Change the shape of icons - You can change the existing shape of the icon into circle with this feature.
Rename Icon - Rename the Icon as you desired with iOS 12 beta.
Disable app labels - You can get a clean look at your home screen by disable app labels feature.
Five icons on doc - It will allow you to add an extra app to the iPhone dock.
Colorful notification center - You can set the favorite color for Notification Center as your wish.
New Wallpaper - Adding iPhone X dynamic wallpapers on all devices
Display volume bar - The new sound bar on the top to simply change the volume.
Customizable Control Centre - This will allow to customize the control center and display brightness and volume percentage.
Always on - This feature will always on Display to provide the time, date, notifications and more without having to touch the device.
Display icons on 3D Touch display - It will add the icons to 3D touch and Quickly launch apps in folders.
Picture in picture - Picture in Picture feature lets you watch a video while using another app on the same screen.
App Bar - Apple will add the App bar to iOS 12 beta to Quick access to your favorite apps.
Lock Apps - Lock each app with Face ID or Touch ID to protect your personal data with this beta.
Cross platform apps - Apple brings the facility to developers to design a single app that will work on iPhones, iPads, and Macs through this beta.
Parental Controls - It will add the Parental control app to get better monitoring experience.
Multiple timers - Apple will let you set multiple timers through this beta.
Five icons on doc
Rename Icon
Colorful notification center
New Wallpaper
Display volume bar
Customizable Control Centre
3D Buttons - All settings and Apps buttons will be looking 3D view with this feature.
My Storage -  It has extended cloud storage to manage/review your device storage to enhance the performance.
My Storage Install
3D Buttons Install
Change the shape of icons Install
Disable app labels
Apple released iOS 12 beta 9 with several impressive new features.
Developers can officially download iOS 12 beta 9. All other users can quickly register their UDID and download iOS 12 beta right now.

Download the Apricot iOS

Apricot iOS is the 1st web-based OS version for iPhone. Developers of the Apricot iOS has released the mirror OS version to iOS 12 beta.
You can install this iOS 12 mirror OS version to all latest iPhone models and all latest iOS versions.
Apricot iOS version 12 is 100% safe and easy to install / uninstall. You cannot download Apricot iOS from Apple App store. You may have to use zJailbreak or Xabsi Store to download it.
Download zJailbreak

Download Xabsi
Step 02 - Upgrade the downloaded any App Store before install the Apricot iOS.
Step 03 - Install Apricot iOS from the zJailbreak or Xabsi. Tap the Apricot OS link under the installed app store (zJailbreak or Xabsi) and click on the install button. It has to select two device models to install Apricot as iPhone X user or Other device user.
Step 04 - Click on Allow --> Install --> Enter the device passcode --> Install  --> Done.
Step 05 - Now you have successfully installed Apricot OS to your iPhone.
Congratulations! Now you can get different kind beta experience with Apricot iOS 12. As well, you can virtually jailbreak iOS 12 Apricot iOS. 
Apple introduced following most significant new features on stage at WWDC 2018 with iOS 12 beta 1.
New Memoji with expressions capture - iOS 12 has introduced highly customizable emojis. These Memojis can be used just like an Animoji with the iPhone X's facial recognition sensors to follow the facial expressions of the wink and tongue detection.
Group face time - Now group face time can add multiple participants up to 32 people with iOS 12. Participants can be added any time and join later for video or audio conversation. Users can participate in the video or audio chat using iPhone, iPad, MacOS or iWatch.
Screen time - Screen time helps you to manage the time you spend on a particular app, app category or Website. It creates detailed daily and weekly reports. Also, app limits feature allows to set a specific time to be in an app, and it will notify when a time limit expire.
ARKit 2.0 - New iOS 12 ARKit brings persistent and shared experiences, improved face tracking, more realistic rendering, and 3D object detection. Also introduced new USDZ file format with the Apple's own AR measuring app for augmented reality.
Siri Shortcuts - Now you can get things done with Siri, and it makes suggestions by learning your habits. iOS 12 upgrade the new customizable shortcuts application for Siri. It will allow to create a simple voice command to do the task.

iOS 12 Expected Features

We can expect following features will release with upcoming iOS 12 beta 10, iOS 12 beta 11 or final iOS 12 public version.

iOS 12 beta bugs

It has found some significant bugs on iOS 12 betas which are seeded up to now. Here are some bugs discovered through iOS 12 first beta to ninth beta.
The Weather widget may not work correctly for some users in iOS 12 beta 2
iOS 12 beta 2 running device CarPlay might not connect to specific vehicles.
Third-party app of Netflix quit in iOS 12 beta 2 when downloading a video
Screen Time will reset after updating to second 2.
Some icon / tool labels are missing. Markup tool’s label is missing on iOS 12 beta 1.
Some game apps quit in iOS 12 beta 1 unexpectedly without running.
Personal Hotspot option does not work properly in first beta.
Apricot iOS, the world's first iPhone web operating system is now compatible to run with iOS 12 simultaneously. Apricot iOS has released for iOS 11.3 for the 1st time, and now it compatible up to iOS 12 beta.
Also, you can run a web-based iOS 12 beta demonstration as an app.

Download iOS Beta - for Apple developers

This method is only for registered app developers. If you are an ordinary user, please install this app to register your UDID under the developer before installing iOS 12 beta.
iOS 12 beta is available for who registered under Apple Developer Program membership as a developer. You need to pay USD 99 annually to register as Apple developer. Use the following guide.
Step 01 - Download the configuration profile from the official Apple Developer download page.
(You can directly download configuration profile on your iOS device. If not, you can download it to your Mac or Windows PC and email to the account on your iPhone and access the link through your iOS device.)
Step 02 - Plug your device into power sources and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
Step 03 - Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
Step 04 - Tap Download and Install.

Download iOS Beta - for all other users

You can download iOS 12 beta without developer Account. Use following guide to install iOS 12 beta to your iPhone or iPad.
Step 01 - Click the above iOS 12 beta download link.
Step 02 - Then tap Allow > Install > Enter device passcode > Install > Done.
Step 03 - Now you have installed iOS 12 beta app on your iOS device.
Step 04 - Launch iOS 12 beta app from your device homescreen. Click on the “select a developer”
Download iOS 12 beta
Above download link is only for ordinary users. Ordinary users must register their UDID to download iOS 12 beta. If you are an Apple developer you can easily download iOS 12 beta from this method.
Step 05 - Select any developer from the dropdown menu to register your UDID with the developer before install the iOS 12 beta.
Step 06 - Click on the UDID Submitter to register your UDID. Click on Allow > Install > Enter device passcode > Install.
Step 07 - Now it will redirects you to Register UDID screen. Tap on “Register UDID” button.
Step 08 - Finally, tap on iOS 12 beta profile to complete the process. Then click on the Allow > install > Enter device passcode > Install.
Congratulations! Now you have installed iOS 12 beta profile on your device. It has available several iOS 12 jailbreak solutions to try once you installed iOS 12 beta. 
HomeSwipe - You can change entire homescreen at once with this HomeSwipe feature. You can use Homescreen customize option to change the icons on each sliders without dragging.
Smart reply - You can reply quickly for messages through notification bar without accessing message app with Smart reply. When you got the message alert on notification bar, you can select an option from the popup menu as open, call & reply.
Here are some features & changes release through iOS 12 Beta 2.
New 3D touch Animation for Notification.
AirPlay icons turn blue when streaming to an external device.
Weather app has darker shading.
App store has a new interface for the search, added more compact apps to search result.
New personalization tab added to the app store account settings.
3D touch has added to now playing tab in Music App.
Spotlight suggestions have added new arrow shortcut.
New splash screen for updated Voice Memos app.
Bolder Media types text in Photos with larger text.
Safari share  has a new option as "add to reading list."
Gadgets - It will let you add widgets to the homescreen layout. Gadgets is an App working as Widget.
SmartShot - Quickly edit your screenshot once you capture it without open the photo app with SmartShot. You can select options from the popup menu as Edit, Done, Share or Delete. The edited screenshot will be saved to the camera app.
Allquite - This feature will let you close all safari tabs at once by tapping a single button.You don't need to close each tons of tabs separately with Allquite.
iOS 12 beta 3 bringing some new features and changes as follows.
Apple map has added more detailed in the San Francisco Bay Area.
New Voice Memos interface  for iPad
Clear all notifications with  single swipe.
Clear All Notifications on iPad with long press.
Siri face added as new watch face for Apple Watch
Battery statistics displays Low Power Mode.
iOS 12 beta 3 screen time data might not synchronize across iOS devices
Fortnite might unexpectedly quit while using in iOS 12 third beta
iMessage and FaceTime might not register your device using your phone number in iOS 2 beta 3
Notification badge is not working properly in iOS 12 beta 1 for some apps
Safari suggestions are not working on some iOS 12 beta 1 running devices.
Here are some feature adding through iOS 12 beta 4.
Activity app has redesigned.
Apple introduced Activity app into the iMessage with animated stickers.
Here are some features/changes discovered in iOS 12 beta 5.
FaceTime has added new tones when connecting/disconnecting.
New splash screen for Photos app.
Battery Health has removed in beta
Screen Time has added "Share Across Devices" toggle.
Search by Lyrics has added to Apple Music.
Send or request money using Apple Pay Cash might produce an error in iOS 12 beta 5.
iOS 12 beta 5 Paired Bluetooth accessories might not function correctly after restarting your device.
Screen Time data may not sync between your iOS devices in iOS 12 beta 4.
iOS 12 beta 4 Siri Shortcuts will not work with some iOS devices
iOS 12 beta 6 added the following features/changes.
Home app wallpaper removed and added new gradient color wallpapers.
Splash screen for App Store.
Music app has a new splash screen.
AirPlay has a tweaked icon on the lock screen.
Some wallpapers are removed.
When the device locked, Siri Shortcuts might not work in iOS 12 beta 6.
iOS 12 beta 6 may display unlocalized text for a certain language.
Following features/changes has done through iOS 12 beta 7.
Group Facetime has been removed.
Splash screen for messages.
New photos sharing suggestions.
Face in Face ID logo is back.
iOS 12 beta 7 users might encounter a situation where Apple Pay becomes unavailable.
Settings might unexpectedly quit when attempting to view or Select a voice in Speech settings in iOS 12 beta 7.
Here are some features/changes adding through the iOS beta 8.
Group FaceTime Introduction has been delayed further more.
Measure app has refreshed for new look.
New welcome screen for the gestures on iPad
iOS 12 beta 8 new welcome screen for the gestures on iPadWi-Fi calls might end unexpectedly when transitioning from Wi-Fi to cellular while on the T-Mobile network.
iOS 12 beta 9 is quite a small update and no new significant features or changes rather than fixing bugs & Performance issues on the previous beta version.
iOS 12 beta 9 Traffic data might not be displayed in Apple map.
Start and stop times for Downtime might unexpectedly change in iOS 12 beta 9.