iPhone 15 Jailbreak [Latest]

iPhone 15 Jailbreak

iPhone 15 jailbreak is the latest trend now. Here we shared Jailbreak iPhone 15 possibility, available Jailbreak solutions and all other information.  

iPhone 15, Phone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the latest additions to iPhone. Apple announced these latest models with the Apple A16 Bionic chip and A17 Pro chip at the iOS 17 launch event  on 2023, Sep 12, 2023.

Are there iPhone 15 jailbreak tools available ?

Not yet. Still you can not jailbreak iOS 17 and higher running all device models. Even though Palera1n Jailbreak is available up to iOS 17.3.1 running A10/A11 devices, there are no iOS 17-iOS 17.3.1 compatible  iPhones. It has iPadOS 17- 17.3.1 compatible A10/A11 iPads only. So basically you can jailbreak iPads only. Accordingly you can not jailbreak iPhone 15 series too.

But don’t worry, you can use a jailbreak alternative solution on all iPhone 15, Phone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. These jailbreak solutions let you install jailbreak tweaks, apps, themes, emulators and many more.

Most popular jailbreak alternative for iPhone 15

1. Sileem Repo extractor

Sileem is a popular jailbreak repo extractor which was introduced with iOS 16. Now it is compatible up to iOS 17.3.1  running all device models including iPhone 15. Even the latest iOS 17.4, iOS 17.4.1, iOS 17.5, iOS 17.5.1, iOS 17.6 beta, iOS 18 beta. are also supported. Sileem lets you install any jailbreak tweaks, Themes, Siri shortcuts, Hacked/ cracked games, 3rd party app stores on your latest iPhone 15.

Sileem Repo extractor for iPhone 15

Step guide

  • No PC jailbreak (online ) method, Windows/Mac no required
  • iOS 17 to iOS 17.4.1 Jailbreak app installation is possible on your iPhone 15. Latest iOS 17.5.1 is also supported. Even it supports iOS 17.6 Jailbreak (Beta) & iOS 18 Jailbreak (Beta).
  • It install jailbreak apps/tweaks on iPhone 15 using repo extraction method
  • Cydia lite, SIleo lite repos also available to install 
  • It did not affect your latest iPhone 15 warranty.
  • Sileem has wide range of  iOS customization apps, tweaked apps, social media ++ apps, and many more
  • It has English/Japanese versions

2. Chekra1n Mirror

Checkra1n Mirror is another best jailbreak alternative for iOS 17 as well as iPhone 15 models. It uses a bit of a different method, you need to create Checkrain Mirror code using the code gen app. All guidance is provided to run the process smoothly on A16 devices and A17 devices.

Checkra1n Mirror for iPhone 15

Step guide

  • Cydia Client will install finally for jailbreak app installation (limited functional)
  • Checkra1n Mirror app / Code Gen app will be installed on iPhone 15
  • Installation/uninstallation process is very simple
  • It is an alternative to Checkra1n semi-tethered jailbreak
  • You don’t need to put your iPhone 15 into DFU mode
  • No need Sideloadly, AltStore or any other sideloading utility support


3. Hacksnow

Hacksn0w is a semi-jailbreak where you can install all package managers with limited features. Hacksnow released for iOS 16 for the first time. Since then it has been upgraded for every iOS version as well as every latest iPhone. You can install jailbreak tweaks, apps on iPhone 15 models using Hacksn0w.

Hacksnow  for iPhone 15

Step guide

  • Cydia, Cydia 2, Cydia Black and Sileo or Zebra can be choose
  • This is online semi Jailbreak solution you can install Apps, tweaks through package manager
  • No virus/Malware/adware or any suspicious activity
  • It does not freeze or brick your iPhone 15 at all
  • Installing Hacksnow doesn’t void the Apple Warranty
  • You can do this process straightforwardly without having to sideload anything using a PC.

4. Fugu17

Fugu 17 is another latest jailbreak alternative that comes with iOS 17. Now it has been upgraded for all iPhone 15  jailbreak app installations too. Jailbreak iPhone 15 using this easiest method to install various jailbreak tweaks. We assure that it’s a 100% safe and reliable solution.

Fugu17 for iPhone 15

Step guide


  • The installation procedure is uncomplicated and easy.
  • Alternative for Fugu jailbreak which was available up to iOS 15.4.1
  • Installation fugu 17 on iPhone 15 doesn’t affect the battery life negatively.
  • No need Apple ID or Password for installation or uninstallation
  • Sileo lite is the default app manager for Fugu17
  • This will never access your iPhone 15 file system

5. Palera1n Virtual Terminal jailbreak

Palera1n Virtual Terminal jailbreak is another iPhone 15 jailbreak app installation method. It is not a hard jailbreak process like untethered or semi untethered.You just need to match your iPhone 15 device IPSW key using IPSW file on terminal.

Palera1n Virtual jailbreak for iPhone 15

Step guide

  • Terminal & Palera1n IPSW File will be installed first time and Palerain loader app will be palace instead of terminal
  • This virtual jailbreak tool is secure, and its installation won’t invalidate Apple’s warranty.
  • Palera1n Virtual Terminal jailbreak is revoke-free
  • No freezing or device slowing issues after installation
  • Sileo lite finally will install on your iPhone 15, Phone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices
  • Best alternative to Palera1n Semi-tethered jailbreak tool