iOS 13.3 Jailbreak

iOS 13.3 Jailbreak

We are discussing all iOS 13.3 Jailbreak solutions on this page.

Apple released iOS 13.3 beta for developers. Install iOS 13.3 beta profile before everyone else without developer account and select the most suitable iOS 13.3 Jailbreak methods from the followings.

01. Hexxa  Plus

Hexxa team just upgraded Hexxa plus for latest iOS 13.3 beta. So, you can install Jailbreak apps using Hexxa plus iOS 13.3 Jailbreak Repo extractor. Hexxa plus iOS 13.3 update added many new repostaries to the Hexxa plus. Also, Hexxa plus was the most popular Jailbreak apps insulation method for early iOS 13.2 to iOS 13. Not, only that Hexxa plus is upgraded version of Hexxa which is used as iOS 12 – iOS 12.4.3 Jailbreak repo extractor. When we consider the Hexxa history, we can recommend Hexxa plus as the most reliable, smoothest, hassle-free iOS 13.3 Jailbreak app installation method.

Refer step guide for installation instructions.

02. CheckRa1n Jailbreak

CheckRa1n Jailbreak is a new trend. Recently released Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 13.2.2 – iOS 12.3 versions up to iPhone X devices. However, Mac users only have the download link and Windows / Linux download links will be added soon. However, still Checkra1n jailbreak is on beta stage. We can guess that, Checkra1n support is not added for iOS 13.3 because of iOS 13.3 still in beta stage. iOS 13.3 final version will be added to the Checkra1n support list in future.

This is hardware based permanent jailbreak develop using checkm8 bootrom exploit. Checkra1n is the most rare jailbreak and this will be the most powerful Jailbreak ever. Because Apple can’t patch this via software update without physical update. So, Checkra1n Jailbreak will be compatible with existing all iOS versions as well as future iOS versions on A5-A11 processors powered all devices.

[Coming soon]

03. Trimgo

Trimgo iOS 13.3 jailbreak is virtual jailbreak. You can have an iOS 13.3 Jailbreak experience with this Trimgo Jailbreak. This is injected with the iOS 13.3++ app. You can install iOS 13.3 version as an app, then you will be able to jailbreak this iOS 13.3++ using Trimgo Jailbreak app. It will download Cydia on iOS 13.3++. It will bring you the realistic iOS 13.3 Jailbreak experience to your iPhone or iPad.

Refer step guide for installation instructions.

04. Bregxi

Bregxi is another iOS 13.3 Jailbreak repo extractor. This is initially released for the iOS 12.3 Jailbreak. Since then, bregxi team updated it for every iOS version and they have increased the number of sources against the every update. You can extract these sources on your iOS 13.3 iPhone or iPad to install Jailbreak apps. It has the most popular jailbreak tweaks/apps collection. You can customize your iOS 13.3 device with Bregxi themes. You can not download Bregxi from Apple app store. It is available on third party app store.

Refer step guide for installation instructions.

05. zJailbreak

zJailbreak is a third party application manager for latest iOS version. Recently it has confirmed that compatibility has upgraded up to iOS 13.3 beta version. Now you are able to install zJailbreak app store for all the latest devices running iOS 13.3 beta. Most popular Hexxa Plus iOS 13.3 repo extractor also available under the zJailbreak app store. Other than the Hexxa Plus, you can download Bregxi, Apricot iOS, iOS 13++ and Cydia with zJailbreak. Also available many more jailbreak apps, repo extractors, theme apps, game apps under zJailbreak application manager. 

Refer step guide for installation instructions.

06. Apricot iOS 

Apricot is a first and ever web based mirror operating system in the world. Apricot developer team has confirmed that Apricot iOS 13.3 mirror operating system has been released for all the latest iPhones now. If you are interested in themes and redesigned homescreen, Apricot iOS is for you. Also available virtual jailbreak feature to get uncommon experience for users. To get all these features you just have to run the mirror iOS version on your iOS 13.3 beta version simultaneously. 

Refer step guide for installation instructions.

07. TaigOne

TaigOne is very famous as jailbreak solution pack. It has upgraded upto iOS 13.3 beta now. Jailbreak tools, jailbreak apps, and many more jailbreak methods available under TaigOne. Users have to spend a small amount to install TaigOne. It has three types of TaigOne packages as TaigOne lite, Classic and Royal. Also available free version of TaigOne app with limited features. 

08. Tweaki

Li Yuan Ying is the developer of the Tweaki installer. He confirmed that he upgraded Tweaki support upto iOS 13.3 beta. Tweaki based with Siri shortcut and It works as no computer jailbreak method. 

09. Tiqu++

Tiqu++ is a repo installer and users can install jailbreak repos using it. It has many jailbreak repos under Tiqu++ including Cydia repo. Tiqu++ available under TaigOne app store. TaigOne developer team has informed that Tiqu++ work fine with iOS 13.3 beta version.  

10. TweakMo

Users can install many jailbreak tweaks and jailbreak apps using TweakMo jailbreak installer. TweakMo just added compatibility upto iOS 13.3 beta version. When you install TaigOne app store, TweakMo app can be installed just for free.  

Do you want to download iOS 13.3 developer beta without developer ACCOUNT?

Usually, you need to register as an Apple developer to download the developer beta. For that, you need to pay an annual fee as 99 USD for Apple Developer Program or 299 USD Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

But, Pangu8 website offer, ios 13.3 beta profile download profile without developer account. 

At this time, Apple released iOS 13.3 beta 1 for developers. You can find the iOS 13.3 known issues & iOS 13.3 new features on Apple iOS 13.3 release notes.

Step 03 – Then, iOS 13.3 Beta profile will be downloaded to your device settings. 

Step 04 – Go to settings> Tap the beta profile> Enter the device passcode. 

Step 05 – Now, your device will restart and follow the normal process. (Settings, General, and Software update.)

Step 06 – Tap on the software update to upgrade your iPhone / iPad to iOS  13.3 update.