Step Guide to sign Semi Jailbreak IPAs

Step Guide to sign Semi Jailbreak IPAs

Step 01 – Download the Zeon app first.

Step 02 – Open the downloaded Zeon app > Tap TrollStore Links > Tap TrollStore Link2 to Install TrollStore > Install.

Step 03 – It will download the GTACarTracker app to your device. Open it. Click on the register Persistence Helper > Then Open TrollStore app > Go to Settings of TrollStore app > Tap on the Install Idid.

Step 04 – Open Zeon again > Tap the Semi Jailbreak IPAs app > Install > Allow > Done.

Step 05 – Go to the Settings tab > Profile downloaded > Install Semi JB iPAs 

Step 06 – Open the downloaded Semi Jailbreak IPA app. 

Step 07 – Download any of the listed iPA and sign it with the TrollStore app.