Metaw [ iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.5 ]


Metaw is metamorphosis wallpaper platform for iOS devices. You can customize your device using metaw. It allows to change homescreen / icons label, layout and hide the dock and homescreen. You cannot get this kind of experience from anywhere else. It is magic, and you will love it.

Metaw is available with zJailbreak, Xabsi, and iExtras third-party stores. Metaw is compatible with all the latest up to iOS 13.4 including iOS 13.4.5 beta.

Install Metaw

Step 01 – First you need to download one of the third-party app stores from above installation buttons.

Step 02 – Then find Metaw and tap on it to Install.

Step 03 – Then tap on “Install”—>”Allow”—> “Install” —>”Enter device passcode” —> “Install”–> “Done”

Step 04 – Now you have installed Metaw on your iOS device, and the Metaw app will be available on your device homescreen.

How to add Metaw wallpaper

Step 01 – Open Metaw.

Step 02 – Pick a wallpaper from wallpaper collection.

Step 03 – Tap save button as the image shown.

Step 04 – Saved wallpaper now available in the photos app.

Step 05 – Tap the wallpaper.

Step 06 – Tap share button as the image shown.

Step 07 – Tap use as wallpaper.

Step 08 – Now you can use it as three options. Set as your choice.

Available wallpapers

It has an incredible wallpaper collection.

X color
So X
Super RedBlack
Wet Paint X
Whole White
walls 2
Zen XMagic
Colourful DockXwallXmoniwall
Xdock C wallXdballHarder

Wallpaper for iWatch

Watch ProJapanese
Small Window

Benefits of Metaw

  • All the latest iOS versions are compatible. 
  • Metaw is without jailbreak solution. So you can hide your dock / change icon label and change icon layout without jailbreak.
  • Metaw is also compatible with jailbroken models.
  • You can remove Metaw anytime.

Disadvantage of Metaw

  • Most of the metaw wallpapers are not compatible with iPad devices.