Zeon Guide

Step Guide for Zeon

Step 01 – Click the download button to download Zeon to your iPhone 12. 

Step 02 – Zeon installation Profile will download to the device settings. Go to device Settings, click the  profile downloaded, then Install & provide your device passcode.

Step 03 – It will take a few seconds to install the Zeon app on your iPhone 12. Once done you can see the Zeon App on your iPhone 12 springboard. 

Step 04 – Now open the Zeon Repo extractor, it’s ready to install apps, tweaks and themes on iPhone 12 extracting zeon repos.

Step 05 – Click the Get Repo, then Copy any repo you want to extract, Go back to the app, paste the copied repo url on the extract Repo tab and click ok to extract the repo. 

Step 06 – It will extract the repo and you can find the available apps, just click to install.