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iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

New Features of iOS 10.3

Theatre Mode

Apple has added revolutionary software feature as the "Theatre Mode" for iOS 10.3.
Control Center will be change
Theatre Mode
Control Center 10.3

Expecting features for iOS 10.3 from jailbreak tweaks

Animation effect for Home screen pages - from Bouncy, Barrel, Cylinder

Apple is very delay to add Home screen page animation. Jailbreak users already have a lot.
Home screen Jailbreak
Animation effect for Home screen icons from Iconizer

Jailbroken device's home screen icons already can animate. Apple should apply it.
BioLock protection for every single app – from BioLockDown

this is the main thing users are expecting jailbroken device. Every single app must protect.
Free Ringtone Maker specially for iPhone 7 and later - from AnyTones

without default ringtones, more users like to change their own ringtone.
Split Screen view multitasking from Splitify.

Another most important feature is doing different works using the same screen.
Multiple Home Screen icons moving into any pages - from Mobius

moving single app is become bored. Multiple icon moving is needed.
One hand mode for bigger iPhones from OneHandWizard
Clean the device by removing cache and unnecessary files from iCleaner.

Very important to speedup the device by removing cache or unnecessary files.
Apple engineers are working to release iOS 11.

You can install the iOS 11 before everybody else using Sylorix.
Sylorix is a popular app store of zJailbreak.
iOS 11
YUCCA jailbreak
ijapija00 the developer of YUCCA jailbreak has been demonstrated latest iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak and iOS 10.2 jailbreak. YUCCA jailbreak is browser based jailbreak solution

iOS 10.3 beta Semi-tethered Jailbreak is available with Yalu103 and Pangu unofficial tool. zJailbreak developers have confirmed that zJailbreak non-rooted App store also works with iOS 10.3.
Current one hand mode is not enough for a user.  it expires with one click. The user must double tap again for one hand mode. True one hand mode goes every page until the user cancels it. It should be adjustable for your thumb size by resizing and for the left-hand user or right-hand user.

Yalu 103

Step 1 - Open Cydia Impactor and drag Yalu103.IPA to the Cydia Impactor
Yalu jailbreak IPA file
Step 2 - Then type your Apple ID and password
Step 3  - You can find the Yalu103 app on your homescreen
ask to enter Apple ID and Password
Step 4 - Open it and tap the GO button. Your device will restart automatically
app will install on your iOS
Step 5 - Done. Cydia 1.1.30 will be available on your Homescreen.
cydia 1.1.30
iOS 10.3 Jailbreak will be available with Pangu unofficial tool and Yalu103 very soon. Pangu Team and Yalu developer Luca Tedesco are working
Check iOS 10.3 Jailbreak availability
Currently, Jailbreak alternative solution is available for iOS 10.3 as the zJailbreak.


zJailbreak is a non-rooted app which can install great Jailbreak apps for iOS 10.3 version. We can assume that zJailbreak app will be the next generation of the Jailbreaking method. More info about the zJailbreak.

Currently, zJailbreak is the only hacking method for iOS 10.3. You can install a Cydia lite version (
Not the full functional Cydia) with zJailbreak.
zJailbreak compatible devices -
iPhone 5s /iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone

6s Plus / iPhone 6s / iPhone SE

iPod Touch 6G

iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini 3

iPad Air /iPad Air 2 /iPad Pro /
Yalu103 Jailbreak wasn't released officially to the public. It was only compatible up to iOS 10.3 beta 5. Also, Cydia wasn't stable with Yalu103
Yalu103 is not available with iOS 10.3 public version

Pangu 10 unofficial Jailbreak tool

Pangu 10.3 unofficial Jailbreak tool was available for iOS 10.3 developer version. At this time this Jailbreak was a Tethered Jailbreak, and Cydia is not stable.
Unfortunately, Pangu Jailbreak is not available for iOS 10.3 public version. At this time you cannot install iOS 10.3 developer version to your device because Apple has released the iOS 10.3 version to the public.
iOS 10.3 Pangu beta Jailbreak was Semi-Tethered Jailbreak. It means the user has to re-jailbreak (without using a computer) device every rebooting time.
This Jailbreak GUI (Software tool) was only available for Windows users
Mac users couldn't Jailbreak iOS 10.3 beta from the Unofficial Pangu 10.3 tool.

Untethered Jailbreak

Currently, any jailbreak method is not available for iOS 10.3 except zJailbreak. However, We can expect Yalu and Pangu Semi-tethered Jailbreak methods for the iOS 10.3.
Users have to re-jailbreak every time to keep the Semi-tethered Jailbreak Cydia of their devices.

However, iOS 10.3 zJailbreak is stable at present.

Pangu's resignation of Jailbreaking

Team pangu started to report bug to Apple for iOS 10.2.1
Apple is running a bug bounty program, and they offer big cash prizes for hackers who report bugs to the Apple. Hackers can make millions of dollars reporting bugs to Apple instead releasing Jailbreak exploiting from these bugs.
Most of Jailbreak hackers are retiring Jailbreak community and joining to the Apple. Most of Jailbreak users don't admire Jailbreakers hard work or don't offer donations, even they hesitate to buy Jailbreak apps/tweaks from the Cydia.
Jonathan Zdziarski, the Popular Jailbreak developer, officially announced that he retire from jailbreaking to join with Apple's iOS security and research department. We can assume that Most of the hackers will resign from Jailbreak community to join Apple bug bounty program in near future.
Still, Pangu's resignation is not confirmed.

Also, the following Jailbreak hackers and hacking teams are also working from iOS 10.3 Jailbreak.
Latest News of iOS 10.3
Popular Jailbreak hacker (Jonathan Zdziarski) announced that he don't attend to iOS 10.3 Jailbreak anymore, He said that he are working with Apple security & research department
Luca (Yalu jailbreak developer) and PPJailbreak team is working together to release a iOS 10.3 Windows Jailbreak tool for the China
iOS 10.3 Jailbreak tweak concepts
pangu unofficial tool

Step guide to installing zJailbreak to iOS 10.3

Step 1 - Visit this page from your iOS 10.3 iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
yalu jailbreak 10.3
Yalu 103
Still, Yalu103 luca Tedesco Jailbreak is under construction. You will be able to Jailbreak iOS 10.3 with Yalu103 soon.

More info

Apple released a new iPhone 7/ 7 Plus as a (PRODUCT) RED™.

iOS 10.3 is the default iOS version of this red iPhone. Still, No Jailbreak is available for
red apple logo
Cydia for iOS 10.3
Still full functional Cydia is not available for iOS 10.3. You can only install the limited version Cydia application from the zJailbreak app.

No Computer Jailbreak

ou must have a computer for Yalu103 and Pangu tool. But You can install zJailbreak (JB alternative) online. Read more about "No computer iOS 10.3 Jailbreak
iOS 11
iPhone 7 Jailbreak

There is no Untethered or Semi-tethered Jailbreak solution available for iPhone 7. Apple introduced a new Jailbreaking prevention method with iOS 10.3 as kernel patch protection (KPP). Still, any Jailbreak hacker couldn't exploit iPhone 7 breaking this KPP.

iOS 10.3 beta Jailbreak was not available for iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Still, zJailbreak is working for iOS 10.3 iPhone 7.
inatall zjailbreak page
Step 2 -  Tap the Install zJailbreak button
zjailbreak process
Step 3- Tap the next, You must enter your device passcode.
passcode enter