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Install iPhone themes for iOS 15 and higher versions

    Install iPhone themes for iOS 15 – iOS 15.8.2

    There are many ways to install iPhone themes for iOS 15 and higher versions up to iOS 15.8.2. It is not a secret that no jailbreak tool is available for iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2. But you can use the following alternative methods to install iPhone themes to your device without iPhone jailbreak.

    Here are the jailbreak alternatives to install iPhone themes for iOS 15 and higher versions. All the following methods can be considered as NO PC jailbreak methods.

    • Zeon

    The Zeon app has two ways to install themes. You can install iPhone themes from the Zeon app.  Zeon app also provides Zeon repo extracting method. Download and install Zeon app on your iPhone running iOS 15 and higher versions.

    Step Guide

    • Hexxa Plus

    You can install iPhone themes from the Hexxa Plus App. It offers two ways. One is directly from the Hexxa Plus app. Other way is the Hexxa Plus repo extracting method.

    Step Guide

    • Zylon

    Zylon is community based development. You can install iPhone themes for iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2 devices using Zylon. Click on the following download button to install Zylon. Then you can install iOS themes.

    Step Guide

    • zJailbreak Pro

    zJailbreak is an upgraded version of the zJailbreak app store. zJailbreak Pro released targeting iOS 15 and higher versions. Click on the following zJailbreak Pro download button. Then you can install many iPhone Themes from zJailbreak Pro app store.

    Step Guide

    • TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak

    TiJong Xūnǐ is a virtual Jailbreak method. You can jailbreak your device virtually to install virtual Cydia. TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak offers to install iPhone themes from virtual Cydia 2 app. First of all it needs to download the TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak from following button.

    Step Guide

    Refer the following latest jailbreak pages to get more details about installing jailbreak apps and theme apps without jailbreaking your iPhone.

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    iOS 16.1 – iOS 16.1.2 Jailbreak

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    Best iPhone theme Stores for iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2

    Zylon Theme – Zylon community based development offers world`s best iOS theme collection for latest iPhones. You can find Dark themes, 3D themes and popular themes from Zylon. More than 60 Zylon themes are ready to download. Download Zylon for more themes.

    Most Popular Zylon Themes
    • Wording
    • Coedo
    • Grean iOS
    • iAtomic
    • Dreams
    • Sharp eye

    Ela Theme – It can get more than 70 + awesome iPhone themes from Ela Theme store. Most popular Ela themes are available to install on your iOS 15, iOS 15.1, iOS 15.2, iOS 15.3, iOS 15.4, iOS 15.4.1, iOS 15.5,  iOS 15.6, iOS 15.6.1, iOS 15.7, iOS 15.7.1, iOS 15.7.2, iOS 15.7.3, iOS 15.7.4, iOS 15.7.5, iOS 15.7.6, iOS 15.7.7, iOS 15.7.8, iOS 15.7.9, iOS 15.8, iOS 15.8.1, iOS 15.8.2 iPhones. Exclusively available on Zeon app store

    Most Popular Ela Themes
    • 14 Dark Theme
    • 16 Bit Theme
    • Allegro Theme
    • Android Theme
    • Atomic Theme
    • Birdy Theme

    iNifty – You can install iOS themes from iNifty with ease. iNifty iOS Themes have been categorized under a few categories. You can easily find and install 3D themes, Popular themes, Dark themes and more from iNifty. Zeon Repo extractor allows you to download iNifty themes just for free.

    Most Popular iNifty Themes
    • Black Boom
    • SideBox 3D
    • Ace N iOS
    • Dent
    • Candy
    • Wood Fusion

    Dream Store –  Super simple themes are available under the Dream store. DreamStore is a real alternative for DreamBoard. You can use DreamStore to install themes to your latest iPhones running iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2 because of not working DreamBoard with latest versions. You can download Dream Store Theme from the Hexxa Plus app store.

    Most Popular Dream Store Themes
    • Pointview
    • iOrange
    • Iceberg
    • Pearl Effect
    • Raizer
    • Autumn

    Googios – Googios provides a theme collection for iPhone theme lovers. iPhone running iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2 users can use Googios theme collection to customize their latest iPhones without jailbreaking. zJailbreak Pro app store allows you to download Googios themes.

    Most Popular Googios Themes
    • Googfire
    • GoogCirculator
    • Color Triangle
    • Color Box
    • Colored Spaces
    • 3D Earth

    iFaceSkins – iFaceSkins is a better place to get an awesome theme collection for your latest iPhones running iOS 15 and higher. You can get brand new theme experience with iFaceSkins for FaceBook app. Zeon and Hexxa Plus apps help you to download the iFaceSkins customization app.

    Most Popular iFaceSkins Themes
    • Face PopUp
    • Red Hearts
    • Eye
    • White Diomond
    • Magic Box
    • Ribbon

    Refer Following pages for more information.

    iOS 15.8 – iOS 15.8.2 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.7 – iOS 15.7.9 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.6 / iOS 15.6.1 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.5 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.4 / iOS 15.4.1 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.3 / iOS 15.3.1 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.2 / iOS 15.2.1 Jailbreak

    iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.1.1 Jailbreak

    iOS 15  Jailbreak

    How to install themes on your iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2 running iPhone?

    • Zeon

    Method 01 from Zeon

    Step 01 – Download Zeon app using the above button. Then, Open Zeon app and go to the customization section.

    Step 02 – Install any of the theme apps from there. Then you can install themes to your iPhone using themes app,

    Method 02 from Zeon Repo Extractor

    Step 01 – Open Zeon app and install Zeon Repo Extractor

    Step 02 – Open installed Zeon repo extractor. You can see many theme repositories there. Click on the selected theme. Then copy the repo URL.

    Step 03 – Open Zeon Repo Extractor again. Click on the Extract Repo. Paste the copied repo there. Extract the repo by tapping OK. Download and install it.

    • Hexxa Plus

    Method 01 from Hexxa Plus App stores

    Step 01 – First it needs to download the Hexxa Plus app. Then, open the downloaded Hexxa Plus App Stores app.

    Step 02 – Go to the Exclusives section.

    Step 03 – You can see many Hexxa Plus theme apps there. Install any number of theme apps to your iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2 iPhones.

    Method 02 from Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor

    Step 01 – Open the installed Hexxa Plus repo extractor.

    Step 02 – Click on the get repo. Choose and copy any of the theme repo url.

    Step 03 – Go to the Hexxa Plus home screen again. Click on the Extract Repo. Paste the copied repo url and click OK. 

    Step 04 – Wait for repo extracting. Then click on the download button to install the iPhone theme.

    • Zylon

    Step 01 – First, you need to download the Zylon app. After downloading the Zylon app, you must open the iOS themes category. 

    Step 02 – There are many iOS Themes under a few categories. 

    Step 03 – Just click on the install button of any theme.

    • zJailbreak Pro

    Step 01 – Download zJailbreak Pro  first. Open zJailbreak Pro app store after installing it. 

    Step 02 – Go to the customization app category. There are many iPhone themes, which are able to install iOS 15 or higher versions up to iOS 15.8.2.

    Step 03 – Tap any of zJailbreak Pro themes and install it. You can install any number of themes as you choose.

    • TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak

    Step 01 – First of all you need to download the TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak to your iOS 15 or higher version device.

    Step 02 – Open TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak and click on the jailbreak button. Finally you can download the Cydia 2 app to your iOS 15 to iOS 15.8.2 device.

    Step 03 – Open Cydia 2 app. Now you can install iOS 15 related iPhone themes from the Cydia 2 themes section.