Altstore [ Install Jailbreak IPA ]


AltStore is an alternative app store for iOS devices as well as Jailbreak IPA installer.

Download Altstore

First you need to download AltServer on your computer. AltServer is a sandboxed application for macOS or Windows operating systems.Then you can install Altstore on your iOS devices.

Download AltServe according to your computerOS using the buttons below.


Requires macOS 10.14.4+
Mac Guide


Requires windows 10
Windows Guide

Altstore Features

  • Altstore Jailbreak IPA’S

AltStore uses Apple ID to sign the Jailbreak IPA’s for seven day. Altstore Jailbreak is the only successful method, hence every other method is getting revoked issues. On the other hand, the IPA+Cydia Impactor method also has issues.

Following Jailbreak IPA’s are available with Altstore.

Un0ver Jailbreak

Users can sideload Unc0ver jailbreak iOS 14 – iOS 14.3 IPA through Altstore. Altstore is the only solution to install Unc0ver Jailbreak on your iPhone / iPad.

You should have set up the Altstore on your device before proceeding to Unc0ver. Use the Altstore download links & guides according to your operating system.


Step Guide

Step 01 – Visit this pangu8 site, download tab, then Unc0ver Jailbreak page and download Unc0ver IPA in Safari on your iPhone or iPad and tap the following Unc0ver IPA button.

Step 02 – Now tap the downloaded unc0ver.ipa from Safari’s download manager.

Step 03 Now tap on the Share button, then Copy to AltStore button.

Step  04 – Altstore will Open now. Enter the same Apple ID & Password to begin the side load unc0ver.ipa file and then tap on the Sign In button.

Step 05 Once the process is complete, the unc0ver app will appear in your list of apps.

Step 06 – Now run the uc0ver app from the homescreen, and tap on the Jailbreak button to start the Jailbreak process. 

Step 07 – Once complete the Jailbreak process Cydia will appear on your device homescreen.

Taurine Jailbreak

Taurine is a newly released jailbreak for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3. You can sideload the Taurine Jailbreak IPA with altstore now.

First install Altstore on your device from the above button. Then install the Taurine Jailbreak IPA from the above button. Follow the same instructions provided on the Unc0ver step guide.

Find more information from the Taurine Jailbreak page.

Odyssey Jailbreak

Altstore Jailbreak compatible with sideload odyssey IPA too. Odyssey Jailbreak available for iOS 13 – iOS 13.7 Jailbreak.

You should download & set up the Alt Store before starting the Odyssey jailbreak process.

Step Guide

Step 01 –  Visit the pangu8 Odyssey Jailbreak page and download odyssey IPA from your iPhone’s safari browser.

Step 02 – Tap on the blue Download button, then tap on the blue Install via AltStore button under the version, then tap the Open button from the pop up.

Step 03 – It will start side-loading the .ipa file. Once finished, Odyssey will appear as an installed app.

Step 04 – Launch the Odyssey jailbreak app from your device homescreen

Step 05 – Tap on the Jailbreak button to begin the Jailbreak process. It will require rebooting the device. Tap OK to continue.

Step 06 –  Once the device boots up, again run the Odyssey app and tap the Jailbreak button. Now the device will respring.

Step 07 – Finally, Sileo should appear on your device’s Homescreen.

  • Delta

Delta is an all in one emulator. It is compatible with the latest iOS versions. This is support for more games systems such as Nintendo & Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Game boy and many more. This allows you to sync data between all your devices.

  • Delta Lite

This also supports both NES games and GBC games.

  • Clip

Clip is a Clipboard manager which can run in the background.

More about Altstore
  • A famous iOS app developer Riley Testut developed AltStore as an iOS app which allows you to sideload IPA files on your iOS device by signing your own Apple ID. This is quite similar to the Cydia Impactor method.
  • Most of the third-party app stores are revoked by Apple. But Altstore never gets revoked. AltStore Jailbreak IPA’s / Apps prevent expiring issues as it is used to re-sign apps with personal development certificates over iTunes WiFi sync through AltServer. The other important thing is it can continue app updates directly through AltStore.
  • Altstore expires in 7 days

Altstore expires in 7 days – Normally, the apps you have installed using non-developer Apple IDs are only valid for 7 days. Those apps  will no longer open. AltStore will refresh your apps in the background from time to time to resolve this. Once refreshed, they will not expire for another week. Also it can manually refresh your apps from within AltStore.

AltStore Alternatives

  • zJailbreak

zJailbreak is the most popular 3rd party application manager for latest iOS devices. This is the real alternative for the AltStore. Because it is available in almost the same apps as well as more than AltStore apps under the zJailbreak app store.

zJailbreak is compatible with latest iOS versions and iOS devices. you can install zJailbreak apps for iOS beta versions too. Jailbreak app installers, Online untethered / semi-untethered jailbreak tools including Unc0ver Jailbreak, game apps, movie apps, theme apps and many more apps are available under zJailbreak app store. 

  • Zeon

Zeon is a Jailbreak repo extractor specially designed for iOS 14. Now this has been upgraded up to iOS 15 jailbreak app installation method. This is the easiest way to install Jailbreak apps, tweaks, etc on iOS 14 – iOS 14.8, iOS 15 including iOS 15.1 beta. It is the best Online jailbreak solution.

Find more about it from the following pages.

Jailbreak iOS 15.1

Jailbreak iOS 15 

Jailbreak iOS 14.8

Jailbreak iOS 14.7 / iOS 14.7.1

Jailbreak iOS 14.6

Jailbreak iOS 14.5 / iOS 14.5.1

Jailbreak iOS 14.3 – iOS 14.4.2

Jailbreak iOS 14.2 / iOS 14.2.1

Jailbreak iOS 14 – iOS 14.1

  • Hexxa Plus / Hexxa

Hexxa Plus and Hexxa are jailbreak repo extractors which you are able to extract repos to install jailbreak apps to non jailbroken iDevices. It has many jailbreak apps, tweaks, game tweaks, themes and more under this repo extractor. Hexxa Plus supports iOS 14 to iOS 14.8, iOS 13 – iOS 13.7 Jailbreak and Hexxa is supported for iOS 12 to iOS 12.5.5 Jailbreak.

  • BuildStore

It can install hidden iOS apps for non jailbreak iOS devices with BuildStore. BuildStore consists of many favorite apps, Games, Emulators, Tweaks and more. 

Unc0ver JB, Youtube++, Popcorn Time TV, Movie Box, Media Box, iPlay TV and many famous apps are available under the BuildStore app. 

  • TweakBox

Tweak Box is another alternative third party app store for Altstore. It has thousands of exclusive apps under Flash apps, iOS apps, Tweakbox apps and Tweaks categories.  You don’t need to Jailbreak your device to install tweakbox and it is compatible with all latest iOS versions/device models. Also, you can find apps and games easily using the search feature.

  • AppValley

AppValley is very famous for tweaked apps. Other than the tweaked apps, you can download iOS apps, game emulators, screen recorders, Cydia apps and tweaks

It doesn’t need a jailbroken device to install AppValley. All the latest iPhones and iPads are compatible with this. AppValley is a real alternative for AltStore. Most AltStore apps and tweaks are available under the AppValley app store.