AirTag Jailbreak

AirTag Jailbreak

Apple released AirTags as their latest device in the 2021 Apple event. On this page, we are focusing all information about AirTag Jailbreak.

1st time Apple introduced the “Find my iPhone” feature was on June 15, 2010. Using this feature, you could find your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

There are very few Jailbreak tweaks that have been released targeting “Find my iPhone” such as BlueFinder, Chusma etc.

Jailbreak will be so incredible with an AirTag, Why ?

We can assume that awesome jailbreak features will be released to AirTag. Why is it so incredible?

However, Apple still didn’t release the AirTag to the market. So you can buy an Air tag alternative from Refizo. This Refizo is significantly cheaper than the Air tag, and it works with old iPhones too.

Apple Air Tags work with the latest iPhone models running iOS 14.5 or later such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

iOS Jailbreak is the most important thing to install Cydia or Sileo. Just check iOS jailbreak details from the latest iOS 18 Jailbreak (beta), iOS 17.5/iOS 17.5.1 Jailbreak or iOS 17.4 / iOS 17.4.1 Jailbreak pages. 

AirTag Jailbreak

AirTag Jailbreak is different from iOS jailbreak. It cannot jailbreak AirTag through the iOS version using the Jailbreak tool. Security researcher Stack Smashing (@ghidraninja) has successfully hacked the AirTag. He has shown the way to jailbreak AirTag. He has broken into the microcontroller of the AirTag to modify the part of the item tracker software.

Microcontroller is an integrated Circuit (IC). It can control the memory of the device. If it was able to hack the Microcontroller of the Airtag, that means that the AirTag jailbreak was done successfully to control it. After the AirTag Jailbreak the hacker can decide what the device needs to do with it. So, Stack Smashing has decided to modify its NFC URL. He has published a short video of AirTag with modified NFC URL on his twitter too.

Predicted features of Air tag Jailbreak

Following jailbreak tweaks and apps will be released to Air pods with Jailbreak.

  • Location faker

Air tags track your device locations. If you have connected Air tags with your keys, backpack, handbag or any other items to your iPhone, AirTag traces the location of it. So There is no way to change the real location with AirTag. However, AirTag jailbreak allows you to set fake locations to the connected key, wallet, or your belongings.

  • Share location of connected belongings

Normally, AirTag is linked with your Apple ID. So, no one can track your location using AirTag. AirTag privacy and Security is very high. If anyone wants to share the location of your belongings with your friends and family, even with the public, you must jailbreak your Air Tag.

  • Sync your data.

Air tag allows you to sync your data with your IPhone, iPad and Mac. You have to jailbreak it, if you want to sync your data with an Android phone or Windows computer.

  • To draw visual maps

AirTag Jailbreak allows you to draw visual maps using your travel paths.

  • Sync data with Apple watch

Air tag jailbreak allows you to sync location data of your belongings with Apple watches and any other smartwatches.

  • Change air tag tracking sound

Changing the AirTag tracking sound for each belongings is impossible with AirTag. But, jailbreak allows you to change the tracking tone for each of your belongings.

  • As an exercise tracker

Air tag jailbreak allows you to use it as a step tracker and calorie burner tracker if you don’t have an Apple watch.

  • Add more Car Play features

It will help you to add more Car Play features for CarPlay and CarKeys using jailbroken AirTags.

More AirTag jailbreak features

Last location – Using Air Tag jailbreak you could track the last location if somebody disconnects your air tags / air tags batteries etc.

Set the range – You can set the range to your belongings with Jailbreak, If your key passes your preset range jailbroken device will detect it and notify you.

Change Privacy and security features – Jailbreak allows you to change Privacy and security restrictions of Air tags. 

Use as a camera / selfie taker – Normally, it cannot use AirTag as a camera or Selfie taker. But after the jailbreak, it will be able to pair AirTags with iPhone running iOS 14.4 or lower versions. Then you will be able to use AirTag as a selfie taker or a Camera.

AirTag Release date and price

Even, Apple revealed the AirTag during the Apple event, it was not released to the market on the same day. Apple is going to start selling from April 30. Apple has priced the one unit of Airtag as $29. And four units of AirTags for $99. Prices are very reasonable and affordable.

How to set up AirTag?

Setting up your AirTag is very easy. The main thing is that it should be compatible with your iDevice with the AirTag. Also make sure that your device is up to date. Then go to the Home screen and keep the AirTag close to your iPhone. Then setup animation will run on your iPhone. Tap the connect button and complete the setup process according to instructions. Tap done. You just have to sign into iCould. Then you can set up your AirTag with the same Apple ID.

AirTag Alternatives

AirTag is the best KeyFinder, which was released by Apple. However, it can find many AirTag alternatives for cheap prices with the same features. Refizo is one of the best Air Tag alternatives with more features such as anti lost finder, GPS key tracker, wallet tracker and more.

It cannot say the exact date for the AirTag jailbreak. Because it has no AirTag jailbreak detection yet. However, hackers will find a Jailbreak method for the AirTag in near future to add many features, which are not existing Apple AirTag features.Then you will be able to add bluetooth related jailbreak tweaks to your jailbroken Air tag as follows.

  • BlueFinder – iPhone users can find misplaced iPhone via Bluetooth using BlueFinder jailbreak tweak. BlueFinder tweak access immediately to pair bluetooth devices. If you have paired your jailbroken iPhone with AirTag, it will be easy to find your misplaced iPhone combination of BlueFinder tweak and AirTag device. BlueFinder should work with any pair of Bluetooth devices such as AirTag, AirPods. You can download BlueFinder jailbreak tweak from Packix repo.

  • Chusma – Chusma is a bluetooth related jailbreak tweak to track the find my app. This tweak gives real time notification, when anyone is tracking your iDevice with Apple’s Find My service. You can add this tweak from iCaughtU repo using Cydia, Installer, Sileo or Zebra.

  • BTManager+ – One of the powerful tweaks for bluetooth devices. After adding BTManger+ it can rename Bluetooth device. Also, it can configure a default device and more features are coming soon.iOS 13 to iOS 14.4 jailbreak required to add this tweak.
  • BTDeviceRenamer – You can rename your bluetooth device easily with this tweak. It required iOS 13 and higher jailbreak support.
Why should you Jailbreak AirTag?

AirTag works as a keyfinder to help you to find your lost items with limitations. Jailbreak gives more value for every iDevices with adding more features as follows.