Install Vistian Tweaks

Install Vistian Tweaks

Step 01 – You must have installed Apple new feature (Shortcut app) to your iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.1.4 running iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, it is installed automatically when you tap a visitian link.

Step 02 – Now tap any of Popular Vistian Tweak from below link to install it. 

Vistian NO jailbreak tweaks.

Step 03 – It will automatically detect your device iOS version by the Vistian app.

Step 04 – Now tap the “Generate Tweak File” button.

Step 05 – Then click on the Get Shortcut button. Now you have added the tweak to the Shortcut app.

Step 06 – Go to the widget panel (Swiping your homescreen right) and add your newly installed tweak it.