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iOS 11

Currently, Apple Engineers are developing the iOS 11, the most advanced mobile operating system of the mobile history.  Since Apple is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, we believe upcoming iOS will have massive changes. You have to wait until September of 2017 to upgrade your device iOS 11 using the public version.

What we can expect with iOS 11

We can expect more awesome features with iOS 11. Please check listed features below. Watch the following video to see how these features will work on iPhone.
Redesigned home screen with Animated icons
More Attractive Dark Mode
Lock individual Apps
Icons Sliding Effect
New more wallpapers
Quite all background apps from one tap
GIF images support with photo app
Better one hand mode with picture in picture mode
More toggles in control center with law power mode toggle
Control center toggle will be compatible with 3D touch
Number raw add to top of the keyboard
Priority for 3rd party apps
More features with  Camera and Music apps.

When will release the iOS 11

iOS 11 public version will release September of 2017. According to the history of previous releases, we can assume the iOS 11 will be available to the public in September. As proof, we have listed the history of iOS releases in the below chart.


Released Date

iPhone OS 1

June 29, 2007

iPhone OS 2

July 11, 2008

iPhone OS 3

June 17, 2009

iOS 4

June 21, 2010


Oct 12, 2011


Sep 19, 2012


Sep 18, 2013


Sep 17, 2014


Sep 16, 2015


Sep 13, 2016

Upcoming iOS11

Sep 2017
But developer beta version will be released soon. You don't want to wait until iOS 11 public version. You can install iOS11 beta  versions using Sylorix.

I want to install iOS 11 just now

We are sorry, Apple engineers are still developing the iOS 11. There is no way to download it now.
iOS 11 drop support for 32-bit apps
drop support for 32-bit
Apple is expected to drop support for 32-bit Apps in iOS 11. This is based on messages pop-up in current 10.3 beta update. It says “This app will not work with future versions of iOS. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”
Accordingly, developers need to update their apps compatible with 64 bits.   Previously Apple has announced to the developers that new apps must have 64-bit Support.
However, as a result of that, we will get faster performance through the iOS 11 than before.

Further, 32-bit iOS devices will be obsolete and will no longer get app updates and will not compatible with new iOS release. It’s time to upgrade your iPhone older than 5S. See below iOS 11 compatibility devices. 
iOS 11 Compatibility Devices
We assume the iOS 11 will be compatible with iPhone 5s onwards. This is confirming fact as current iOS 10.3 beta is no longer supporting the 32-bit applications.  But Apple hasn't published any official announcement about the compatibility of the iOS 11. According to rumors, Apple may not release the iPhone 7S. Most of the time Apple will release the iPhone 8 with iOS 11.
Below devices will be compatible with iOS 11.
iPhone 8 (upcoming)
iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 7
iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6
iPhone SE/iPhone 5s
iPad Pro 2 (upcoming / not sure)/iPad Pro 12.9-inch/iPad Pro 9.7-inch
iPad Air 3 (upcoming / not sure) iPad Air 2/iPad Air
iPad Mini 4/The iPad Mini 3
iPod Touch 6th gen
More Information about iOS 11
Jailbreaking will be very harder for iOS 11 according to the hackers’/ Jailbreak developers. Apple always works to improve the security updates with new iOS version.
Apple will not introduce themes or customization features with iOS 11.
Ram functions will be developed.
Apple will improve the control center. Users will have the ability to add custom toggles and reposition the existing toggles with iOS 11
Apple will introduce the FaceTime Conference calls like Skype, Google Hangouts. Screen Sharing feature, Apple Support will increase its capabilities as they will get a chance to view the screen and identify issues more accurately
As well Quick reply / Reply directly from the notification facility will bring to the iOS 11 Have to simply type a reply, without open the messages app even on lock screen & entire conversation through the message pop-ups.
Apple will bring Split Screen for multitasking feature to the iPhone through iOS11. iPhone display had an option to divide our display into two and make it work.
Another expected feature is a possibility to change the resolution of the camera in the application. It will have an option to change the picture/Video quality right from the camera application.
What we want to See
Here’s some impressive iOS 11 Concepts videos.
iOS 11 Top Features by zJailbreak
iOS 11 concept by by Sylorix
iPhone Users’ Expectations
In addition to above see what users expect in iOS 11 as shared by viewers (Source : youtube)
Users’ Expectations
Setup Call Forwarding when your devices is not with you through iCloud

With the feature that we are suggesting you will not feel you are away from the iPhone even if you suddenly notice that you have left it at home or the display crashes. All your important calls will be forwarded to the suggested number. We recommend this option through the iCloud call forwarding option. The only requirement will be a pc to access iCloud to enable the forwarding feature.
Official Apple support for the Downgrade iOS update
People hurry to update their devices as soon as iOS updates releases. They do not spend time reading what’s new with the update or what’s changed or even there can be a bug. Therefore, this leads the users to think of having their previous version back until they are comfortable to update. If Apple can provide official support for downgrade, users can do it without hassle.

Worldwide Developers Conference-WWDC

Worldwide Developers Conference, known as WWDC is a technical conference organizing by Apple to introduce their new software’s and technologies to software developers. WWDC held annually in California and commenced in 1983 in Monterey, California.
Every year they release updates for Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other devices in this conference. As well they unveil their new products. The participant can test some of these products in hands-on labs with Apple engineers.

WWDC 2017

Apple announced its 28th Annual Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC would  be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California from 5th- 9thJune.
WWDC 2017
WWDC 2017 tickets
Tickets will be available at Apple's official website. Tickets will be offered by random selection for USD 1599 and Registration will start on 27th march 2017 at 10.00 a.m. (Pacific time). To apply, you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program or the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. As well Apple will provide the WWDC scholarships also.
WWDC 2017 Live Steam
The conference will be live-streamed on Apple developer website. Also you can watch online through the WWDC app on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.