Please visit this page from your iOS device

iOS 11 Jailbreak is available with the new Pangu8 + Keen Jailbreak tool. This Jailbreak is only compatible with iOS 11 beta versions. Now anybody can download iOS 11 beta for free.
Step 1 - Install the Pangu Anzhuang application from above button. You must enter your device passcode to install it.
Step 2 - Open the Pangu Anzhuang iOS 11 Jailbreak app installer
Step 3 - OK. Now you can choose a Jailbreak app from following iOS 11 Jailbreak app categories.
App managers
System tweaks
iOS 11
Best apps
Customization apps
Step 4 - OK. Select an app, Tap Generate code button to the developer code of app
Step 5 - Copy the code and paste it on Pangu Anzhuang app.
Step 6 - OK. Now tap the Install button. Then your iOS 11 Jailbreak app will be started to download.
Step 7 - Now you have successfully downloaded Jailbreak app to your iOS 11 device.

Go to Settings ----> General ----> Profile and Device Management.
Select the app and trust the developer.
Browse the following Jailbreak app categories to generate developer codes to install Jailbreak apps to iOS 11.


iOS 11 Jailbreak

Important - This Jailbreak is a beta Jailbreak. Some iOS system related Jailbreak apps, and tweaks may not work at this time with this Keen Jailbreak
Watch the following video and download the tool from this website or Keen's official website
Before Start, You have to consider about the followings
1) Make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes
2) Make sure that your Internet connection is working properly
Step guide to Jailbreak
Step 1 -  Extract the Keen Pangu8 zip folder to your desktop, and double click the iOS 11 Jailbreak exe to open it
Step 2 - Connect your iOS 11 device to the computer and click "Continue" button
Step 3 - It takes few seconds to detect your device model and iOS version.
Step 4 - It will start to install Keen IPA file to your device.
Step 5 -   Click the done button. Now you can find the Keen app on your iPhone
Step 6 - Open the Keen Pangu8 app on your iOS device.
(You don't need to trust the developer to use this app )
Step 7 - Tap the Jailbreak button on the Keen app. It takes few seconds to complete iOS 11 Jailbreak process and finally restart your device
Step 8 - Now you have done, Enjoy the Cydia
note - If you can't find the Cydia, please re-tap the Jailbreak button on the Keen app. (Please retry several times)
Pangu8/Keen Jailbreak is not a untethered Jailbreak. This is a Semi-tethered Jailbreak. It means, You need to re Jailbreak (using the Keen iOS app) everytime you reboot the device.
Download the tool from the following link. Use the Keen Jailbreak software at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage or harm with this Jailbreak.
Pangu8 + Keen iOS 11 Jailbreak tool is 100% free. Don't Pay, Donate, or don't do online surveys/complete to download this Jailbreak tool.
Download Keen Pangu8 Jailbreak IPA Installer

iOS 11 Online Jailbreaking.

You can install Jailbreak apps for iOS 11 online without using a computer with  Pangu Anzhuang Jailbreak app Installer.

This app installation process is not a Jailbreaking method. Pangu Anzhuang app only allows you to install popular Jailbreak apps to your non-Jailbroken device very easily.

Tap the following button to install Pangu Anzhuang to your iOS 11 device for free.

Step guide to installing Jailbreak apps using Pangu Anzhuang

pangu8 anzhuang
compatible device:

Phone 7 & 7 Plus , iPhone 6S & 6S Plus ,iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

iPhone SE / iPhone 5s , iPod Touch 6G

iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini 3 / iPad Mini 4

iPad Air /iPad Air 2 /iPad Pro
Pangu iOS 11
Pangu has released the Online Jailbreak app installation method as Pangu Anzhuang. You can install Jailbreak apps for iOS 11 for free with this method
iOS 11 beta 7
Pangu Jailbreak App Installer
Pangu Jailbreak App Installer is not compatible with iOS 11. It is compatible to Install Jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.2, iOS 10.3 , iOS 10.2 , iOS 10.1 and iOS 9.3.5
zJailbreak is Jailbreak alternative method for iOS 11 beta versions. You can install many Jailbreak functions for your non-Jailbroken iOS 11 device from zJailbreak.
Keen Team is a well known Chinese hacking team. They have released IPA based Jailbreak method for iOS 11 beta versions (only for first betas). You can use Pangu8 IPA installer to install this Keen Jailbreak IPA to your Windows computers.
Semi Jailbreak
Semi Jailbreak is no longer compatible with iOS 11 devices.
You can use zJailbreak or Cypple as iOS 11 Jailbreak alternative solutions.
Velonzy was the popular Jailbreak app Installer for iOS 10.3.3
Still, Velonzy is not working for iOS 11 beta. According to their developers, Velonzy will work with iOS 11 public version.
Untethered jailbreak
Most of the time Untethered Jailbreak will not be possible with iOS 11. However, Pangu and Yalu Jailbreakers are still trying to exploit iOS 11 to release.
iPhone 8 Jailbreak
Apple will release iPhone 8 with iOS 11 public release. They can be introduced physical Jailbreak protection method with iPhone 8 to prevent Jailbreaking.

Apple Introduced physical Jailbreak protection method with iPhone 7 also. But Yalu could exploit that protection.

Pangu8 Jailbreak app installer installs Jailbreak Apps thorough Cydia Impactor. Saurik updated the Cydia Impactor to iOS 11.
Apple just released the iOS 11 beta 7 for developers.  You can use X11 or Sylorix to install iOS 11 beta 7 if you are not a developer. These methods (X11 and Sylorix) register your device under a real developer account. Therefore these methods are safe. iOS 11 Unauthorized beta profile may harm your device.
X11 registers users UDID number under their enterprise developer account. Then users will be virtual Apple developers, and they can install iOS 11 officially.
Also, This UDID registration process is an automatic process. Therefore users can install iOS 11 instantly with X11
Step Guide to Install iOS iOS 11 beta 7 using X11
Step 1 - Install X11 from the following button
Please visit this page from your iOS device
You must tap on above button from the default browser/Safari from your iOS device to install X11. You must enter your device passcode among this installation process.
Step 2 - Open the X11 app tap the Install iOS 11
X11 app Install iOS 11
UDID Submitter
Step 3 - Tap the Install iOS 11 button, Then you will be redirected to the "UDID Submitter" Installation page
Step 4 - Install "UDID submitter."
You must Install "UDID submitter" to register your UDID code under the X11 developer's database. You must visit this link from your Safari browser, and you have to provide your device passcode to install UDID submitter Nothing will install "UDID submitter" to your device. It only allows you to register your UDID code to their system
Step 5  - OK, You will get following menu when you install the  "UDID submitter" to your device. OK, Tap the "install iOS 11 " button now
iOS 11
Step 6- Then you will be redirected to "iOS 11 Beta 6 Software Profile" menu.
Step 7- Tap Install (above), Then Enter your "Security code."
Security code
 iOS 11 Beta 1 developer
Step 8- Then Tap the Restart
Step 9- Now Go to Settings ----> General ----> Software Update.
Software Update
Step 10 - Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed the iOS 11 developer beta 6 to your device. You will receive the updates when Apple releases iOS 11 beta 7, iOS 11 beta 8, iOS 11 beta 9 etc.

Use the X11 to install iOS 11 beta

Run iOS 11 demo version

You can run iOS 11 demo version as an app without download and install it to your device using the X11 app.