Unc0ver Guide

How to Jailbreak with virtual unc0ver

Step 01 – Download the virtual Uncover Jailbreak app from zJailbreak Pro

Step 02 – It will ask to download the configuration profile to your device. Go ahead with the Allow button.

Step 03 – Once you tap the allow button, the profile will be downloaded to the device settings. Go to Settings tab > Tap on the downloaded profile.

Step 04 – It will ask you to install iOS 15 ++ app. Tap the install and provide the passcode. Then confirm the installation Tapping the install button. Finally, tap the done button.

Step 05 – Now you have to install the iOS 15++ app on your iPhone.

Step 06 – Open the installed iOS 15 ++ app.

Step 07 – Go to the third page of the iOS 15 ++ app. There is an inbuilt unc0ver app. Tap to open.

Step 08 – Then tap the Unc0ver jailbreak button to jailbreak iOS 15++ virtually. Then close the popup messages and go to the third page of the iOS 15++ app again.

Step 09 – Now you can see the virtual Cydia app on iOS 15 ++ app.

Step 10 – Open Cydia and install jailbreak apps to your current iOS version.