Install Jailbreak apps for iOS 11- iOS 11.1.2

Electra is the most reliable tool for jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 versions. The new version of Electra installs Cydia. However, you cannot install system tweaks/apps using Cydia until saurik upgrades it for iOS 11. You need to use alternative methods to install jailbreak apps/tweaks to your device together Electra.
It has two methods to install jailbreak apps for iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 11, after you jailbreak your device using Electra.
01) Electra Jailbreak + Electralyzed Deb Installer method - Electralyzed is a new Windows based GUI remote DEB package installer. It helps to install deb files to your jailbroken iOS devices & Same method can be used to uninstall deb files too.
02) Electra Jailbreak/Anemone + FilzaJailed app + Zip app Free method  - Combination of FilzaJailed app & Zip app free help to install jailbreak apps/tweaks to your jailbroken iOS devices. Pangu8 team has found and develop this method. 

01) Electra jailbreak + Electralyzed Deb Installer method

This is the easiest method to install system tweaks/apps to your device. Jailbreak your device with Electra first. Then you can use Electralyzed Deb Installer to install deb files to your device. Electralyzed tool is developed by 6ilent.
Use following guide to Install/uninstall Tweaks remotely & Install/uninstall themes remotely.
Step 01 - First, it needs to jailbreak your iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 device using Electra jailbreak tool.
Step 02 - Download Electralyzed file from the following button.
Step 03 - Extract the downloaded zip file & open the tool.
Step 04 - Enter following details in the popup Window.

Password - alpine
IP Address - Your connected IP Address. Get if from > Settings > Wi-Fi - Tap Connected Wi-Fi > Your IP Address
Step 07 - Just tap on the ”Install.”
Step 05 - Now, you will be redirected to the deb installer Window.
Step 06 - Select DEB files which are you want to install. Click here to download DEB files.
Step 08 - Check your iOS device. You have installed the DEB file on your iOS device.

02) Electra Jailbreak/Anemone + FilzaJailed app + Zip app Free method.

You must have installed the FilzaJailed app and Zip app Free to use this method. First, It may jailbreak your device with Electra. This method will allow you to install jailbreak themes to your iOS 11 device through FilzaJailed + ZipApp. Pangu8 team has developed a method to install iOS 11 Jailbreak tweaks.
Filzajailed which is allow you to full root access to all the files in the directory on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without Jailbreaking. Zip App Free is a default iOS app. You can download it from App Store for free.

Step Guide to install Jailbreak themes to iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2

Step 01 - Visit this page from your device Safari browser, Select a theme and tap the link.
Ace-N-iOS 11-Theme
Boss Day iOS 10 Badge
Marshmallow iOS 10
Odelia 2 JellyLock
Amana Main
Ando iOS 10 AE
Step 02 - You will be redirected to the following page.
Step 03 - Tap the "Open in ZipApp Free".
Step 04 - It will be downloaded to the "Imported Files" folder. Then You can extract the zip file using "Open in ZipApp Free".
Step 05 - Open the extracted folder, Then you will see another folder. (or collection of folders)
Step 06 - OK, Now quit from "Open in ZipApp Free" and Open the FilzaJailed.
Step 07 - Then Tap the star symbol (as the picture) and Apps manager (last one). Then you can find the ZipApp Free.
Step 08 - Tap the ZipApp Free, Open documents, Imported Files. Now you can find the extracted theme folder.
Step 09 - Open the Extracted theme folder, Copy all the Folders inside of it. Then go back to the root folder, Open Library, Themes and paste the copied themes folder into it.
Step 10 - Now Open the Anemone, (If you have already open it kill it and open again/or restart your device)
Then you can find the themes. Now you can apply the themes to your Jailbroken iOS 11 devices.

Change dark mode in iOS 11- iOS 11.1.2

Step 01 - Download the Dark Messages Pangu8 zip file. Extract it using the ZipApp Free as the above guide.
Step 02 - Open FilzaJailed, Then go to Favorite (star mark on below) ---> App Manager ---> ZipApp Free ---> Documents ---> Imported Files ---> Pangu8
Step 03 - Then You will see two folders (Folder 1 and DarkMessages.bundle) and DarkMessagesSetting.plist inside this folder (Pangu8 folder)
Step 05 - Back to the root folder. Then open Bootstrap --> Library -- SB Inject
Step 04 - Open Open Folder 1, Then copy all files on it. (4 files)
Step 06 - Then copy the DarkMessagesSetting.plist to the following path.

Bootstrap ---> Library ---> Preferenceloader ---> Preferences
Then paste here.
Step 07 - Then copy DarkMessages.bundle folder to the following path.
Bootstrap --> Library --> Preference Bundles
Now paste the DarkMessages.bundle folder to here.
OK, Restart your device. Now you can get active dark messages on your settings.
As same as you can install Zeppelin to your iOS 11 Jailbroken device.

Get iPhone X Features on older iPhone

Step 01 - Download the FluidEnabler from Pangu8 zip file. Extract it using the ZipApp Free.
Step 02 - Then Open FilzaJailed and Click on the down star mark to go to App Manager.
Step 03 - Go to  ZipApp Free -->  Documents --> Imported Files -->Pangu8FluidEnabler -->  usr directory SB inject. Click edit, Select both files and Copy them.
Step 04 - Now go back to the root folder.Open the  usr directory --> Lib --> SB Inject and paste the copied files here. (Sometimes it may not paste once and keep trying.)
Step 05 - Once Paste just reboot your device and Run Electra jailbreak app again. 
Congratulations! FluidEnabler will bring the experience of awesome iPhone X look to your older iPhone.
Watch following video for more details.