Download Hexxa Plus

Download Hexxa Plus

Hexxa plus is available with the zJailbreak app store. First, you need to download zJailbreak. 

Step 01- Visit this page from your device safari browser and click on the below button to download & install zJailbreak. Provide your device passcode for this step.

Step 02 – Now, run zJailbreak from your device and Tap on Hexxa Plus.

Step 03 – Then Click on the  “Allow”, then “Download.” Hexxa + profile will be downloaded to the iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.5 device settings.

Step 04 – Now go to your device “Settings”, then click on “Profile Download.” 

Step 05 – You must enter the device passcode to complete the Hexxa plus Installation process.

Step 06 – Once you complete the installation process, you can see the Hexxa plus app on your device. Now you can install iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.5  jailbreak apps to your device using Hexxa plus.