Hexxa Plus Installation guide

Hexxa Plus Installation guide

First you need to install zJailbreak to your iOS 13 iPhone or iPad.  

Step 01 – Visit this page from device Safari browser and  tap below zJailbreak installation button. You need to provide your device passcode to complete the installation process.

Step 02 – Open the zjailbreak from your iOS 12 device and find Hexxa plus from zJailbreak. Tap on Hexxa Plus and go ahead with the instructions.   

Step 03 – It will download the Hexxa Plus link to your iOS 13 device profile after tapping Allow –> Download. Go to “Settings” –> “Profile Download”. Then tap the downloaded link. 

Step 04 – You can complete the installation process by adding the device passcode.  

Step 05 – With in few seconds, Hexxa Plus app will be available on your iOS 13 iPhone or iPad.  

Congratulations! Now your device is ready to install iOS 13 jailbreak apps from Hexxa Plus.