Velonzy online guide

Velonzy online guide

Step 01 – Click here to get free Velonzy Access. Then tap “Register UDID” button.

Step 02 – Just register your UDID to the Velonzy database.

For that, click on “Install UDID Submitter” —> Allow —> Install—> Enter Passcode —> Install.

Step 03 – Tap on “Install Now”—> Allow—> install —> passcode —> install —> Done to install Velonzy Jailbreak app installer.

Step 04 – Now you have successfully installed Velonzy using an online method.

After installing Velonzy to your device, you can install many jailbreak apps on your iOS 11+ devices. You can follow the guide below. 

Velonzy Online method to install jailbreak apps

Step 01 – Click “Install UDID Submitter” to submit your UDID to Velonzy database. 

Step 02 – Tap the Install Now button and continue the instructions. 

Step 03 – Now you have completed the Velonzy Online installation.  

Step 04 – Open Velonzy app. Find any jailbreak app, which you want to install. 

Step 05 – Click the Generate Code to copy it. Paste the code on Velonzy app installer and Provide the device passcode. 

Step 06 – Now you have successfully installed jailbreak apps to your devices using Velonzy. 

Note –  It needs to trust the developer profile for some apps, before running it.