Xina Guide

How to install Xina Virtual Jailbreak

Step 01 – Download Pangu8 app manager from iOS 16.5 Jailbreak page.

Step 02 – Check your device settings tab. Pangu8 app manager profile will be there. 

Step 03 – Install Pangu8 app manager providing device passcode. 

Step 04 – Opened installed Pangu8 app manager > Jailbreak solutions > Xina Jailbreak ( Virtual ) 

Step 05 – Tap the Xina Virtual Jailbreak app > Allow > Close

Step 06 – Open the settings tab > Xina Jailbreak > Install > Provide your passcode > Install > Done

Step 07 – Now XinaA15 app will be available on your device homescreen. 

Step 08 – Open the XinaA15 app, Tap on respring. You will complete the virtual jailbreak process and the Sileo Download button will appear.

Step 09 – Tap the button, Go ahead with the Sileo Installation Process. Finally you will see the Sileo on your device homescreen.