Jailbreak iOS 13.3

iOS 13.3 Jailbreak

We are discussing all the iOS 13.3 Jailbreak solutions through this page. 

01. Hexxa  Plus

Hexxa plus is a Jailbreak repo extractor. Now you can install jailbreak apps on iOS 13.3 using repo extraction method.

Hexxa plus iOS 13.3 update added many new repostaries to the Hexxa plus. Also, Hexxa plus was the most popular Jailbreak apps insulation method for early iOS 13.2 to iOS 13. Not only that Hexxa plus is an upgraded version of Hexxa which is used as iOS 12 – iOS 12.4.4 Jailbreak repo extractor. When we consider the Hexxa history, we can recommend Hexxa plus as the most reliable, smoothest, hassle-free iOS 13.3 Jailbreak app installation method.

02. CheckRa1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n is hardware based permanent jailbreak developed using checkm8 bootrom exploit. For the first time Chekra1n was released targeting iOS 13.2.2 to iOS 12.3 versions. Then it added iOS 13.2.3 and iOS 13.3 Jailbreak support as well.

Checkra1n is available only for Mac users. Checkra1n team will be adding Windows / Linux support soon. Until then Ra1nUSB is available as Windows Alternative for Checkrain. However, you cannot install the tool directly on Windows. Follow the below guide to Jailbreak  iOS 13.3 using Ra1nUSB.

Ra1nstorm Jailbreak is also available for Windows users as an alternative. If you need to know more go to Checkra1n Jailbreak page.

Checkra1n Jailbreak Guide

Step 01 – Download the Checkra1n dmg file. Use the above download button.

Step 02 – Drag the Checkra1n file into the Applications.

Step 03 – Make sure to turn off filevault. Otherwise you cannot run the Checkra1n application on your Mac. Then go to the General tab —> Allow. 

Step 04 – Connect the Mac with the device. Then Run the Checkra1n app —> Start —> Next —> wait until spring the device. 

Step 05 – Go head with —> Start again —> Turn the device into DFU mode by pressing the Side button and Volume down button as the instructions right of the window.

Step 06 – Now, it will start the jailbreak. Wait until it is complete. After completing the jailbreak process, the Checkra1n app will be added on your device homescreen. 

Step 07 – Run the Checkra1n application located on your homescreen. Click on Cydia —> Install Cydia —> Done. Now Cydia on your device. 

Ra1nUSB Guide –  Checkra1n alternative for Windows.

Step 01 – First, download the AMD or Intel version of Ra1nUSB from the links below.

Intel File Link 

AMD File Link

Step 02 – Then install Etcher and create your bootable USB. (chose the Ra1nUSB image file)

Step 03 – When the process is complete, Go to your computer BIOS files by rebooting. Then disable the VT-D, EL SerialPort, SecureBoot, Stack Network, Fastboot, Wake on LAN and exit BIOS screen. Enable the Virtualization option and save the changes you have done.

Step 04 –  Now connect your USB driver and boot your computer from the USB. Then choose Boot macOS Install from Ra1nUSB. Wait for the image to boot onto your computer. (If you get an error you need to go back the BIOS again and repeat the process)

Step 05 – Once Ra1nUSB boot, it offers the macOS installer screen. Go to the top and tap Utilities > Terminal. Type in ra1nusb and tap the Enter button from the terminal window.

Step 06 – Now Checkra1n jailbreak should open. Go ahead with the above Checkra1n installation MAC OS guide.

 More Checkra1n Features

Once you jailbreak your device with Checkra1n, it offers more new features. The best thing is you can bypass iColud activation lock on iOS device after jailbreaking with Checkra1n. Now there are several icloud bypass tools that have been released with Checkra1n. These are Checkm8.info, iCloud bypassCA & iCloud bypass package. With these you can unlock, locked iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Also, many new Jailbreak tweaks are compatible with Checkra1n Jailbreak now.

03. Bregxi

Bregxi is another iOS 13.3 Jailbreak repo extractor. You can extract these sources on your iOS 13.3 iPhone or iPad to install Jailbreak apps.

This is initially released for the iOS 12.3 Jailbreak. Since then, bregxi team updated it for every iOS version and they have increased the number of sources against the every update. It has the most popular jailbreak tweaks/apps collection. You can customize your iOS 13.3 device with Bregxi themes. You can not download Bregxi from Apple app store. It is available on third party app store.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Tap above button  from your iOS 13.3 iPhone or iPad safari browser. It will require a device passcode.

Step 02 – Then open Bregxi repo extractor from your device. Go for “All Source List.” Then copy one of Repo URL you want to extract.

Step 03 – Now go back to Bregxi home page. Paste the copied URL and click the Extract source button. 

Step 04 – Repo will be extracted to your iPhone or iPad. Now you can install all jailbreak apps available on extracted repo.

Step 05 – Click on  the download button of the app which you want to download. Then it will be downloaded to your iOS 13.3 device settings. Complete the installation process of the app.

Other than the above solutions it has few alternatives jailbreak methods for iOS 13.3. However, we recommend Checkrain jailbreak for A5-A11 device users and Hexxa Plus / Bregxi jailbreak repo extractor for A12 / A13 users or to install jailbreak apps on  iOS 13.3.

Also, Apple released iOS 13.3.1 beta 1 for developers. All iOS 13.3 Jailbreak methods work with iOS 13.3.1 beta too. Install iOS 13.3.1 beta profile before everyone else without a developer account.

More alternatives iOS 13.3 jailbreak methods


Trimgo iOS 13.3 jailbreak is virtual jailbreak. This was the most popular Jailbreak app for the latest iOS versions to get Jailbreak exprerice. You can have an iOS 13.3 Jailbreak experience with this Trimgo Jailbreak. This is injected with the iOS 13.3++ app. You can install iOS 13.3 version as an app, then you will be able to jailbreak this iOS 13.3++ using Trimgo Jailbreak app. It will download Cydia on iOS 13.3++. It will bring you the realistic iOS 13.3 Jailbreak experience to your iPhone or iPad.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Tap above button to install iOS 13.3++ app. Provide your device passcode.

Step 02 – Now you can see the iOS 13.3++ app on your device homescreen. Open the iOS 13.3++ app. 

Step 03 – Swipe for third page from your homescreen. There is Trimgo app. Open the Trimgo app and click  on Jailbreak button.

Step 04 –  Within a few seconds it will complete the jailbreak process.

Step 05 –  Once completed you can see the Cydia on your iOS 13.3 ++ homescreen.

Apricot iOS 

Apricot is the first and ever web based mirror operating system in the world. The Apricot developer team has confirmed that Apricot iOS 13.3 mirror operating system has been released for all the latest iPhones now. If you are interested in themes and redesigned homescreen, Apricot iOS is for you. Also available virtual jailbreak feature to get uncommon experience for users. To get all these features you just have to run the mirror iOS version on your iOS 13.3 version simultaneously.

Step Guide

Step 01 – Apricot available on zJailbreak app store. Tap the above button to download zJailbreak. Launch zJailbreak from your device.  

Step 02 – Then find Apricot from zJailbreak. Click on “Allow” → “Install” → “Enter the device passcode” → “Install” → “Done.”

Step 03 – Now ApricotiOS will be available on your iOS 13.3 iPhone. Run Apricot iOS app from your iPhone and tap on the unlock button.

Step 04 – Now click on  jailbreak Apricot iOS>Get the code>Copy the code>Open JB Terminal & Paste the code and Enter.

Step 05– Finally, it will appear the Cydia on your Apricot iOS

Download iOS 13.3.1 developer beta without developer ACCOUNT

Usually, you need to register as an Apple developer to download the developer beta. For that, you need to pay an annual fee of 99 USD for Apple Developer Program or 299 USD Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

But, Pangu8 website offer, ios 13.3.1 beta profile download profile without developer account.

At this time, Apple released iOS 13.3.1 beta 2 for developers. Follow the below guide download and install iOS 13.3.1 developer beta 2.

Step 01 – Load this iOS 13.3.1 Jailbreak page from your device Safari browser.

Step 02 – Click on the below iOS 13.3.1 beta profile install button.

Step 03 – Then, iOS 13.3.1 Beta profile will be downloaded to your device settings. 

Step 04 – Go to Settings> Tap the beta profile> Enter the device passcode. 

Step 05 – Now, your device will restart and follow the normal process. (Settings, General, and Software update.)

Step 06 – Tap on the software update to upgrade your iPhone / iPad to iOS 13.3.1 update.

Why are Repo Extractors important?

Both Hexxa Plus and Bregxi are repo extractors. These use the repo extracting method to install Jailbreak apps on iOS devices. It is a non system rooted 100% risk free method. Unlike semi-untethered / Untethered / semi-tethered jailbreak, it does not access your file system. So your device warranty can’t be voided.

Also, many jailbreaks do not work with the latest device model such as A12 / A13 device. But repo extractors are perfectly on these A2 / A13 device models.

Therefore, Repo extractors are more important who want to try jailbreak apps without jailbreaking.

Cuck00 new kernel exploit released up to iOS 13.3

Siguza released a new exploit through XNU/IOKit bug built around mach port. Actually this is a very old bug and it exists in the very first version of XNU. He gave an unofficial name to the bug as Cuk00. This bug was fixed in iOS 13.3.1 beta 2However, fully functional exploit up to iOS 13.3 is available on GitHub.

iOS 13.3 jailbreak on iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max using tfp0

iOS 13.3 Jailbreak was achieved on A12 / A13 devices using a new tfp0 bug by newcomer called @08Tc3wBB. He published this announcement via his twitter ac with video. Furthermore, security researcher Raz Mashat confirmed this as real. So these kinds of bugs can develop as a fully-fledged jailbreak. Most probably, Pwn20wnd will be used to add Unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 13.3 support on  A12 / A13 devices as he hinted about A12 /A13 jailbreak earlier.

@iBSparkes achieved iOS 13.3 Jailbreak on A13

@iBSparkes hacked iOS 13.3 on the A13 device. Also, he has done this on iOS 13 first update once iPhone 11 came out. It seems A12/A13 jailbreak will be available soon.  He is always doing his best for the jailbreak community so far. He discovered vulnerabilities on many iOS versions. Also, he was the developer of Meridian Jailbreak for iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.3 versions.

Sileo for iOS 13.3 on iPhone XS

Coolstar has proved iOS 13.3 jailbreak possibility with installing Sileo on iPhone XS. It has published one of the screenshots having Sileo 1.6.0v running iOS 13.3 on iPhone XS via @coolstarorg official twitter account. It hinted that most probably, it will be possible to jailbreak iOS 13.3 with Chimera jailbreak tool. Sometimes it will be a Sileo demo. Anyhow, Sileo lovers can have Sileo on iOS 13.3.Sileo is an alternative for Cydia. Jailbreak tweaks, apps and themes can be installed with Sileo. Sileo can be installed after the Chimera jailbreak process. Otherwise it needs to install a Sileo demo, which is provided by the Coolstar. There is another way to install Sileo for non jailbroken iOS 13 + devices. Hexxa Plus jailbreak repo extractor allows you to install it. But it is a limited functional version.

AltDeploy officially released – Cydia Impactor alternative

New AltDeploy has been released by @pixelomer as a Cydia Impactor alternative. It will allow you to choose an IPA file to side-load the process, and you need to sign the app with your Apple ID same as Cydia impactor. Also, it supports native dark mode in macOS Mojave onwards. Currently AltDeploy is only available for Mac users only.