Download Ra1nUSB Jailbreak

Download Ra1nUSB  Jailbreak

Step Guide

Step 01 – First, download the AMD or Intel version of Ra1nUSB according to your PC from the links below.

Ra1nUSB for Intel

Ra1nUSB for AMD

Step 02 – Then download and install balenaEtcher to create your bootable USB. Connect the USB drive to PC and open the app. It will detect your USB drive and select the downloaded Ra1nUSB file when prompted to “select image” box.

Step 03 – When the process is complete, Go to your computer BIOS files by rebooting. Then disable the VT-D, EL SerialPort, SecureBoot, Stack Network, Fastboot, Wake on LAN and exit BIOS screen. Enable the Virtualization option and save the changes you have done.

Step 04 – Now Boot your computer again from the USB. Select the Boot macOS Install from Ra1nUSB option. Then the process starts. Choose Boot Verbose from Ra1nUSB. Wait for the image to boot onto your computer. (If you get an error you need to go back to the BIOS again and repeat the process) Once Ra1nUSB boots, it offers the macOS installer screen.

Step 05 – Go to the top and tap Utilities > Terminal. Type in ra1nusb and tap the Enter button from the terminal window.

Step 06 – Now Checkra1n jailbreak screen should open. Then connect your device to the computer. Go ahead with the above Checkra1n installation MAC OS guide.