Ela Themes Guide

How to Install Ela themes

Step 01 – Tap the above button to install zJailbreak first.

Step 02 –  Launch zJailbreak, Find Ela theme from customization category.

Step 03 – Tap on it to install, then allow to get this profile to your settings.  

Step 04 – Now go to Settings > Profile > “Install” —>”Enter device passcode”  —> “Install”–> “Done. 

Step 05 – Elatheme app will appear on your device homescreen.

Step 06 – Open the Ela theme, then tap on the install button you want to add. ( Install > Allow. ) Profile will be downloaded to your device settings.

Step 07 – Tap on the “Profile” > “Install”—> “Enter passcode” —> “Install”—-> “Done”.

Step 08 – Now selected Ela theme has to be your device. You can hide the default icons for a better view.