iOS 17 Jailbreak & higher [Latest update]

iOS 17 Jailbreak & higher 

We listed iOS 17 Jailbreak tools and methods, considering popularity and trustworthiness. All methods are verified and 100% safe to install on your all latest device models. 

Just upgrade your iPhone to iOS 17 or iPad to iPadOS 17, then try the following iOS 17 jailbreak download methods to install awesome jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes. All iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3 versions are also compatible with below jailbreak methods.

Most of these solutions work with the latest iOS 17.1 – iOS 17.5 versions too. If you are on another iOS 17 higher version user, checkout the iOS 17.1-iOS 17.1.2 Jailbreak, iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.3 / iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.4/iOS 17.4.1 Jailbreak or iOS 17.5/iOS 17.5.1 Jailbreak pages for the latest jailbreak solutions.

01. Sileem Jailbreak Repo Extractor

Sileem repo extractor is the most effective jailbreak iOS 17 solution. It is a world famous iOS 16 & higher Jailbreak solution up to iOS 16.7.8. Sileem team just announced that they have upgraded it for iOS 17 final release. Basically, Sileem RE uses the repo extraction method to install 3rd party apps on iOS devices with improvements.

Sileem Repo extractor for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • Sileem is originally Japanese app and official site is
  • Sileem Jailbreak repo extractor is compatible with all iOS 17 running iPhone models including  latest iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13. Also Sileem works with all iPad models too.
  • Sileem installation process is very easy. You don’t need a Windows or Mac computer. You can install Sileem online with few taps. 
  • You can install the Cydia and Sileo version for iOS 17 extracting repo 
  • Sileem offers so many unique Jailbreak features for iOS 17 running devices such as tweaks, Themes, social media ++ apps, and many more
  • Sileem RE doesn’t affect the battery life negatively
  • It doesn’t void Apple’s warranty
  • Sileem works with the newly released minor version of iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2, iOS 17.0.3.

02. Palera1n Jailbreak

Palera1n added iOS 17 support via v2.0.0 Beta 8. So, Palera1n is the first ever iOS 17 jailbreak tool. Even Though Palera1n team successfully jailbreak the iOS 17 within 24 hours of first beta release, it took a long time to release as a public tool. Since Palera1n is based on the Checkm8 exploit, you can install only A8-A11 devices only. Unfortunately there are no A11 iPhones which are capable of running iOS 17, only available iPadOS 17 running several iPads only.

palerain Jailbreak  for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • This is an iPad jailbreak tool only. Because there are no iOS 17 compatible A11 or below iPhones. So, you can not use this as an iPhone jailbreak tool for iOS 17 and higher.
  • iPad (6th gen) (A10 chip), iPad (7th gen) (A10 chip), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd gen) (A10X chip), iPad Pro 10.5-inch (A10X chip) are only compatible with Palera1n. Other users can get  palera1n virtual. (bookmark) 
  • Palera1n team discontinued the traditional rootful jailbreaks support through this update
  • There is no official Windows version of PaleRa1n jailbreak
  • You need to put your device to DFU mode
  • You can install tweaks from Sileo, Zebra, or other package managers once you jailbreak your device using Palera1n
  • Still this is beta type jailbreak, so you can experience difficulties upon on installation

03. Redensa (Brand new)

Redensa is a brand new Jailbreak solution, which will be the first time available for iOS 17. It is different from almost every previous Jailbreak method and tools. When you install Redensa, a new iOS terminal named iTerminal will be installed along with the Redensa app. Using this iTerminal app you can perform various tasks such as installing Jailbreak apps, opening apps, changing default iOS settings not allowed by Apple by default, and even hacking 3rd party tools such as ChatGPT.

redensa for iOS 17 & higher

Step Guide

  • You need to use the iTerminal app to install jailbreak apps and perform other tasks. But don’t worry, it is super simple. Just by typing a few commands, you can do unbelievable tasks.
  • You can easily copy paste commands and follow the guides from Redensa apps.
  • Redensa is not just a Jailbreak app installation tool, you can do so many things using Redensa.
  • Redensa is compatible with all iOS 17 and higher versions for all new iPhone and iPad models
  • You don’t need third-party supportive tools such as Cydia Impactor, Trollstore, or any other software to install Jailbreak apps for your iOS 17 running device. You can do everything using the iTerminal app online.
  • Redensa is the only method in Jailbreak history that allows users to install Jailbreak apps for iOS devices using a terminal.

04. Checkra1n Mirror

Checkra1n Mirror version is released as another brand new iOS 17 jailbreak solution. It uses a slightly different method to install Cydia. During the Checkra1n mirror jailbreak process, you need to generate the Checkra1n mirror code using the CodeGen application. Then you will be allowed to run Checkra1n mirror exploit to install the Cydia Client version.

Checkra1n Mirror for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • Specially designed for iOS 17 and you can not use it on iOS 16 – iOS 16.7.7 versions
  • Checkra1n Mirror supported with iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3 too
  • Checkra1n mirror app and CodeGen app will be installed at the same time
  • Checkra1n Mirror is an alternative solution for Checkra1n Jailbreak available up to iOS 14.8.1
  • No need to put your device into DFU mode like Checkra1n semi-thethread
  • Not like Checkra1n semi-thethread, Compatible with A12+ devices too
  • Checkra1n mirror is not a iOS 17 jailbreak IPA method

05. Unc0ver Black Edition

Unc0ver Black Edition is another iOS 17 jailbreak method. iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3 also supported. The Unc0ver Black Edition worked on iOS 16 to iOS 16.7.6 running all devices as well. It is not a secret that the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool is not working beyond iOS 14.8 versions. So, we have to move to the Unc0ver Jailbreak alternative solution. After the Unc0ver Black Edition Jailbreak process, it installs Cydia 2 dark as an alternative for Cydia.

Unc0ver Black Edition for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • Unc0ver black edition will check your device compatibility before start the process
  • It will require strong internet connection during the installation process
  • No device slowness was detected /No freezing issues
  • Best alternative to Unc0ver semi-untethered jailbreak which is available up to iOS 14.8 jailbreak.
  • Unover black edition very popular among iOS 16 users because of the easy process as well as impressive black interface
  • Uncover Black edition official site is

06. Fugu17

Fugu17 released as another brand new iOS 17 Jailbreak solution. It works as an iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2  and iOS 17.0.3 jailbreak too. We all know that the Fugu jailbreak tool does not work beyond iOS 15.4.1. As a perma-signed jailbreak tool Fugu works iOS 13 – iOS iOS 15.4.1 Jailbreak. So the latest iOS version device users have to move to an alternative method. As a result, Fugu 17 was released as a brand new iOS 17 jailbreak method. 

Fugu17 jailbreak for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • Fugu 17 is a no PC online Jailbreak which is compatible with all iOS 17 – iOS 17.0.3 running iPhone
  • All the iPad models running iPadOS 17 to iPadOS 17.0.3 are supported
  • It is an online alternative solutions to fugu15 untethered Jailbreak tool 
  • You can install lite version of the popular Jailbreak app manager Sileo with Fugu 17 
  • Comparing other installation methods, Fugu17 has super simple process to follow
  • Installing Fugu 17 on your device is no risk at all, because it has no malware, adware
  • Fugu 17 does not access your file system, so no device warranty issues

07. Palera1n iOS 17 Jailbreak (virtual )

Palera1n Virtual jailbreak is another iOS 17 jailbreak solution for A12+ devices. This is a terminal based method which works with an IPSW key. Also this is the best Palera1n jailbreak alternative, because iOS 17 does not support any checkm8 devices like iPhone X. However, already the Palera1n team jailbreak iPadOS 17. It can be installed on iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3.

 Palera1n iOS 17 virtual  jailbreak

Step Guide

  • Palera1n Virtual is not a semi-tethered jailbreak tool. It is just a jailbreak solution to install Sileo on iOS 17 running the latest devices
  • You don’t need PC support to install Palera1n virtual, its online tool
  • It will install the both Terminal & Palera1n IPSW File to start the jailbreak process
  • You need to match the IPSW key specific to your device to run the process
  • No need Apple ID or Password, just enter your device passcode
  • When comparing with Palera1n jailbreak tool, Palera1n virtual has very easy installation process

08. Zeon Jailbreak Repo Extractor

Zeon jailbreak repo extractor has more experience. It is a jailbreak solution that has worked well since iOS 14. Zeon was compatible with the best iOS 15 and higher jailbreak solutions up to iOS 15.8.2. Also Zeon works well on iOS 16 to iOS 16.7.6 versions for third party app installation. The Zeon team has confirmed that the Zeon repo extractor has been improved, incorporating iOS 17 jailbreak features.

Zeon Repo extractor for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • Zeon will install iOS 17 Jailbreak related apps by extracting Zeon repos
  • It was possible to install Cydia and Sileo lite versions
  • Zeon is one of the best iOS 17 jailbreak no computer method
  • This is the most trustworthy repo extractor, it was since iOS 14
  • is official site
  • You can easily install Zeon with simple steps using your device passcode, even uninstall
  • Zeon offer various categories of 3rd party apps like themes, shortcuts, ++ apps, emulators, games and many more 

 09. Hacksn0w Semi-Jailbreak

Hacksn0w Semi-Jailbreak is another latest jailbreak solution introduced in iOS 16. It worked as a best Jailbreak solution for iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3. Speciality of Hacksn0w is users can choose and install any Cydia or Sileo alternative app managers. All the third party alternative app managers have listed under Hacksn0w Semi-Jailbreak method.

Hacksn0w Semi-Jailbreak for iOS 17

Step Guide

  • After the Hacksn0w jailbreak process, it will install Cydia, Cydia 2, Cydia Black and Sileo according to your choice
  • 100% online jailbreak method and don’t need a MAC or windows support
  • No battery drain issues reported since iOS 16
  • No need for advanced knowledge for installing or uninstalling hacksnow
  • Hacksnow will automatically check your device compatibility
  • It’s not a system rooted jailbreak method

10. Dopamine17 online jailbreak ( Brand New Method )

Dopamine17 online jailbreak released as a brand new iOS 17 jailbreak solution with the release of iOS 17 beta 6. Dopamine17 Online Jailbreak Solution is only available for iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 & iOS 17.0.3 users. Two alternative app managers can be installed such as Sileo and Zebra with Dopamine17.

Dopemine17 Online Jailbreak for iOS 17
  • Check internet connection before starting the installation, strong connection required
  • No error has been reported upto now, however still developing team closely monitoring
  • You can not install this Dopamine 17 with TrollStore like original one
  • You can not install Cydia with dopamine17 online tool
  • No need to install additional softwares make it usable like Dopamine original

11. TiJong Xuni Jailbreak

Tijong Xuni is a reliable jailbreak solution used since iOS 15. Now it is a successful iOS jailbreak solution for iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2, iOS 17.0.3 too. It is a famous virtual jailbreak for a long time. It is originally in Chinese development and English versions are also available. Tijong Xuni installs Cydia 2 as an alternative for Cydia. 

TiJong Xuni Jailbreak for iOS 17

Step guide

  • Cydia 2 will be installed after the jailbreak process is completed
  • Install customized themes, tweaks, system tweaks and more 
  • Chinese, Japanese and English versions are available
  • Tijong v5.1.1 is the latest version, Make sure to download the latest version always
  • It’s not needed any sideload utility support to install or run TiJong Xuni
  • is the official site
  • Your iPhone or iPad won’t get Stuck after Virtual Jailbreaking

12. Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak

Cheyote rootless jailbreak tool will be released from iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 versions. Coolstar will release it soon. Until then, the Cheyote virtual jailbreak solution was introduced for iOS 16 and higher versions as an alternative solution. It can be considered as the best solution not only for iOS 16 + versions, but also for iOS 17 and higher versions.The Cheyote virtual jailbreak worked well on the latest iOS 17.0.3 and was compatible with previous iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1 and iOS 17.0.2 versions as well.

Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak for iOS 17
  • All the latest iPhones and iPads running are compatible
  • iOS 16 and higher versions are compatible with Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak
  • All the iOS 17 and higher versions are supported
  • Sileo Lite can be installed after the Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak process
  • Sileo that can be downloaded from Cheyote Virtual jailbreak is not a fully functional
  • Sileo is not a fully functional  which you can download through this method
  • It can be used as alternative solution for Cheyote Jailbreak tool
  • Sileo lite offer to install themes such as Ela, Inifty, Allegro any more themes
  • Reboot Required to complete the Cheyote jailbreak process

13. KFD Jailbreak app installer

KFD ( kernel File Descriptor ) is an exploit to read and write kernel memory on latest iDevices from iOS 16 to iOS 16.5 including iOS 16.6 beta 1. It is not a secret that KFD Exploit does not work with iOS 17 and higher versions. Meanwhile, KFD Jailbreak App Installer is released as a KFD alternative for iOS 17 and higher. iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3 versions Partially supported with KFD Jailbreak app installer. 

KFD Jailbreak App installer for iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.3

Step Guide

  • It is a partial alternative solution to exploit KFD
  • Partially support for iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.3 versions
  • It is available many partially supported iPAs under KFD
  • Cluckabunga iPA is available under KFD jailbreak app installer
  • More than 10 KFD iPAs are ready to download from KFD jailbreak app installer
  • Need to verify KFD apps before using
  • removing KFD Jailbreak app installer is possible any time you want without upgrading device version
  • Device warranty will never be removed by installing KFD Jailbreak app installer

FAQs about iOS 17 Jailbreak

Bootstrap semi jailbreak is working with iOS 17?

Yes, now Procursus-based Bootstrap semi jailbreak is available for modern devices like  A8 to A17, including M1 and M2 chips. With the support of Bootstrap semi jailbreak, users can install Jailbreak tweaks using Sileo or Zebra on iOS 17 running modern devices.

Read more about Bootstrap semi jailbreak.

Is there a safari-based jailbreak available for iOS 17? 

There is no public release yet. Recently, developer @po6ix shared a demonstration on their GitHub page for CVE-2023-41993, a vulnerability in WebKit. 

The code demonstrates the fundamental methods to activate the WebKit vulnerability. If exploited, this vulnerability grants complete control over the web content process. It could potentially be combined with other exploits, like a kernel exploit or a PPL bypass, to create a jailbreak that can be initiated directly from Safari.

Does Misaka work with iOS 17?

Yes, Misaka Tweak manager added iOS 17 jailbreak support via  v3.0 update. Also extended support up to iOS 17.2. Misaka has a massive tweak collection that you can install without jailbreaking your device. Misaka works with every iOS 17-iOS 17.0.3 running device model including iPhone 15. It gets support from the Dirtyc0w exploit as well as KFD exploit.

Misaka for iOS 17

Note – Misaka IPA will get updates frequently adding tweaks support; now it has v8.2.1 version too. So it is recommended to always use the latest download link through Discord. Otherwise it won’t work.

  • Misaka compatible with older iOS 15-iOS 16.5, iOS 16.6 Beta 1 too 
  • Incorporated the Runestone code editor, which offers language-specific syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and Undo/Redo capabilities.
  • Developers have the capability to make custom adjustments and extensions using JavaScript through the on-device Runestone code editor, which includes language-specific syntax highlighting and various other valuable features.
  • No jailbreak detection in place when using Misaka to install tweaks, ensuring that apps won’t block you due to jailbreak status
  • Misaka Tweak collection updated time to time because developers adding new features

Is TrollStore 2 available for iOS 17?

Yes, TrollStore 2.0 update added support for iOS 17. Also added support for iOS 15.5 – 16.6.1 versions too. TrollStore apps stay signed forever, so users don’t have to re-sign them every week. Download TrollStore2 and refer to more details from here.

What is FridaRootManager v2?

It is a newly released semi jailbreak method developed by @SeanIsTethered. According to developer Requires to setup TrollStore on your device to use FridaRootManager. You can download FridaRootManager from the developer discord channel. Once you complete the process, you will get the Cydia ripoff known as Sileo.

Is iOS 17 Untethered Jailbreak available right now?

Currently there is no Untethered, Semi untethered or tethered Jailbreak is not available for iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, iOS 17.0.2 or iOS 17.0.3 running iPhones. You can only install Jailbreak features from Jailbreak repo extractors and installing Jailbreak app managers such as Cydia 2, Sileo lite from Virtual and online Jailbreak methods. However there is Jailbreak available for iOS 17 – iOS 17.1 running A10/A11 iPads.

What is the difference between Untethered Jailbreak and Jailbreak repo extraction and virtual jailbreak methods?

You cannot break the iOS system root from jailbreak repo extraction and virtual jailbreak tools. So you cannot install almost every old Jailbreak feature without Untethered Jailbreak.

What is the highest iOS, Untethered  jailbreak available ?

Palera1n Semi-tethered jailbreak tool has been released up to iOS 17.1, but only iPads. So technically that is iOS 16.7.5.

If you are using a higher version than that, the only option is applying jailbreak solutions to install jailbreak apps. You can find them from this page.

Should I wait for Untethered  jailbreak or use the above tools methods?

We recommend you to try the iOS 17 Jailbreak app installation method because there is no guaranteed untethered  jailbreak release date.

Is jailbreaking risky to my device?

Untethered, Semi Untethered Jailbreak breaks the system root of your device. According to experts it may be risky and void your device warranty. But to overcome this you can restore your device to remove jailbreak. 

On the other hand, if you can install jailbreak apps without breaking the system root. So why do we jailbreak your device and lose the Apple warranty? Refer to this page carefully and get the best and reliable iOS 17 jailbreak solution to install jailbreak apps and tweaks on your iPhone.

Can the above Jailbreak solution be compatible for the latest iPhone 15 devices?

Yes. Almost every above tool is compatible with iPhone 15, iPhone 15 pro, iPhone 15 pro max devices.

There are several iOS 17 Jailbreak solutions. How can I choose the best one? 

We recommend you to install almost every one to find the best solution. You can download almost every tool from our pangu8 app manager.

Can I get iOS 17 features to my iOS 16/15 devices without upgrading it?

You can install some features from above Jailbreak solutions. However if you are not an iOS 17 user all of the above download links may not be compatible with your iOS version.

We recommend visiting the following links.

iOS 16.6, iOS 16.6.1 Jailbreak

iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak

iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 Jailbreak

iOS 16.2 Jailbreak

iOS 16.1 – iOS 16.1.2 Jailbreak

TheRealClarity / wtfis Untethered Jailbreak is compatible with iOS 17?

Not at all, if it is released very recently, it cannot be used for the latest iOS versions. It is iOS 8- iOS 8.4.1 64-bit Jailbreak. Refer iOS 8.4- iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak page for more details.

Is there any new Jailbreak called saiGon Jailbreak for iOS 17?

No, it is a Vietnamese jailbreak for iOS 12.4 – iOS 15.7.3 (arm64) devices. According to Reddit it has  no English localization and the developer has no intention to release it publicly. So just ignore it.

Can I install Winterboard, Dreamboard or anemone for my iOS 17 running device?

Unfortunately you cannot download these old iOS theme managers for iOS 17, but you can install so many themes from new iOS 17 Jailbreak solutions such as iDiy themes, Ela themes and dreamstore.

Are all of the above methods compatible with iPadOS 17?

Yes, all of the above iOS 17 Jailbreak solutions are compatible with iPads. However some Jailbreak features are specially designed for iPhone screen sizes.

Some iOS 17 Jailbreak solutions have not been listed in the above list. Why?

We list jailbreak solutions, considering many factors such as iOS 17 compatibility, device safety, and security. All of the above tools have been tested by us before listing them on this web page. We have removed some jailbreak methods that can harm devices, for example, displaying high-risk ads like calendar spam, which can threaten your privacy, etc.