iPhone 13 Jailbreak

iPhone 13 Jailbreak

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini models Apple released in 2021 with iOS 15. These models come with the most powerful Apple A15 Bionic chip.

Let’s get started with Jailbreak iPhone 13. Here is the FAQ.

Is there an iPhone 13 Jailbreak available ?

iPhone 13 originally released with iOS 15 and Now it is running up to iOS 17.5.1 latest version. In this page we are discussing the iPhone 13 jailbreak availability.

Palera1n jailbreak available for iOS 15-iOS 16.4.1 and iPadOS 17-17.3.1 on A11 devices. However, jailbreak solutions are available for all iOS versions and we checked these solutions on iPhone 13 models too. Also, the Pangu team achieved iOS 15 beta 4 running iPhone 13 Pro Jailbreak already.

If you are own iPhone 13 running iOS 17 to iOS 17.5.1 version, you can get all supported jailbreak solutions or jailbreak tool list from iOS 17.5 / iOS 17.5.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.4 / iOS 17.4.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.3/iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.1 – iOS 17.1.2 Jailbreak and iOS 17 – iOS 17.0.3 Jailbreak pages. If you are on the latest iOS 18 beta or iOS 17.6 beta, refer to the iOS 18 Jailbreak (beta) page, iOS 17.6 Jailbreak (beta) or you may continue to refer to this page to check the iPhone 13 jailbreak availability.  

What are the available Jailbreak solutions?

There are several popular Jailbreak solutions available to install Jailbreak apps on iPhone 13. We have listed all the solutions below.

1. Sileem Repo Extractor

Sileem Repo Extractor is a brand new Japanese jailbreak solution. The English version of Sileem jailbreak repo extractor is available to install jailbreak apps for the iOS 16 – iOS 17.5.1 / iOS 17.6 beta / iOS 18 beta running iPhone 13 devices.

Install Sileem on iPhone 13

How to Install

  • Sileem repo extractor helps to install jailbreak apps, tweaks, system apps and many more iOS 16 to iOS 17.5.1 related jailbreak apps on your iPhone 13
  • Sileem Repo Extractor is well supported with iOS 17.6 beta and iOS 18 beta versions as well.
  • Sileem repos can be extracted on latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 running latest iOS versions
  • Sileem offers Cydia and Sileo repos to be extracted install Cydia lite and Sileo lite apps
  • Never void your iPhone 13 device warranty 
  • 100% safe method to install Jailbreak apps on iPhone 13
2. Zeon

As the most popular jailbreak solution, Zeon installs jailbreak apps, tweaks and third party apps on iPhone 13 models through Zeon Repo extractor, Zeon tweaks and direct Zeon apps.

Install Zeon on iPhone 13

How to Install

  • Zeon Repo extractor helps to install jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes on iPhone 13 by extracting zeon repos.
  • Zeon Repo extractor helps to install jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes on iPhone 13 by extracting zeon repos. Zeon works with previous iPhone devices such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.
  • Zeon brings Zeon Tweaks app to install iOS tweak shortcuts to iPhone 13 device models through Apple shortcut app.
  • Many old jailbreak apps can be installed with the Zeon app.
  • Zeon offers Cydia and Sileo (limited functional) apps to install on iPhone 13 devices. Zeon Cydia and Zeon Sileo do not offer all app features.
3. iBundles

iBundles is a collection of jailbreak related websites. You just have to register with iBundles to get instant access for 19 jailbreak related websites. Then you can download jailbreak and non jailbreak third party features from them.

iBundles on iPhone 13
  • iBundles is an awesome premium service to get the Jailbreak experience.
  • iBundles let you add jailbreak features on iPhone 13, you can access 19 different web page access to download the themes, cloud hacking method, repo extractors, third party apps, shortcut tweaks and many more.
  • No expiration, No limitations for app installation.
  • It is a paid service, click here to get free.
  • 100% safe, No malware installation, No hidden PPI or PPA installations.
4. Hexxa plus

Hexxa Plus is another jailbreak repo extractor. It has upgraded the compatibility for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini. It will be downloaded to Hexxa Plus on your iPhone 13 as App Stores, Repo Extractor and Hexxa Tweak apps after the easy installation process.

Hexxa Plus on iPhone 13

How to Install

  • Hexxa Plus is a 100% risk free online jailbreak solution.
  • You don’t need to use a computer, iTunes or Cydia impactor to install Hexxa Plus. There is no IPA sideload process.
  • Hexxa Plus is different from the semi-untethered  / untethered Jailbreak.
  • Hexxa Plus Installation process is so much easier.
  • Install Jailbreak Tweaks, Third Party apps, Cydia, Games and many more.
5. Zylon

Zylon is a third-party community based development. You can install jailbreak features on iPhone 13 through these third- party app stores.

Zylon on iPhone 13

How to Install

  • Zylon offers iPhone OSes for iPhone users to experience the mirror iOS versions.
  • You can install Tweak apps, it consists of jailbreak and non jailbreak tweaks. Add Siri Shortcuts to your iPhone13 directly.
  • You can change the iPhone13 device’s settings with the Settings app directly. Once you install the Setting App, turn on or turn off system functions as your choice.
  • You can install both Cydia and Sileo through Zylon.
6. Unc0ver Virtual

Unc0ver Jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 11 – iOS 14.8. Unc0ver does not support iOS 15 & higher versions. Therefore you can not jailbreak iPhone 13 using the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool.

But until the original Unc0ver IPA is released, you can use the Unc0ver virtual tool on your iPhone 13. This is a virtual jailbreak process.

Unc0ver virtual on iPhone 13

How to Install

  • You can install Cydia virtually on iPhone 13.
  • It comes as a Web-based Unc0ver app.
  • Compatible with all iOS 15 – iOS 16 versions.
  • Virtual jailbreak is a very easy 100% risk free method.
  • The Unc0ver Virtual method does not void your iPhone 13 warranty.

Why should you Jailbreak iPhone 13?

Jailbreaking will still make your iPhone 13 do incredible things. Jailbreak offers endless customization options to your iPhone 13.


  • To bypass the iPhone 13 restrictions.
  • Download apps and tweaks through Cydia that aren’t on Apple’s App Store.
  • Jailbroken devices can use SSH clients to remotely access. It can fix corrupted files or install third-party apps.
  • For better File Management, You can use File manager like Filza to easily gain access to system files and edit them.
  • install System themes.
  • Change system fonts.
  • Lock and Hide third-party apps using Touch ID or Face ID.


  • Unable to Receive Firmware Updates.
  • iPhone 13 becomes vulnerable due to the lack of security updates for a jailbroken device.
  • Warranty is voided.
  • iPhone might turn into a brick.

What can we consider asJailbreak Approaches on iPhone 13?

  • Team Pangu successfully jailbreak iPhone 13 Pro at the ongoing Tainfu Cup.

iPhone 13 Pro has been publicly jailbroken by Pangu Team at cyber security for $300,000 as a reward.  This is the first ever remote jailbreak for iPhone 13 Pro. The Pangu team is famous in the iOS jailbreaking community. They released the Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9 – iOS 9.3.3. Unfortunately, they have not released any public jailbreak tool for any recent iOS release in a few years now.

  • iPhone 13 pro works with futurerestore

Futurerestore is a downgrade tool for iOS users to upgrade, and restore their device to any unsigned firmware. You can restore it to any iOS firmware version, even if the firmware is no longer signed by Apple. Downgrading is one of the main requirements for Jailbreaking.

So now futurerestore on the iPhone 13 series for restoring to unsigned firmwares with blobs.

iPhone 13 Jailbreak is a Challenge?

It is always challenging to jailbreak new major iOS versions as well as new iOS devices.

iOS 15 incorporates a new signed system volume (SSV) mechanism. This new mechanism verifies the integrity of system content at runtime and then rejects any data that lacks a valid cryptographic signature from Apple. So, Apple has made iOS 15 jailbreaking more difficult with this. 

Therefore some people say that iOS 15 won’t be jailbreakable. But it does not mean that it will kill jailbreaking and simply requires finding new methods. Because of the new SSV security mechanism, future jailbreaks might need to be rootless.

Every time Apple does something to improve the security they claim it’s going to kill jailbreaking.

Newer iPhones and iOS are always harder to jailbreak, but we all get there eventually. Until then use the above alternative jailbreak solutions. Also, currently Xina A15 Jailbreak is developing for iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1 versions. 

What is Always-on display iPhone 13

Always-on display (AOD) is a minimal part of the screen that remains on even when you lock your phone.

The iPhone 13 uses an OLED panel, meaning that AOD is technically possible. Before this iPhone 12 also used this. So, everyone expected the Always-on display feature with iPhone 13. But Apple failed to implement an always-on display option with iPhone 13. It might be that iOS 15 doesn’t have the capability built in. 

However you could get this feature with Jailbreak tweak already on older devices and iOS versions. A new Photon jailbreak tweak release  by iOS developer cemck to get this iPhone 13 missing feature on  jailbroken devices. Photon gets inspiration from the Apple Watch. So, it can be configured to be always-on just like your Apple Watch to go to sleep after a configured period of time. Also, Photon works with virtually any iOS device that has an OLED display- not equipped. It is available on Packix repository and supports iOS 13 jailbroken devices and iOS 14 Jailbroken devices.

What does the ProMotion display on iPhone 13?

ProMotion is an adaptive high refresh rate, 120Hz display first available on the iPad Pro. 

Normally, the refresh rate will update a display 60 times a second (60Hz). The ProMotion’s display adaptive 120Hz screen works at twice this speed. This is the same as the LTPO screen technology found on the Apple Watch.  With this you can experience smoother scrolling, improved responsiveness and better gaming performance in iPhone 13.  

Because the iPhone 13 Pro carries an OLED display, it can adjust the refresh rate to law 10Hz and high 120Hz when required. Also, limiting the ProMotion display to 60Hz all the time will help improve your iPhone 13 Pro’s battery life. So, if you want to go back to the 60Hz refresh rate and extend the battery life of your iPhone 13, follow the below simple steps.

Step 01 –  Go to the Settings.

Step 02 – Scroll down to the Accessibility menu. Tap on it.

Step 03 – Then select Motion.

Step 04 – Enable the Limit Frame Rate toggle.

It will disable ProMotion on the iPhone 13 Pro series.

Can I get iPhone 13 features on older devices?

iPhone 13 released with iOS 15, Apple released iOS 15 with a ton of features. 

However you can get these many features through Jailbreak tweaks. No matter if you don’t have an iPhone 13, just install jailbreak tweaks on your older device to get iPhone 13 features. 

Voice Isolation mode

This mode focuses your voice on machine learning to detect and block circulating sounds. While this feature is coming through iPhone 13 with iOS 15, you can get similar features through Jailbreak tweaks. 

Crystal jailbreak will give you similar features. It switches the AirPods Pro between active noise cancellation mode and transparency mode based on current audio volume level automatically. 

QuickANC is another jailbreak tweak. It will let you switch between Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and ‘normal’ mode asier for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users.

Grid view

With this feature users can select to view others on the call in a grid of similarly sized squares on iPhone 13. You can see 6 faces in a grid. Also, it highlighted the current speaker.  

You could get these iOS 15 features using some jailbreak tweaks. However these gridview tweaks are not for Facetime. Castmary is a Jailbreak tweak that redesigns the iPhone’s scrolling card-based App Switcher with a 4×4 grid. It is able to see more apps at a glance without obstructing your view of the apps preview card. 

NewGridSwitcher is another gridview related app. It displays the list of opened applications in two rows allowing you to view four windows at once. Also, it makes much better use of the available canvas space by replacing the native scrolling card-based switcher with a grid-centric switcher.

Share your screen

iOS 15 running iPhone 13 lets FaceTime users share their screen to view apps together. It will bring the web pages and many more to conversation.

This feature already has applied for jailbroken devices using CallBar XS jailbreak tweak. CallBar XS is a jailbreak tweak which allows you to share a Facetime screen. It re-designs the incoming call view to allow you to use your device while it’s ringing or while in a call. You can Answer, decline or dismiss a call without stopping while in any application.

Watch / Listen together

Facetime users can watch content from the Apple TV app or HBO Max and Disney+ third party services with share play. Also, users can listen to music together as well. 

There was a Sharelock jailbreak tweak for older iOS versions to get a similar kind of experience. Sharelock jailbreak tweak adds the Share button letting you share the photo taken using the Camera app from the Lock screen. Unfortunately this tweak is not compatible with the latest iOS versions. 

So you can get all these new  features through jailbreak tweaks. Unfortunately iOS 15 still can not be jailbroken. Once iOS 15 jailbreak releases, definitely these tweaks will be compatible with iOS 15 too.