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iOS 11 Public version

We are sorry, Apple engineers are still developing the iOS 11 public version. There is no way to download it now.
Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2
iOS 10.3.2 is the upcoming iOS version for the public users. Luca Todesco hinted Yalu103 Semi-tethered jailbreak tool. At this time Yalu103 available for iOS developers. Download Yalu103 and jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 version if you an iOS developer or jailbreak expert.
Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1
Team Pangu demonstrated iOS 10.3.1 - iOS 10.3 jailbreak recently. Pangu jailbreak tool will release very soon for regular iOS users. Visit iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak page for more details for Pangu exploit.
iOS 10.3.3
iOS 10.3.3 would be next iOS version before iOS 11 but no guarantee about it. Apple always hates jailbreak. Most of the time Apple will release iOS 10.3.3 version to kill Pangu iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak exploit and Yalu103 beta jailbreak.
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 will be next upcoming iOS model, and currently, only we have some unofficial news for iPhone 8 release. But as per Apple previous released pattern, Apple release new iOS model in every developer live event.

Currently, Yalu is the latest jailbreak exploit for iOS 10.2 to iOS 10 versions. Yalu is the semi-tethered jailbreak tool, and you have to rejailbreak after every reboots. But Luca still not address anything for latest iOS jailbreak.
Yalu jailbreak for latest iOS versions

When will release the iOS 11

iOS 11 public version will release September of 2017. According to the history of previous releases we can assume the iOS 11 will be available for the public in September. As proof we have listed the history of iOS releases in the below chart
Version Released Date
  iPhone OS 1   June 29, 2007
  iPhone OS 2   July 11, 2008
  iPhone OS 3   June 17, 2009
  iOS 4   June 21, 2010
  iOS 5   Oct 12, 2011
  iOS 6   Sep 19, 2012
  iOS 7   Sep 18, 2013
  iOS 8   Sep 17, 2014
  iOS 9   Sep 16, 2015
  iOS 10   Sep 13, 2016
  Upcoming iOS11   Sep 2017
Step 6- Then you will be redirected to "iOS 11 Beta 1 Software Profile" menu.
Step 7- Tap Install (above), Then Enter your "Security code."
Security code
Step 8- Then Tap the Restart
Step 9- Now Go to Settings ----> General ----> Software Update.
Step 10 - Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed the iOS 11 developer beta 1 to your device. You will receive the updates when Apple release iOS 11 beta, iOS 11 beta 3, iOS 11 beta 4, iOS 11 beta 5, iOS 11 beta 6, iOS 11 beta 7, etc

iii) iOS 11 Compatibility

You must know the device compatibility before install the iOS 11 to your device.

Apple drops some old devices when they release new major iOS versions. Therefore, some older devices many not support for iOS 11 installation.
You can check iOS 11 device compatibility using X11 application. You can install this application any iPhone, iPod or iPad to check the compatibility.
Tap the "iOS 11 compatibility" tab on the app.
If you get the following message, You can continue the installation process of iOS 11.
If your device is no longer support for iOS 11 installation, You will get a message as following.
We have checked iOS 11 compatibility of following devices and got these results.

iOS 11 compatible -

Install iOS 11 using zJailbreak and Sylorix

Step 1) Download zJailbreak app to your device.
Step 2) Download the Sylorix app from the zJailbreak.
Sylorix & zJailbreak app
Open the zJailbreak app.  You can find the Sylorix app as the following picture. Install it
Sylorix install
Step 3) Open Sylorix app. You can find the iOS 11 option as follows. Tap it to install
Step 5) Now restart your device. Then go to Settings, General and Software Upgrade. You can see a Software upgrade notification.
Software upgrade
Step 4) Install the profile. You must type your security code during the installation of the iOS   11 profile.
Step 6 - OK. Now you have done.

iOS 11 beta Download links.

You can download iOS 11 beta download links directly from the Sylorix website. Currently this is the only way to download iOS 11 beta links at this time.
You can select your device model to download the iOS 11 beta links according to your device model.
 iOS 11 Beta 1 developer
Software Update
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone SE

iPhone 5s
iPod touch
iPod touch 6th generation
Run iOS 11 without installing it
You can run iOS 11 as an app without download and install it to your device. Install X11 application. Read more
UDID Submitter
Read more about iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak
Install iOS 11 Safely
You must have an Apple developer account to install iOS 11 now.
Otherwise, you must register your device under real Apple developer account.
iOS 11 Unauthorized beta profile may harm your device

Read our step guide to install iOS 11  safely
Apple released iOS 11 officially to authorized Apple developers at 6th of this June 2017 with more awesome iOS 11 features.
Now you can install iOS 11 even you are not an Apple developer

There are two methods are available to install iOS 11 at this time if you are not an Apple developer.
1). Install iOS 11 registering your UDID with real developer.
2). Install iOS 11 using unauthorized developer beta profiles.

1) Install iOS 11 registering your UDID (Instant and Safe)

You can use a 3rd party service such as X11, zJailbreak, Sylorix or  Velonzy to register your UDID under real developer.

Using unauthorized developer beta profile is high risk, Read below to know more about the risk.

Use the X11 to install iOS 11

You can also use X11 app to do followings
i. Install iOS 11 (No risk / Instant)
ii. Run iOS demo as an app without installing it
iii. Check your device compatibility for iOS 11
iv. Run iOS 11 public concept themes on your device

i).Install iOS 11 using X11

X11 registers users UDID number under their enterprise developer account. Then users will be virtual Apple developers, and they can install iOS 11 officially.
Also, This UDID registration process is an automatic process. Therefore users can install iOS 11 instantly with X11
Step Guide to Install iOS 11 using X11
Step 1 - Install X11 from the following button
Please visit this page from your iOS device
X11 button
You must tap on above button from the default browser/Safari from your iOS device to install X11. You must enter your device passcode among this installation process.
Step 2 - Open the X11 app tap the "Install iOS 11"
Step 3 - Tap the Install iOS 11 button, Then you will be redirected to the "UDID Submitter" Installation page
X11 app Install iOS 11
Step 4 - Install "UDID submitter."
You must Install "UDID submitter" to register your UDID code under the X11 developer's database. You must visit this link from your Safari browser, and you have to provide your device passcode to install UDID submitter Nothing will install "UDID submitter" to your device. It only allows you to register your UDID code to their system
Step 5  - OK, You will get following menu when you install the  "UDID submitter" to your device. OK, Tap the "install iOS 11 " button now

ii)  Run iOS 11 demonstration on your device

This option will be the best way if you are a fan of Apple iOS 11, but you don't want to install it until Apple release it to public.
X11 app is the only way that you can install iOS 11 demo to your iPhone or iPod as an App.
Unfortunately, iOS 11 demo doesn't work properly with iPads.

2). Install iOS 11 using unauthorized developer beta profiles.


Register UDID for free

Unfortunately, Installing iOS 11 from X11 is not a free process because You have to register your device (Using UDID) under a real Apple developer account.
Cost of Apple developer account is very high. Therefore developers have to charge some amount of money for this process.

However, we don't recommend to using unauthorized beta profiles to install iOS 11. It may be high risk to your device
However, We are always listing coupon to get the iOS through X11 for free.

Currently, we just found two working coupons, Please use following coupons install iOS 11 free.

Many users have used unauthorized/hacked developer beta profiles to install iOS 11 beta.
Popular YouTubers have created videos about installation method of iOS 11 using this unauthorized developer beta profiles.
We are also providing an unauthorized developer beta profile to install iOS 11 on this page. Suddenly we had to stop this method, and we removed all guides.
You can find these kinds of unauthorized hacked developer beta profiles from the websites of the internet.

What is unauthorized hacked developer beta profile?

Apple provides iOS 11 developer beta profiles to authorized developers. Some Developers have modified (cracked) and published these profiles to the public.
Officially Authorized Apple Developers can only share these developers beta profile with iOS beta testers according to Apple developer policies. Beta testers must register their device's UDID code with Authorized Apple Developer.

Then they can download iOS 11 using these Authorized developer beta profile.

What was the issue?

Unfortunately, there was a big problem. According to Apple developer policies, the developer cannot modify or share developer beta profile with the general public. So, Apple has terminated developer accounts of some developers.
Now you are high-risk if you have downloaded iOS 11 to your device without registering your UDID with an Authorized Apple developer. Some of these users complained us that Apple had disabled their devices.
unauthorized developer beta

How to solve this issue?

If you download iOS 11 using unknown/unauthorized developer profile,Then never restart your device. Your iPhone will show "iPhone Disabled" screen when you restart (even your battery goes to the zero) your device.
Then You must remove the profile iOS installation profile.

Go to Settings ----> General ----> Software Update. Then remove the profile. Now you must downgrade your device to the current latest version.
You cannot use iOS 11 if you are not developer or if you do not register your UDID under the real Apple developer
iOS 11