Install and Jailbreak iOS 15 before everyone else

iOS 15 & Jailbreak

cRun iOS 15 ++ right now and Feel the virtual iOS 15 Jailbreak before everyone else. Or you can feel the iOS 15 using your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 15 ++

iOS 15 ++ is a web-based operating system that you can install as an app. Then you can Jailbreak iOS 15 ++ and install Cydia to experience iOS 15 and iOS 15 Jailbreak.


Just download iOS 15 ++ from the following links. There are three iOS 15 ++ versions available right now.


iOS 15++ with virtual Uncover Jailbreak (Download and Install)

How to jailbreak with Unc0ver (Step guide)

iOS 15++ with virtual Checkra1n Jailbreak (Download and Install)

How to jailbreak with Checkra1n (Step guide)

iOS 15++ with virtual MarronJB (Download and Install)

How to jailbreak with MarronJB (Step guide)

Please note – All of the iOS 15++ apps and Jailbreak apps are virtual. These Jailbreak apps don’t Jailbreak your current iOS version. They only Jailbreak iOS 15 ++ virtually and install a web-based Cydia. You can only install limited functions to this iOS 15 ++ from this web-based Cydia.

Please refer to the following pages if you want real Jailbreak for your current iOS version.

iOS 14.6 jailbreak (beta)

iOS 14.5 / iOS 14.5.1 jailbreak

iOS 14.3 – iOS 14.4.2 Jailbreak

iOS 14.2 Jailbreak

iOS 14 – iOS 14.1 Jailbreak

How to install iOS 15 ++ and Jailbreak with virtual unc0ver

Step 01 – Visit this page from your iPhone. Tap the above iOS 15++ with virtual Uncover Jailbreak link. 

Step 02 – It will ask to download the configuration profile to your device. Go ahead with the Allow button.

Step 03 – Once you tap the allow button, the profile will be downloaded to the device settings. Go to Settings tab > Tap on the downloaded profile.

Step 04 – It will ask you to install iOS 15 ++ app. Tap the install and provide the passcode. Then confirm the installation Tapping the install button. Finally, tap the done button.

step 05 – Now you have to install the iOS 15++ app on your iPhone.

Step 06 – Open the installed iOS 15 ++ app.

Step 07 – Go to the third page of the iOS 15 ++ app. There is an inbuilt unc0ver app. Tap to open.

Step 08 – Then tap the Unc0ver jailbreak button to jailbreak iOS 15++ virtually. Then close the popup messages and go to the third page of the iOS 15++ app again.

Step 09 – Now you can see the virtual Cydia app on iOS 15 ++ app.

Step 10 – Open Cydia and install jailbreak apps to your current iOS version.

How to install iOS 15 ++ and Jailbreak with virtual Checkra1n

You can install iOS 15 from above “iOS 15++ with virtual Checkra1n Jailbreak” link and follow the above same install guide. The only difference is instead of Unc0ver, you will see the Checkra1n inbuilt app.

How to jailbreak iOS 15 ++ with virtual MarronJB

Tap the above iOS 15++ with virtual MarronJB link to install iOS 15. Use the same guide above. It will show the MarronJB app instead of uncover.

iPadOS 15 jailbreak  – Still there is no virtual iPadOS 15 jailbreak. iOS 15 ++ developers will develop iPadOS 15 ++ soon with virtual Jailbreak support to install Cydia virtually.

Also, you will be able to download the virtual jailbreak for iPhone 13 devices with Unc0ver, Checkra1n Jailbreak support after the release of iPhone 13. Most probably, Apple will release a few iPhone 13 models such as iPhone 13, iPhone mini and iPhone 13 pro along with iOS 15.

iOS 15 Concepts

We are excited to announce Pangu8 iOS 15 Web based Simulator. It is trying to visualize the future of iOS 15. These iOS 15 concepts are based on the minimalistic design focusing on the essential. 

You can feel the upcoming iOS features through iOS 15 simulator to get realistic experience.

Experience iOS 15 features right now!

Watch the following video for more details.

Here are iOS 15 conceptional features you can experience through simulator. Select features from the drop down menu and Click the relevant feature tab.

Organized Homescreen –  Apple has mostly unchanged the home screen since its beginning. Apple should bring new elements and a fresh look to iOS 15. Just check how it looks through iOS 15 simulator. It brought completely redesigned widgets live on your Home screen alongside apps.

Switch Account – Switch between accounts quickly without signing out and back in again. Just click the log out from the home button and provide a password (Switch Account PW – iOS 15) and click on the arrow to switch the account.

Redesigned Control Centre – Control centre has been redesigned. The Control Center comes with rounded buttons and redesigned toggles for Sound and Display settings. Music in the Control Center is enlarged. It looks more attractive with the iOS 15 simulator.

Split view – Split view will be added to iOS 15 to run two apps at the same time. Split view is the best way to side by side Browsing & Faster Multitasking will be optimized for your screen. This is ideal for the plus size iPhones as well as iPads. Perceived split view with iOS 15 simulator.

Wallpapers – Apple was not interested in new wallpapers and they barely added a few  for the stock wallpapers. But iOS 15 will add more colorful wallpapers. Go to iOS 15 simulator and just click on the wallpaper tab. You can apply the available wallpapers and have a look.

New Themes – iOS themes also not changed much since a long time and most people used jailbreak to add custom themes on iPhone or iPad. Apple will change the iOS theme with this new release. Check out our New Theme tab for the unique and custom iOS 15 theme. 

Theme 5 icons dock –  There are four icons on the dock. But users are interested in Five Icon Dock. It was a long overdue feature and the only way to get it was through jailbreak up to now. Five Icon Dock, FiveDock13 & FloatingDock are the most popular Jailbreak tweaks. So, it might be added to the iOS 15. We have added the 5 icons dock to iOS 15 simulator. 

Settings  – Apple will add new changes to the settings apps in iOS 15. You can experience many option changes in the settings app with iOS 15 simulator.  On & off toggles, go back options, custom settings for the many options work in the settings. Just scroll down on the settings to try and feel the difference.

Duel iCloud  – Dual iCloud accounts on iOS devices is a must have feature. Apple has not introduced this feature up to now. iOS 15 simulator lets you experience dual iCloud accounts feature. Just open the iOS 15  Simulator  and then go to the settings tab. There you can see the dual iCloud account feature.

Mode (Settings) –  If we can change our device font color, how would it feel? There is an additional feature on iOS simulator which is you can change settings mode as well as change font color. Tap the Mode (Settings) through iOS 15 simulator to apply this feature.

Voice assistant change – Most people are familiar with different voice assistants such as Alexa. It will be more convenient if we can change another voice assistant instead of Siri. iOS 15 simulator will give you the chance to select the other voice assistant such as google, Alexa, bixby.

Notification –  Notifications will get a big refresh in iOS 15. It will become even more powerful and customizable. Have a look on iOS 15 simulator how they appear on the home screen / Lock screen. Also, it has added.several changes to notification settings.

Lock Apps – The App Lock feature has been available for several years on other smartphones. But iOS has no direct lock app feature. iOS 15 will add a feature lock for each app with Face ID or Touch ID to protect your personal data. iOS 15 simulator added Face ID and Health app to go trial.

iOS 15 and Jailbreak release date

We can assume that iOS 15 beta 1 will be released by Apple at WWDC 2021 on June 7- 8th. Final iOS 15 will be released in mid of September as well. Apple will release iPadOS 15, macOS 12, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 on the same day along with iOS 15 at the event. According to Apple, WWDC 2021 will be held from June 7 through June 11 in an all-online format.

However Semi untethered Jailbreak will be a big challenge for iOS 15 because of the improvement of Apple’s privacy and security updates.

Apple focus more about Privacy and security updates

Apple will mostly focus on privacy principles.

Apple will improve the security features on iOS 15 to prevent iOS 15 Jailbreak too.

  • Install Security updates separately – Allow users to choose between installing all updates or just security updates. Most users are unlikely to upgrade the latest versions. This will allow users to get security patches and bug fixes without having to install the latest iOS version available.

  • Apple may drop iOS 15 support for the older A9/A10 devices to patch the Checkra1n exploit. Otherwise they will add more security patches. Already iOS 14 running A11 devices are also partially supported with Checkra1n.

iOS 15 New Features

Get iOS 15 features with jailbreak right now

Tritium / AOD – Even Always-on display is an upcoming feature of iOS 15, it is not a new functionality for jailbreak lovers. Tritium and AOD are jailbreak tweaks to bring always on display function for jailbroken devices. 

LockWidgets – LockWidgets is an awesome jailbreak tweak to add your favourite widget on your Lock screen. Widgets on the Lock screen is going to be introduced by Apple as a new iOS 15 feature. However, LockWidgets Jailbreak tweak have given this experience for jailbroken devices before them. 

Messages++ – Messages++ was a Cydia tweak bring enhancement for Messages apps. This tweak gives advanced enhancements and features for Messages apps. So, it can get Enhancement to iMessage functionality for iOS 15 users same as jailbreak lovers. 

CallBar XS – CallBar XS is a jailbreak tweak which allows you to share a Facetime screen. Screen sharing with FaceTime is a new upcoming iOS 15 feature. However this feature already has applied for jailbroken devices using CallBar XS jailbreak tweak. 

Abstergo – Better Notification Management is one of the brand new iOS 15 features, which is going to be introduced by Apple. However, Abstergo Cydia tweak gives the same feature for jailbroken devices earlier. 

FloatingDockPlus / SideBySide – FloatingDockPlus jailbreak app gives split view as well as slide view multi tasking to your jailbroken devices. SideBySide is another jailbreak tweak that brings a split screen multitasking environment for jailbreak devices.  Even jailbreak lovers experience this functionality with  FloatingDockPlus and SideBySide jailbreak tweaks, it will be a brand new feature for iOS 15 users.

Cydia on iOS 15 ++

You can download web-based Cydia on iOS 15 ++ app using 3 different virtual jailbreaks such as Unc0ver, Checkra1n and MarronJB. Once you jailbreak your iOS 15++ version, it will automatically install Cydia on iOS 15++.

iOS 15 ++ virtual Cydia consists of popular jailbreak apps, jailbreak tweaks, theme apps, computer OSes, ++ apps and more features. You can install any number of jailbreak apps to your current iOS version using the virtual Cydia app. However, all the Cydia functions may not work with this virtual Cydia. 

It offers Jailbreak apps & tweaks on many categories. 

Theme apps – You can install many themes to experience the iOS 15 new themes. 

iOS Launchers –  Launcher brings its powerful widgets to your iPhone.

Computer OSes – You can run computer OS & simulators through your iPhone. 

Shortcut tweaks  –  Install the most popular shortcut tweaks available on Cydia. 

Games – You can install Games apps on your device through virtual Cydia.

Who will release iOS 15 semi-untethered Jailbreak 1st?

Unc0ver Jailbreak – Unc0ver is the most reliable jailbreak tool continuously upgraded since iOS 11. This is currently available up to iOS 14.3 Jailbreak on all device models including iPhone 12 models. On the other hand, developer Pwn20wnd is a prominent member of the Jailbreak community. He is always working on new techniques, exploits. So most probably pwn20wnd will upgrade Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 15 first. 

Taurine Jailbreak – Taurine Jailbreak is another newly released semi-untethered Jailbreak for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3. This is also constantly updated jailbreak under different names from iOS 11. Coolstar and the Odyssey team developed this tool. Previously it was available as Odyssey for iOS 13 – iOS 13.7, Chimera for iOS 12 – iOS 12.5.2 & Electra for iOS 11 – iOS 11.4.1. In addition, Cool star is a member of the SIleo team. Sileo is the modern package manager for Jailbroken devices. It is also a continuously updated jailbreak tool since iOS 11. When we go through these facts he also updates the iOS 15 jailbreak tool. However according to their Jailbreak tool releasing pattern he will release iOS 15 Jailbreak tool from different name.

Manticore Jailbreak – Manticore is an upcoming Jailbreak based on the cicuta_virosa kernel exploit. The Manticore project is developed by Rpwnage, Cpwn, Xerus, Fugiefire. It will be planned to release the option to select one as your choice for the very first time. So it will add all Cydia, Sileo, Installer and Zebra package managers. Work is still ongoing and going to be released for iOS 14 & higher versions as the first step. Still we can not confirm how stable this tool is. Sometimes Manticore Jailbreak will upgrade for iOS 15 Jailbreak  too.