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iOS 11 Beta install
Apple released iOS 11 Beta 3 for the developers. Wide range of features were introduced using beta 1, beta 2 and the beta 3. Now regular users can install iOS 11 beta 3 without the developer account.

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X11 is the best way to get iOS 11 experience to regular users without update the firmware. Install X11 now and get the iOS 11 experience. Also, X11 helps to install iOS 11 Bete without the developer account.
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Pangu jailbreak app installer
Team Pangu released Jailbreak app installer for latest iOS versions. This is the best way to install jailbreak apps.

Install Pangu jailbreak app installer

iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak
Pangu jailbreak team demonstrated iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak recently. Most probably Pangu will release it before iOS 10.3.3 final release.

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iOS 11 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Pangu Anzhuang is the only iOS 11 Jailbreak solution. You can Install Jailbreak apps to iOS 11 using Pangu Anzhuang app.
You cannot Install this app directly to your device. You can install it from zJailbreak for free.

zJailbreak is the best Jailbreak alternative for iOS 11.
Apple officially released the iOS 11 for their developers. But now everyone can Install iOS 11. Just use zJailbreak to install iOS 11

Install Jailbreak apps for iOS 11

Currently, Pangu Anzhuang is the only Jailbreak app installing solution for iOS 11
Step 1 - Install zJailbreak from above button
Step 2 - Install Pangu Anzhuang from the zJailbreak app
Step 3 - OK. Now you can choose a Jailbreak app from following iOS 11 Jailbreak app categories.
App managers
System tweaks
iOS 11
Best apps
Customization apps
Step 4 - OK. Select an app, Tap Generate code button to the developer code of app
Step 5 - Copy the code and paste it on Pangu Anzhuang app.
Step 6 - OK. Now tap the Install button. Then your iOS 11 Jailbreak app will be started to download.
Step 7 - Now you have successfully downloaded Jailbreak app to your iOS 11 device.

Go to Settings ----> General ----> Profile and Device Management.
Select the app and trust the developer.
Browse the following Jailbreak app categories to generate developer codes to install Jailbreak apps to iOS 11.

Keen Jailbreak

Keen Jailbreak has been demonstrated for iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak by Liang Chen at MOSEC 2017 conference. Liang is a popular Android and iOS hacker. He also confirmed this Jailbreak is compatible with iOS 11 beta 2 and iPhone 7.
Keen iOS 11 Jailbreak
The keen team is a popular hacking team of China. Last time Liang  a big price from hacking challenge at PWN2OWN
Keen Jailbreak
Keen team confirmed iOS 11 Jailbreak at MOSEC 2017 conference. Read more about the keen Jailbreak.

zJailbreak for iOS 11

You can install Pangu Anzhuang app installer through zJailbreak for iOS 11 betas now. So far, It is the one and only method to jailbreak iOS 11. But you can’t install full functional Cydia using zJailbreak.

iOS 11 Jailbreak