Bregxi Install Guide

Step Guide to install Bregxi

Step 01 – Download the Bregxi from the  NO PC page. 

Step 02 – Then Bregxi profile will be downloaded to your device settings. 

Step 03 – Go to settings > Tap the Bregxi profile > Install > Enter the Passcode > Done.

Step 04 – Now Bregxi app will appear on your device homescreen.

 Step 05 – Open the Bregxi app from your iPhone or iPad. Then tap on the “All Source List.”  It will show the list of available Sources.  

Step 06 – Select  Repo and tap on the Copy button.

Step 07 – Now go back to Bregxi homepage and paste the copied repo URL.” Then tap on “Extract Source” button. It will extract the source on your device. 

Step 08 – After extracting the source, you can find the Cydia / Sileo app and install them.