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iOS 11

Currently, Apple Engineers are developing the iOS 11, the most advanced mobile operating system of the mobile history.  You have to wait until September of 2017 to upgrade your device iOS 11 using the Public version.
Usually, Apple releases the upcoming iOS versions to the iOS developers very early. You can install iOS 11 to your device if you are a registered Apple developers. Otherwise, You must be a zJailbreak user to install iOS 11 with the Apple developers. (very early)

Upgrade to iOS 11 (Free and Easy)

Step 1) Download zJailbreak app to your device
zJailbreak is the Jailbreak app store for non-rooted iOS devices.
Follow the easy guide to install this Jailbreak app store for your iOS device. Currently, zJaibreak is only compatible with iOS 9.2 & 9.2.1
Go to iOS 10.2 & 10.2.1 Jailbreak page to install zJailbreak
Step 2) Download the Sylorix app from the zJailbreak
Open the zJailbreak app.  You can find the Sylorix app as the following picture. Install it
Step 3 ) Open Sylorix app. You can find the iOS 11 option as follows. Tap it to install
Sylorix & zJailbreak app
Sylorix install
Step 4) Install the profile. You must type your security code among the installation of the iOS 11 profile.
Step 5) Now restart your device. Then Go to Settings, General and Software Upgrade.
You can see a Software upgrade notifications
Software upgrade
Still, the iOS 11 is not available with Sylorix (or Apple developers, It is  still under construction)

The profile allows you to upgrades your device to iOS 10.2.1 developer version.
Step 6) When Apple releases the iOS 11 to developers (soon), Your device automatically detect iOS 11 update.
Above method is the only way to install the iOS 11 before everyone else if you are not an Apple developer.

What we can expect with iOS 11

We can expect more awesome features with iOS 11.
When will release the iOS 11
iOS 11 public version will release September of 2017, But developer beta version will be released soon. You don't want to wait until iOS 11 public version. You can upgrade to your device to iOS 11 using above method
All iOS 10 compatible devices will be compatible with iOS 11 except iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C, iPad mini 2 (according to the rumors). But Apple hasn't published any official announcement about the compatibility of the iOS 11.
According to rumors, Apple may not release the iPhone 7S. Most of the time Apple will release the iPhone 8 with iOS 11
Compatible devices list
iPhone 8 (upcoming)

iPad Pro 2 (upcoming / not sure)

iPad Air 3 (upcoming / not sure)

iPad Air & Air 2

iPad Pro

iPad 4

iPad Mini 3 & 4

iPod touch 6
Upgrade iOS 11 without Jailbreak app stores

You will be able to upgrade your device to iOS 11 at mid of the September 2017 if you are an Apple developer or zJailbreak users.
zJailbreak users can install iOS 11 through Sylorix beta profile instantly. Sylorix is the hacked iOS developer installation profile. It allows all users to install upcoming iOS versions without any hassle. Currently, Sylorix beta profile is officially available with the Z Jailbreak app store.
There is no any other way to install the iOS 11 before release it to the public
I want to install iOS 11 just now
We are sorry, Apple engineers are still developing the iOS 11. There is no any wait to download it now.
More Information about iOS 11
Jailbreaking will be very harder for iOS 11 according to the hackers/ Jailbreak developers. Apple always works to improve the security updates with news iOS version.
Apple will not introduce themes or customization features with iOS 11.
Siri will update with more Artificial intelligence abilities. Also, the voice of the Siri will convert to the natural voice.
Ram functions will be developed.
Apple will improve the control center. Users will have the ability to add custom toggles with iOS 11