Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1 running iPhones and iPads

Uncover Jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1

Unc0ver Jailbreak released recently adding jailbreak support for the latest versions. However, Currently, Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1 isn’t compatible with iPhones and iPads. Apple fixed unc0ver iOS 13.5 Jailbreak version v5.0.0 releasing iOS 13.5.1. You can use alternative jailbreak solutions for iOS 13.5.1.

Unc0ver Jailbreak methods

You can download Unc0ver Jailbreak for almost all versions among iOS 11 to iOS 13.5 except iOS 13.5.1.For that, you must choose Altstore, Cydia Impactor, ReProvision or Online methods . Click the following button to get all the Unc0ver methods with one click. It is the best way to download Unc0ver jailbreak.

Easiest method is Unc0ver Online Jailbreak. That method does not require Computer. You can directly install the Unc0ver app to your iPhone or iPad. But currently, many of Unc0ver online IPA revoked. 

However, using Jailbreak repo extractor is the easiest way. You don’t need any technical knowledge to install Jailbreak repo extractor for iOS 13.5.1 running iPhones, iPads.

Currently, Cydia impactor method working with Paid Certificate only requires an Apple developer account. Also, Unc0ver download is available via AltStore for MAC and Windows users. And there is no available unc0ver GUI based tool as well. So, you have to use the Unc0ver AltStore method or Cydia Impactor method. 

Pangu8 introduced the easiest method to download Unc0ver online. But it might not work properly every time because of revoking issues. 

In addition, you can use ReProvision to sign an Unc0ver IPA without revoking. It required an already jailbroken device.

The availability of Unc0ver IPA Download

There are two ways to download Unc0ver IPA. The main and official way is the PC needed method with Cydia impactor support. Uncover Official website offers all the Unc0ver IPA direct download methods for Windows, Mac and Linux users. However, this method is a little bit hard. 

It has a very easy method to download Uncover IPA online. User no needs PC support or Cydia impactor support for this. Some famous websites offer Uncover Online directly download through plist. Silzee and tweakBox are the leading websites for downloading the online IPAs. 

Some third party app stores such as zJailbreak, TutuApp and Appvalley also provide Uncover Online IPAs. This is the easiest way and it doesn’t need PC support or Cydia impactor support as well. However, anyone cannot download these methods for iOS 13.5.1 devices. Because, Unc0ver doesn’t support even iOS 13.5.1 version as well as iOS 14 beta too. Refer Unc0ver for iOS 14 page to get Alternative online methods for iOS 14 versions.

Semi Untethered jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1

So far, there is no Semi-untethered or Untethered Jailbreak available for iOS 13.5.1. Unc0ver is a Semi-untethered Jailbreak from recently released jailbreak tools. That is Unc0ver Jailbreak is not permanent, you must reJailbreak your iPhone, iPad again if you restart/reboot your device. But it is not compatible with iOS 13.5.1. 

It can’t say that, when will release the unc0ver semi untethered jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1. Most probably, it won’t be able to jailbreak iOS 13.5.1 with Unc0ver. Apple has already patched the iOS 13.5 jailbreak hole via iOS 13.5.1 update. 

And also, there is no available Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1 too. If it is available untethered jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1, you don’t have to jailbreak again and again, because it is a permanent jailbreak.

At this time, best iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak solutions are jailbreak repo extractos and other Unc0ver alternatives such as Hexxa Plus, Bregxi, Apricot iOS and more.

Uncover compatibility

Note – These compatibility vadied for iOS 11 to iOS 13.5 devices only. Not available for iOS 13.5.1 devices. 

iPhone Models

iPhone11, iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPads Models

iPad Mini (5th generation), iPad Air (2019, 3rd generation), iPad Pro 2nd gen & 1st gen, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 6th gen, iPad 5th gen, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2

Unc0ver Developers

Pwn20wnd is the Lead Developer. Other Uncover team members are Sam Bingner (Developer), Siguza (Developer), Jake James (Developer), Ubik (Designer), Sam G (GUI),  Dennis D. Bednarz (Logo Designer), exDeveloper (UI Dev) PhoneRebel (Sponsorship), Brandon Azad (Timestamp Bug) Ned Williamson (Socket Bug)

Unc0ver Jailbreak Computer based Vs Online method

When comparing both these Unc0ver jailbreak methods, it has advantages and disadvantages. Computer based method needs to run the Cydia Impactor tool. It is a little bit harder than the online method. Even if the Online method is the easiest, Apple always blocks the Online plist. So at that time, it needs to use a Computer based method even though it is harder. Because it doesn’t have any revoke issues. 

However, iOS 13.5.1 users cannot use even one method from these two, because Uncover jailbreak does not support iOS 13.5.1. So, iOS 13.5.1 users only have alternative jailbreak solutions to download jailbreak apps.

Hexxa Plus repo extractor instead of Uncover jailbreak

Unc0ver is a semi untethered jailbreak tool. But unfortunately, Uncover jailbreak tool is not available iOS 13.5.1 or even any semi untethered tool for iOS 13.5.1. 

Hexxa Plus is a jailbreak repo extractor. It can install jailbreak apps to all devices running any version including iOS 13.5.1. Hexxa Plus is not a jailbreak tool. Therefore we cannot install system functional apps through Hexxa Plus. At this time, we can suggest Hexxa Plus Repo extractor for iOS 13.5.1 install lite version of Cydia and Sileo.

Best Unc0ver iOS 13.5.1 Alternatives

Because of not having uncover jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1, the best way to install jailbreak apps for iOS 13.5.1 is Unc0ver alternatives. There are many Unc0ver iOS 13.5.1 alternatives as follows.

  • Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor
  • Checkrain Jailbreak
  • Bregxi Repo Extractor
  • zJailbreak
  • Apricot iOS 
  • iOS 13.5.1++
  • TaigOne
  • Tiqu ++

Best Uncover Jailbreak Repos

Following repos are the best for Uncover Jailbreak. Once you jailbroken your device with the Uncover jailbreak tool, launch Cydia. Then you can see the Edit button on the top corner of the Cydia app. Then Copy the repo URL from the above list that you want to add. Select Add button. Paste the copied repo URL there. Select the Add Source button to add the Cydia repository and refresh the packages. Now you have added a repo to your device and repeat these steps to add any number of repositories.





































Best apps and Tweaks for unc0ver Jailbreak

First of all you must add repos to your device using the above guidelines. You can download the Jailbreak app from the repo mentioned at the front to your jailbroken iDevices.

FiveDock13  →  Repo: https://repo.packix.com

CastSwitcher  → Repo: BigBoss 

Tap Tap Lock  → Repo: BigBoss 

Manila  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

CCSupport  → Repo: BigBoss 

PowerModule  → https://repo.packix.com/  

CCModules  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

Cowbell  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

Sakal  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

Dark Keys  →  Repo: https://repo.dynastic.co/  

AnyKeyTrackpad  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

ClearDock12  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

Cylinder  → Repo: BigBoss  

ColorMeNotifs  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

Cask 2  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

DockSpring  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

DeleteCut  → Repo: BigBoss  

StickAround  → Repo: BigBoss  

FluidTabs  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

LongerCallButton  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

GlobAlarmSettings  → Repo: BigBoss   

MenuSupport  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

OhMyFlash  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

QuitAll  → Repo: https://repo.chariz.com/  

Safari Features  → Repo: BigBoss  

AVLock  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

Blankpass  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

Tempus Romānum  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

DNDMyRecording  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

DontManageMyNotifications  → Repo: BigBoss  

EasyEditAlarms  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

Dragspring  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

EZSwipe  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

TransparentNotif → Repo: BigBoss  

ClearWidgets  → Repo: BigBoss  

SlideToShowNotification  → Repo: BigBoss  

HomeBarSizer  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

iconvibe  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

iKnowTheTime  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

LetMeDecline  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

ClearCall  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

LMPAutoLockTime → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

No3DLines  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

HideNCText  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

LowerTheNotifs  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

LowPowerDND  → Repo: BigBoss  

NoDNDBanner  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

Noire  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

NoOlderNotificationsText  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

PillVolume  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

RealCC  → Repo: BigBoss  

Rofi  → Repo: BigBoss  

SendDelay  → Repo: BigBoss  

SITUM  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

SizeFinder  → Repo: BigBoss  

SolidMessagesBanner  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

SpotClearOnClose  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

StayDown  → Repo: BigBoss  

VolumePercent  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/ 

WeatherGround  → Repo: https://repo.chariz.com/ 

Vinyl  → Repo: BigBoss 

RoundedModules  → Repo: BigBoss 

HideLabels13  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

2Dock (iOS13 only)  → Repo: BigBoss  

Keyboard Accio  → Repo: BigBoss  

Accent  → Repo: BigBoss  

SpotOn  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/  

SpotCC  → Repo: https://repo.packix.com/

Uncover Jailbreak fake tools for iOS 13.5.1

Unc0ver jailbreak tool does not support iOS 13.5.1 yet. But some youtubers and some sites show the possibility of iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak with Unc0ver tool. It is completely fake. We have listes fake Unc0ver iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak sites and youtube channels as follows. They earn money with PPI scams / survey scams. Beware of them. 

  • https://premiumapps.vip

MrMusic3079 YouTuber promotes fake unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1 through premiumapps.vip website. They ask to install a few apps and run it for a few seconds to install the Uncover app to iOS 13.5.1 device. According to them no need to complete the jailbreak process. This is a fake site. 

  • https://heraldjournalism.com/   

Another fake site for Uncover jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1. It has a step guide to install a few apps from premiumapps.vip website for Uncover app. Completely fake method.  

  • https://injecto.co

MarbleTeethMusic YouTuber offers fake unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1 through injecto.co website highlighting Injecto feature. They promote it as an iOS tweak installer to get access to tons of tweaked apps with just one click. According to them, it is possible to download the Uncover app from the Injecto app. They promote this fake method as No revokes, easy to use, fully secured and completely free tool. Another fake site for Uncover jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1

  • Can I run Cydia on iOS 13.5.1 using Unc0ver?

No, You cannot install Cydia on iOS 13.5.1 devices using Unc0ver. But you can install Cydia on iOS 13.5.1 with Unc0ver alternatives such as Hexxa Plus, Bregxi, zJailbreak, Apricot iOS.

  • What is the best Unc0ver Jailbreak method? Cydia Impactor, Online or Altstore?

Normally, an online method is the easiest method. But Apple has blocked online Plist IPA frequently. So, unc0ver online apps get revoked. There is a Cydia impactor Method for all Mac/Windows/Linux users. But this method required an Apple developer account.

As a solution, the Altstore method was introduced and it is available for MAC and Windows users only. In addition, a ReProvision method was introduced to prevent revoked issues. It requires an already jailbroken device. 

So, it has many ways to complete the uncover process according to users. Therefore, it depends on users. However, altstore method can be recommended.  

  • I could install unc0ver for iOS 13.5.1, But now I cannot Jailbreak?

Yes. It can install the Unc0ver jailbreak app for any iOS version. But it cannot run for the jailbreak. Current unc0ver version supports up to iOS 13.5 version only. 

  • I have jailbroken my iOS 13.5 iPhone using unc0ver, Can I update to iOS 13.5.1?

You cannot update it. When you update your iPhone version up to iOS 13.5.1, you have lost jailbreak on your iPhone. So, it is better to stay on iOS 13.5 version, if you want to uncover jailbreak.

  • Is any Altstore related Jailbreak available for iOS 13.5.1? 

No. You cannot find any Altstore related Jailbreak for iOS 13.5.1. Because, Uncover jailbreak is not supported for iOS 13.5.1.