iOS 13 Jailbreak theme

iOS 13 Jailbreak theme

iOS themes make your iPhone look visually different from the stock iPhone look. Apple doesn’t provide any default theme changing option to iPhone.

There are several ways to install iPhone themes on your iOS device. Jailbreaking is the popular method to customize themes on the iPhone or iPad. Also, you can add themes through third-party app stores for non-Jailbroken devices too.

Here we discuss the most popular iOS 13 Jailbreak themes.

Snowboard iOS 13 Themes

SnowBoard is a theming engine allowing you to customize your iOS 13 device. It will change notification badge, dock labels, home screen icons, hide label dots, and more. It works with iOS 7 – iOS 13 Jailbreak. This is the most popular iOS 13 jailbreak theme engine.

Download Snowboard Theme

You should have to Jailbreak your device to get Snowboard. This is compatible with CheckRa1n Jailbreak & Unc0ver Jailbreak too. So, first you have to Jailbreak your device with CheckRa1n or UnC0ver. Go to CheckRa1n Jailbreak Page or Unc0ver Jailbreak page for download links & Step guides for iOS 13 Jailbreak.

Step 01 –  Go to Cydia on your iOS 13 iPhone or iPad.

Step  02 – Click on  Sources → Edit → Add the URL SnowBoard Repo.

Step 03 – Enter SnowBoard on the Search tab and tap the Install button.

Step 04 – Then go to Settings → SnowBoard to configure the app.

Best SnowBoard Themes

Viola Theme

Muze 4 Theme

Ace El Cap Theme

Anemone Theme

Anemone themes designed to change your HomeScreen for all iPhone & iPad. It is an essential framework on which custom-made themes run.  It is compatible with iOS 7 to iOS 13 Jailbreak. Previously, Anemone was automatically installed once you jailbreak your iPhone using the Electra jailbreak or Chimera Jailbreak. But both these jailbreaks are not compatible with iOS 13. So use the following method to add themes on iOS 13.

Download Anemone

First you need to Jailbreak your device. Then follow the steps given below.

Step 01 – Open Cydia, Search for a theme and install it.

Step 02 – Open Anemone from the Springboard. The downloaded theme will be listed right there. Tap on it.  Then select the components of the themes that you need to apply to your iPhone.

Step 03 – Tap on Enable, then tap on Apply to both the panels.

Step 04  – Then the theme will be installed.

Most Popular Anemone Themes for iOS 13

iNifty themes

iNifty is a popular theme collection platform for iOS users. You can add incredible themes to your iPhone or iPad using iNifty themes. It is compatible with iOS 13 – iOS 13.7 Jailbreak. It is supported for all jailbroken & non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Download iNifty themes

You can download iNifty themes through zJailbreak or  Xabsi app stores.

Step 01 – First of all you must install zJailbreak or Xabsi from above buttons.

Step 02 – Once you installed zJailbreak or Xabsi, find iNifty theme store from that.

Step 03 – Just tap on it to install it.

Step 04 – Then tap on “Install”—>”Allow”—> “Install” —>”Enter device passcode”  —> “Install”–> “Done.

Step 05 – Now you have successfully installed iNifty themes to your iPhone or iPad.

How to add iNifty themes

Step 01 – Launch iNifty themes app from your device. Click on iOS Themes tab

Step 02 -. Then click on “Browse all Themes”. Select one of the themes as your wish and click on the selected theme app to install. (You can select themes going through the “Browse Category)

Step 03 –  Then click on “Install”—> “Allow”—> “Install”—> “Enter passcode” —> “Install”—-> “Done”

Step 04 – You can see the iNifty themes have applied to your device. You can drag all of your default icons to a single folder to hide them.

Step 05 – It is recommended to apply the theme lock screen & home screen wallpaper. Tap the save button to save to the photos app. Then tap the use as wallpaper.

Available Themes

It has an extensive collection of themes. Following themes are the most popular among iNifty themes.

Popular themes
3D Themes


Dreamboard is a major theming platform for Jailbrokrn devices.  It brings advanced theming to the iPhone & iPads. DreamBoard is one of the best alternatives to WinterBoard. However, Dreamboard does not support the latest iOS versions and only available up to iOS 10.2 version. Dreamstore is a good alternative for this.

Download Dreamboard

You must Jailbreak your device to install dreamboard themes. Go to iOS 10.2 Jailbreak page for jailbreak guide. 

DreamBoard available on the following Repos.

AppSpot :

ModMyi :

Insanelyi :

Step 01 – Open the Cydia on your Jailbreak iPhone or iPad Device.

Step 02 – Tap on Manage Icon >Sources > Edit > Add Option.

Step 03 –  It will show a Pop-up Message for Repository Source.

Step 04 – Copy any of the above Repo source, Then Paste it on the Pop-up Source Box. Then tap on the “Add Source” Option. 

Step 05 – Once add the Repo to Cydia, Go back to Cydia Homepage and Type “DreamBoard” on Search Box and then find the App, Tap on it, Then  again Tap on Install Option.

Step 06 – Finally, Tap on Install Confirm Option from  Pop-up Message.

Some Popular Dreamboard Themes



AppleWeb HD 

Asymmetric HD 

BlackBerry OS 6.1

Boxor HD

Ergo HD 

Gyro HD 


iNav HD


Dream Store is the third party customized theme platform for latest iOS versions and devices. It is an alternative for Cydia DreamBoard which lets you customize your iOS interface. 

Currently Cydia DreamBoard is not working on the latest iOS versions. Therefore DreamStore would be the best replacement for Cydia DreamBoard. Install awesome Dream store themes for latest iOS versions such up to iOS 13.7.

Install Dream Store

Dream Store is exclusive on zJailbreak or Xabsi app stores. You can select one app store from these three app stores.

iOS root access does not matter for the Dream store. Both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users can install Dream store very easily and within a few minutes.

There are large numbers of themes collection available at this time on Dream store. So you can customize your iOS interface with Dream store themes more than you imagine.

Step Guide 

Step 01 – Install any zJailbreak or Xabsi app manager to your device using the above buttons.

Step 02 – Go to zJailbreak or Xabsi app and Tap on Dream store app.

Step 03 – Then tap on Install —> Allow→ Install → Enter Passcode→ Install → Done

Step 04 – You have successfully installed the Dream store. Check the device homescreen for zJailbreak Dream store. Now you can install zJailbreak themes for interface customization.

Available Themes on Dream Store

Following themes are available with the Dream store. Users can launch these themes for all iOS versions and models. Theme launchers make your iPhone look visually different from the stock iPhone look.


Pearl Effect





How to add Dream Store Themes

Themes can include custom app icons, wallpapers, etc. It can make your iPhone look completely different. As an example, you can add Windows Mobile theme as follows through your iOS device.

Step 01 – Go to Dream Store. If you have not installed the Dream Store yet, install it according to the above guide.

Step 02 – Tap on Windows Mobile. 

Step 03 – Now tap on Install→ Allow→ Install→ Enter Passcode→ Install→ Done.

Step 04 – Now the Windows Mobile app has been installed on your device. Launch Windows Mobile app from your device homescreen.

Swiftly Themes

Swiftly Themes is a modern, lightweight and fast theme store for your iPhone and iPad. Swiftly Themes no jailbreak app is an alternative for WinterBoard. Also, you can create your own application icons with Swiftly Themes.

Download Swiftly themes

Step 01 – First install Swiftly Themes app to your device from the official site.

Step 02 – Run Swiftly and tap on themes. Then select a theme.

Step 03 – Click the download →  Install → Install → Enter device passcode.

(Once you click download, It will be redirected to an advertisement. After a few seconds you can click Skip Ad and it will return to the previous page.)

Step 04 – It has installed iNSTALLER app on your device and opened it.

Step 05 – Click install in settings and enter device passcode.

Step 06 – Now go to homescreen move the icons as you desired. (Hide the original icons in a separate folder.)

Apricot iOS 13 themes

Apricot is a web-based operating system for Apple. Apricot iOS will offer you the redesigned interface for iOS as a launcher. It has wallpapers / Animations as Apricot themes. You can run awesome wallpapers and themes on this Apricot iOS.  Apricot accessible on zJailbreak and Xabsi Stores. This is compatible with all iOS 13 & higher versions.

Download  Apricot iOS themes

Step 01 – You should install one of the app stores from zJailbreak or Xabsi.  

Step 02 – Then Install Apricot from zJailbreak or Xabsi.

Step 03 – Launch Apricot iOS from your iOS device.

Step 04 – Click on themes icons in your Apricot iOS launcher.

Step 05 – Now you can change your background color and add animated wallpapers.


iSkin generates icon based iOS themes online. You can install the collection of this icon and set up a theme using iSkin. It is ios 13 themes no jailbreak needed. It will allow you to add free ios 13 jailbreak themes on your iPhone or iPad.

Download iSkin

Step 01 – Go to the iSkin web page on your device Safari browser.

Step 02 – Click on Browse all themes and pick a theme you want to install. 

Step 03 – Then tap on the Application icons button to select what apps you want to add. Select all the apps you want to theme and give each app the name that you want. 

Step 04 – When finish the selection tap on the Install button in down. Wait a few seconds and click the blue Install button to continue the process. 

Step 05 – Enter device passcode → Install (blue button) → Install (Red button) → Done.

Step 06 – Go to your homescreen and you can see all your new themed app icons.


Metaw is metamorphosis wallpaper platform for iOS devices. You can customize your device using metaw. It allows to change homescreen / icons label, layout and hide the dock and homescreen. You cannot get this kind of experience from anywhere else. It is magic, and you will love it. Metaw is available with zJailbreak & Xabsi third-party stores. Metaw is compatible with all the latest up to iOS 13.6.

 Metaw is available with zJailbreak & Xabsi third-party stores. Metaw is compatible with all the latest up to iOS 13.7.

Download Metaw

Step 01 – First you need to download zJailbreak or Xabsi from above installation buttons.

Step 02 – Then find Metaw and tap on it to Install.

Step 03 – Then tap on “Install”—>”Allow”—> “Install” —>”Enter device passcode”  —> “Install”–> “Done”

Step 04 – Now you have installed Metaw on your iOS device, and the Metaw app will be available on your device homescreen.

How to add Metaw wallpaper

Step 01 – Open Metaw.

Step 02 – Pick a wallpaper from wallpaper collection.

Step 03 – Tap the save button as the image shown.

Step 04 – Saved wallpaper now available in the photos app.

Step 05 – Tap the wallpaper.

Step 06 – Tap share button as the image shown.

Step 07 – Tap use as wallpaper.

Step 08 – Now you can use it as three options. Set as your choice.


iFaceSkins enhances the Facebook experience. It is facebook skins and customized app icon platform for iOS Facebook users. 

If you are a Facebook lover, you should download the iFaceSkins to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It will work with all iOS versions up to iOS 13.7 version. iFaceSkins exclusive on zJailbreak or Xabsi.

Download iFaceskins

iFaceSkins has a super easy process, and you can complete the whole process within two seconds. Just follow the guide below to install iFaceskins.

First of all, you should install any app store from zJailbreak or Xabsi third-party app store.  

Step 01 – Open the zJailbreak or Xabsi app store which you have downloaded. 

Step 02 – Find the iFaceSkins app and just tap on it.

Step 03 – Then tap on “Install”—>”Allow”—> “Install” —>”Enter device passcode”  —> “Install”–> “Done”

Step 04 – Now you will have an iFaceSkins App on your device homescreen.

Add Facebook icons/Themes

Add custom facebook icons / themes to facebook using iFaceSkins.

Step 01 – Go to the device homescreen and Open iFaceSkins app.

Step 02 – It has massive Facebook icons and themes collection. Select one as you desire and tap on it.

Step 03 – Click on “Install”—> “Allow”—> “Install”—> “Enter passcode” —> “Install”—-> “Done”

Step 04 – Now it has been installed to iFaceskins theme/icon app to your device. Just use the app to go to facebook.


GoogiOS is a customized theme platform and allows you to Google search more easily and quickly on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It is the world’s first Google search app collection for iOS devices. You cannot even find these kinds of app collections on Cydia stores. 

GoogiOS is available on zJailbreak or Xabsi app stores. You do not need to jailbreak your device because GoogiOS can be added to both Jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. GoogiOS is compatible with the latest iOS versions such as iOS 13.4.1, iOS 13.5.1, iOS 13.6, iOS 13.6.1 & iOS 13.7.

Install GoogiOS

Step 01 – First you need to install zJailbreak or Xabsi. Open the downloaded third-party app store.  

Step 02 – Find the GoogiOS app and tap on it.

Step 03 – Tap on “Install”—>”Allow”—> “Install” —>”Enter device passcode”  —> “Install”–> “Done”

Step 04 – Now you successfully installed. GoogiOS app will be available on your device homescreen.

GoogiOS themes for Google search

You can add themes to your iPhone, iPad or iPod google search. Get uncommon search experience by adding themes to your Google search. 

Step 01 – Go to the device homescreen and Open GoogiOS app.

Step 02 – It has a massive theme collection. Select one as you desire and tap on it.

Step 03 –  Click on “Install”—> “Allow”—> “Install”—> “Enter passcode” —> “Install”—-> “Done”

Step 04 – Now it has been installed to google iOS search theme app to your device. Run the app.