Install Altstore (MAC)

Step 01 – Download AltStore using the download button.

Step 02 – Open the downloaded ZIP file and drag the AltStore icon to your Applications folder and launch the AltStore application.

Step 03 – Now tap on the AltStore icon from Menu Bar. then tap on the Install Mail Plug-in option and  tap on the blue Install Plug-in button from popup. (Enter your administrator if required)

Step 04 – Once done, it will pop upPlug-in was installed massage, tap on OK.

Step 05 – Now open the Mail app and go to Mail > Preferences>  General> Manage Plug-ins.

Step 06 – Tick the checkbox for AltPlugin.mailbundle, then tap on the Apply and Restart Mail button.

Set up Alt Store on your iPhone 

Step 01 –  Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.

Step 02 – Tap on the AltStore icon in the Menu Bar, then tap Install AltStore. It will show your iOS device

Stop 03 – Enter your Apple ID & Password, and the Install from the pop up message box.

Step 04 – Now the AltStore app will be available on your device Home screen. Before launch the app, Go to your device Settings -> General -> Device Management> Apple ID> Trust 

Install Altstore (Windows)

Step 01 – Download the AltServer using the download button.  

Step 02 – Download the following components.  

latest version of iTunes directly from Apple (not the Microsoft Store).

iCloud directly from Apple (not the Microsoft Store).

Step 03 – Extract the downloaded “” file and double-click “setup.exe”, then follow the installation instructions.

Step 04 – Connect your device to the computer. Launch AltServer icon in the Notification Area. Trust your iPhone with your computer if required.

Step 05 – Then launch iTunes and enable iTunes Wi-Fi sync for your phone.

Step 06 – Click the AltServer icon in the Notification Area, click “Install AltStore”, then choose your phone.

Step 07 – Enter your Apple ID email and password. Finally You can see the Alt store app on your device homescreen. Now you must trust the App before opening it. Go to your device Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Apple ID -> Trust.