Loofamai [supported for iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.5]


Loofamai is the world’s first prank app store for iOS users. You can download some prank apps from the official Apple store too. But you cannot get Loofamai prank experience from anywhere else because it has advanced prank apps collection.

Loofamai is compatible with all the latest iOS versions such as iOS 13.3.1 / iOS 13.4 /iOS 13.4.5 beta.

Loofamai prank apps are available with zJailbreak and Xabsi third-party app stores. Install Loofamai on your iPhone, iPad and get the real prank experience, and you can mislead your friends by sending Loofamai prank links.

Please note: It is advisable not to send these prank links to those who do not understand jokes.

How to install Loofamai

Step 01 – First, you need to download zJailbreak or Xabsi or iExtras from above installation buttons to your iOS device.

Step 02 – Find loofamai app and Tap on it to install. Select your device model.

Step 03 – Click install —->Allow—> Install—> Enter your passcode—> Install—> Done.

Step 04 – Now you should have the Loofamai app on your device homescreen.

How to mislead your friends by sending Loofamai prank links?
  • Share the prank app links with your friends.
  • Share Loofamai pranks as the Videos.
  • Share Loofamai pranks via Tweets.
  • Share Loofamai pranks through Facebook.

We recommend testing pranks on your device before sending them to your friends.

Popular Loofamai pranks

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Touch ID plus
Camera Updater
News Plus
App Uninstaller
Free iTunes
Loofamai AWC

More Loofamai PranksApps

Apple store pranks vs Loofamai pranks

  • Loofamai has the most advanced prank app collection, and you cannot get Loofamai prank experience from Apple store pranks.
  • Most of the Apple store prank apps are not free, but Loofamai prank apps are totally free.
  • You should check device compatibility before installing Apple store prank apps, but Loofamai prank apps are working on all iOS versions and all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.
  • No need to install Loofamai prank app on victim iPhone, just send a prank link to your victim iPhone through iMessage or any message service.