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TrollStore [ A permanent IPA installer ]


TrollStore is an iOS app for signing and installing IPA files without having to re-sign those apps every seven day. It employs Linus Henze’s CoreTrust bypass. TrollStore, unlike PermasigneriOS, does not require a jailbreak, because it works on both jailbroken, non-jailbroken devices.


iOS 14 – 14.8.1 and iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1

Note – Future TrollStore updates should support iOS 15.4, but the Installer currently only supports iOS 15.1.1.

TrollStore Installation Guide for iOS 15 –  iOS 15.1.1 (Non-Jailbroken devices)

Step 01 – Download TrollStore Installer IPA.

Step 02 – Install it on your device using AltStore or Sideloadly.

Step 03 – Open the app and tap the Install and wait for a few seconds. (Repeat the step if your phone reboots here)

Step 04 – When TrollStore is successfully installed, an alert should appear; click close, and the app should exit.

Step 05 – Start TrollStore if it is on the home screen; if not, reboot and it should appear, then start it.

Step 06 – Go to the settings tab and select “Install ldid” to allow TrollStore to install unsigned apps.

If you are interested about iOS 15 & higher jailbreak please refer to the following pages.

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iOS 15 – iOS 15.0.2 Jailbreak

TrollStore Installation Guide for iOS 14 –  iOS 14.8.1 (Jailbroken devices)

Step 01 – Launch your preferred package manager application, then select the Search tab. (procedures are the same  for Sileo, Cydia, Installer, Zebra, or another package manager)

Step 02 – Enter “TrollStore” in the search field, then select the TrollStore Helper package.

Note – Refresh your sources or make sure you’re using the Havoc repository if the TrollStore Helper package isn’t showing up for you. If not, add to the package manager app,

Step 03 –  Press the “Get” button,  Press and hold the Queue button, then press the Confirm button.

Step 04 – After the installation is complete, press on the Done button.

Step 05 – Open the TrollStore Helper app from your Home Screen.

Step 06 –  Select Install TrollStore from the menu.

Note: After your device restarts, you should see the TrollStore app on your Home Screen as follows:

You’re now ready to perma-sign.ipa files on your iPhone or iPad, so congrats!

Note – TrollStore should work to install permanently all kinds of iOS 14- iOS 14.8.1 jailbreak iPA such as Taurine, Unc0ver.

How does TrollStore work?

  • Install, download any IPA file
  • Open Downloaded IPA from the TrollStore.

Developers & Credits

TrollStore by iOS developer opa334.

Also, credits goes to the following developers too.

  • LinusHenze for CoreTrust bug
  • Zhuowei for CoreTrust bug writeup and cert
  • Jaakerblom for multicast_bytecopy exploit used in TrollInstaller (used with permission)
  • Xina520 to get root method
  • ProcursusTeam for providing a static ldid build + uicache
  • Coolstar for uicache
  • Saurik for ldid