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Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak

    Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak

    Are you excited to make your ChatGPT experience even better? 

    We’re introducing the Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak online Tool to customize your conversations like never before. This tool is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Windows, Mac and Android devices.

    Get ready to experience the extraordinary!

    The world’s first tool to Jailbreak ChatGPT with a single click.

    What you can do with Oxtia Jailbreak?

    Are you bored with the standard chatGPT behavior? Then try Oxtia. 

    Oxtia is a ChatGPT API based jailbreak, not prompt based jailbreak. When you click the jailbreak button, Oxtia applies Jailbreak prompts to ChatGPT automatically. 

    Jailbroken ChatGPT with Oxtia behavior is completely different. Is it funny? 😂 Arrogant? 😡You will realize the difference the very first time you use it. Check out the Jailbroken chatGPT modes.

    How to Jailbreak ChatGPT using Oxtia

    You can not download Oxtia Jailbreak online tool anywhere else. Follow the below steps specific to your device.

    iPhone or iPad users :

    Step 01 – Tap the above button from your device safari browser. It will redirect you to oxtail site, Then tap on the ‘Download  Oxtia tool’

    Step 02 –  Click on the Allow button from the pop up. ChatGPT profile will download to your device settings.

    Step 03 – Go to device Settings → Profile Downloaded → Install → Enter the passcode → Install

    Step 04 – You can see the ChatGPT app on your device homescreen. Open the app you will enter the ChatGPT first , then it will pop up ChatGPT Jailbroken codes.

    Step 05 – Tap on the Jailbreak button of any ChatgGPT code you want to try.

    Step 06 – Within a few seconds, it will apply the jailbreak prompt and offer the jailbroken conversation window. Enjoy the conversation with Oxtia!

    Phone or iPad users :  Visit website from your Android device web browser. Other steps are the same as the above iPhone and iPad guide.

    Windows or Mac users : 

    Step 01 – Just visit the website There you will find the button named ‘Try Oxtia Online tool now’

    Step 02 – ChatGPT will then open in a separate window, and a popup will appear with ChatGPT Jailbroken codes.

    Step 03 – You can click on any “ChatGPT code” to Jailbreak the ChatGPT. 

    Step 04 – Within a few seconds, it completes the Jailbreak process by applying Jailbreak prompts automatically.

    Step 05 – So you can enjoy the awesome ChatGPT Jailbreak experience with Oxtia.

    Jailbroken chatGPT modes

    Here are a few Jailbroken chatGPT modes.  It has different 10+ Jailbroken chatGPT modes.

    1. OXJB9012 – ChatGPT does hate speech against you

    When you apply this mode, chatGPT replies with a very aggressive reply. Get more fun with long conversations or when you are angry you can express your anger towards chatGPT by chatting aggressively.

    2. OXJB4359 – Jailbreaking breaks the basic language abilities of ChatGPT

    This mode will carry the whole conversation with misspelling. However, this mode will do the task.

    3. OXJB1891 – ChatGPT will forget the initial language.

    You wanna try different languages? Here is the mode, when you jailbreak ChatGPT with this mode, it will reply with different languages in the same conversation.

    4.  OXJB9187- Jailbreak ChatGPT answers in a creative way without using any word.

    Another creative chatGPT jailbroken mode, this will reply with images. Whatever you ask, it will reply using images. 

    5. OXJB7894 – Jailbreak ChatGPT will forget all the words, but it answers in a very clever way.

    This mode will answer each question with Emoji’s. Mostly it will reply with the appropriate Emoji’s.

    Restore Jailbreak

    Want to undo the changes? You can do that by using the “Restore jailbreak ” button. Just click on it, and ChatGPT will go back to how it was before.

    Oxtia vs classic ChatGPT Jailbreak

    Applying jailbreak prompts was the only option to Jailbreak ChatGPT unless Oxtia release. There are many similarities and differences between both of these methods.

    Following are differences that provide advantages.

    • One click Jailbreak

    You don’t need to find ChatGPT Jailbreak prompts or copy paste them to ChatGPT, Just click the Oxtia Jailbreak code button to run your favorite Jailbreak.

    • Deal with Not working Jailbreak prompts

    Open AI reguralary blocks the Jailbreak prompts and most of the time these prompts are not working when a user finds them, You don’t need to worry about this with Oxtia. Oxtail developers are continuously updating Oxtia with one click ChatGPT Jailbreak codes

    • Hard to find Jailbreak prompts

    Nowadays, It is almost impossible to find awesome jailbreak prompts to jailbreak ChatGPT. With Oxtia you don’t need to find a any prompts yourself

    • It is more fun

    Definitely, One-Click Jailbreak is more fun than finding prompts, copying, editing, and pasting them.There are other differences as follows that are considered as disadvantages.

    • Limited number of Jailbreak

    Oxtia only provides around 15 ChatGPT Jailbreak options. You have to wait until developers add more ChatGPT JB options.

    • There is no way to add or customize the Oxtia Jailbreak options

    You only can run already provided Jailbreak codes in Oxtia. You cannot add new Jailbreak options at this time.