Download Apricot iOS

Download Apricot iOS

Step 01 – Download any of these third party app stores using the buttons below.

Download Apricot from zJailbreak

Download Apricot from Xabsi

Step 02 – Then you can Install Apricot from the downloaded app store. It has an easy installation process. 

Step 03 – Now you can jailbreak Apricot iOS virtually to install Cydia. Apricot Cydia is not functionable just like Cydia. Most Cydia features may not work with it. There are two methods to install Cydia with Apricot.

Method – 01 

  • Launch the downloaded Apricot iOS app on your iPhone. Then you can find the unlock button below of the navigation bar. Click it. 
  • Start the jailbreak process with Jailbreak Apricot OS —> Jailbreak Now.

Method – 02

You can install virtual Cydia using Apricot iOS. 

  • Open Hexxa → Get repos → Apricot iOS → Copy the Apricot URL. Then go back to Hexxa home page → extract Repo →  Paste → OK
  • Once it is extracted the Apricot repo, Install Apricot iOS.
  • Launch Apricot iOS app from your device and tap on the unlock button, then Jailbreak Apricot iOS, Get the code, Copy the code, Open JB Terminal & Paste the code and Enter.
  • It will automatically install Cydia on your Apricot iOS and it will be available on your Apricot iOS.