Dream store

Dream Store is the third party customized theme platform for latest iOS versions and devices. It is an alternative for Cydia DreamBoard which is you can customize your iOS interface.
Currently Cydia DreamBoard is not working on latest iOS versions. Therefore DreamStore would be the best replacement for Cydia DreamBoard. Install awesome Dream store themes for iOS 11 & higher versions.It is compatible with all latest iOS versions such as  iOS 11.4.1 beta & iOS 11.4, iOS 11.3.1 and iOS 11.3.
Windows Mobile
Man Animator
Golden Rings
Blue Eyes
Color Wall
Blue Angel
Pop circle bubble
Laughing Man
Night Mirror
Moving clock
Light Express5
Sea Waves

How to add Dream Store Themes

Install Dream Store
Dream Store is exclusive on zJailbreak, Xabsi or iExtras app stores. You can select one app store from these three app stores.
iOS root access does not matter for Dream store. Both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users can install Dream store very easily and within few minutes.
There are large numbers of themes collection available at this time on Dream store. So you can customize your iOS interface with Dream store themes more than you imagine.
Step Guide
Step 01 - Install any app manager to your device using above buttons.
Step 02 - Go to zJailbreak/Xabsi/iExtras app and Tap on Dream store app.
Step 03 - Then tap on Install ---> Allow ---> Install ---> Enter Passcode ---> Install ---> Done
Step 04 - You have successfully installed Dream store. Check device homescreen for zJailbreak Dream store. Now you can install zJailbreak themes for interface customization.
Available Themes on Dream Store
Following themes are available with Dream store. Users can launch these themes for all iOS versions and models. Theme launchers makes your iPhone look visually different from the stock iPhone look.
Themes can include custom app icons, wallpapers, etc. It can make your iPhone look completely different. As an example, you can add Windows Mobile theme as follows through your iOS device.
Step 01 - Go to Dream Store. If you have not install dream Store yet, install according to above guide.
Step 02 - Tap on Windows Mobile.
Step 03 - Now tap on Install --> Allow --> Install --> Enter Passcode --> Install --> Done.
Step 04 - Now Windows Mobile app has installed on your device. Launch Windows Mobile app from your device homescreen.

Advantage of Dream store

Disadvantages of Dream store

Cydia Dream board only for jailbroken users but Dream store for both jailbroken and Non-jailbroken devices.
zJailbreak/xabsi/iExtras compatible with all latest iOS versions.
Dream store themes are free of cost.
Some of the Dream store themes may not fit your high-resolution iOS devices.
Dream store is not 100% alternative for Cydia dream board. So you cannot get most of the advanced features with Dream store.
Dream store only has some basic functions, and you cannot modify or customize default interface with dream store.
Install awesome Dream store themes for all latest iOS versions such as iOS 12 /iOS 12.0.1 & iOS 12.1 / iOS 12.1.1.
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Dream store